Sedona – adopted

Sedona went through terrible ‘shelter shock’.  Her background must have been such that she lived her life inside on a fluffy pillow (she’s almost small enough to be a true ‘purse puppy’).  When we found her, she was in an outside kennel between highly aggressive Pit Bulls.  She might not have been able to see the size of each dog on either size, but she certainly could tell by their growls and barks just how much of a potential threat they could be to a small dog of her size.


Finally – we caught a photo of the camera shy Sedona!!

She stayed FAR too long in a shelter environment, and mentally had completely shutdown – unwilling to venture out for either food or water, she stayed hidden in a corner den for two days after we rescued her.  Eventually, hunger and thirst won out and the first step in rehabilitation began.

Sedona is  not a barker, but she is a ‘talker’ and tries to communicate with you.  She has a very high pitched voice which can be annoying, but rapidly listens to the command ‘QUIET’.   Sedona is still working on her house training manners, she is also still on the shy side.  Once she learns that her new human will not hurt her, she is very loving, she needs a home who is patient with her while she gets accustomed.  Her new home will also need to provide gentle, positive reinforcement training.

Sedona’s adoption fee is $395, she is spayed UTD on vaccinations, dewormed and flea treated.  An adoption application can be requested at and home visits are required as usual.



Rebel was in dreadful shape, covered with fleas and his ears chewed ragged.  We suspect he’d been put outside in someone’s backyard, for we had to house-train him immediately along with acquainting him with inside house appliances, what was chewable (toys) and what was not, etc.

If the canine world had a court of royalty, Rebel would be the most sought-after court jester around.  Every day with Rebel is a day filled with giggles and laughs!  Still more puppy-like than he should be at 2 years old, his nature is such that he is the first one to investigate a June Bug flying around, play-bowing to any available dog or when none are available, finding a chewie to throw up into the air and catch by himself.

Rebel gets along well with other small dogs of any sex.  He has quite a bit of self-esteem and not much seems to bother him.  He is respectful of the alpha, canine or human.  He can be mischievous as an elf (which usually gets him into trouble), but it is so comical to watch him get out of it!

RebelRebel is very affectionate and kissy-faced.  He’d prefer to sleep in your bed and play with you as he is falling asleep.  Rebel would make a great family pet with young children to hang out with, but he would do just as well with an active owner(s) who like to walk, jog, hike or stay busy in the out of doors.

Rebel has been doing very well with his house training, but his new home, if previously occupied by other dogs, will have to teach him that marking is not allowed.  We have successfully used a belly band with Rebel and he learned quickly here that marking was not acceptable.  Rebel is also partially deaf, and has a hard time hearing certain pitches.  But once eye contact is established, he knows what you want, he is very willing to please his people.

Rebel’s adoption fee is $395.  He is neutered UTD with vaccinations, dewormed and flea treated.

An adoption application and home visit is required as always.  You can email us at to request an application to be emailed to you.  Thank you!

ChinChin the Japanese ChinChi – ADOPTED

Today (Sept 14) ChinChin got a custom splint made for his front right leg.  It will help him keep his leg straight, and hopefully help him to build more muscle mass in the leg so he can stand on it.  His left front leg is pretty strong and he can already use it to keep himself up, but better to have 2 legs!

Chin SplintWe would like to thank Joanne Smith (occupational therapist) for donating this splint to ChinChin today.  Thank you for spending the time to make one for him, and thanks for believing in him.

We would also like to thank Dr. David Francis at Canada West Veterinary Specialists for taking the time to see ChinChin today.  Hopefully with the new xrays, we can see what is going on – and pray that there is something that can be done surgically to help his front leg.


ChinChin is about 8 years old.  He’s now 5 pounds (he was about 8 pounds and solid, dead weight when rescued). He is a Japanese Chin Crossed with a Chihuahua.


The doctors in California think that ChinChin had a failed bilateral luxating patella surgery about 3-5 years ago.  Once he gets to us, we will have the orthopedic specialists at Canada West Vet Specialists take a good look at him, and we will have more answers as to what we can do for ChinChin.

His previous owners should have looked into other options for him, for instance, if he could no longer walk – he could have used a K9 Cart – just like our little man B-Boy had.  But instead, they left him sit like a ‘living pillow’ until both front feet atrophied and curled in…. they eventually dumped him in the shelter to die.  TLC pulled him literally 2 hours before he was due to be euthanized.

The ulcers are gone on both front elbows now (they were to the bone when TLC found him).  Both front legs are much stronger, he turns himself over and back up again – none of this was going on when he came to TLC.  Linda got a high quality 3″ foam piece and had it cut to fit the large sized crates (like a Doberman or GSD would be comfortable in).  On top of the foam, we put pitty pads and on top of that, thick velour blankees.

ChinChin sits so patiently while he is groomed, watching the birds from the outside grooming table.  he gets to swim in the pool, working him every day as he gains more strength in his front legs.  ChinChin does not bark (or hasn’t yet).  He will tolerate the other little ones around him, but only allowed our tri-pede, Abby (R.I.P.) to be in the same doggie bed at the same time.

ChinChin and Abby

Believe it or not, he is not much trouble at all.  He goes pee three times a day outside in the playpen and has a poop every morning on the first potty break.  Otherwise, he never has an accident in his crate or in the stroller throughout the day around here.  Unlike B-Boy – ChinChin does have control of his bodily functions.  He knows when he has to go – or better yet – when you take him to go.

The biggest problem we will have with ChinChin is to find someone else (besides us) to believe in him.  At this time ChinChin will not be for adoption.  We would like to have him assessed, and if he needs a K9 Cart, we would like to get him one, just as we did for B-Boy.

We kindly ask for donations to help ChinChin get mobile.  Donations can be made through our PayPal account – and once set up – donations can also be made directly to Canada West Vet Specialists under the Dhana Metta Rescue Account.

Sissy (Adopted) and Jonesy (also Adopted)

Sissy and Jonesy were adopted from a Los Angeles shelter as pups.  They are not related but have been together since they went through the shelter system.  Once adopted after being spayed and neutered, microchipped and up to date on their shots, they were taken to a furever home that turned out to not be ‘furever’.


The owners, believing the two pups were the cause of allergies in one of the children, were promptly sentenced to a life outside the home for seven months.  Not having a fenced in yard, a make-shift enclosure was created by the owner out of wire, chain link fencing, bits and pieces of boards, an old door, a tree trunk and other assorted junk.


This is where Jonesy and Sissy were found – filthy and deprived of attention and love

We were called by a friend of the owner’s neighbor who had been feeding the dogs through the enclosure.  Unable to reach their water dish (a cut-off bottom of a soda bottle), the neighbor’s friend continued to wet down the dogs as best she could with her water hose.  The afternoon we came to look at the dogs, it was 104 degrees  in the shade.  Both dogs were panting, the water in their ‘water bowl’ was green and covered with a layer of dried, brown evergreen thistles.  There was no food, not even a dish.  The dogs were filthy, covered with fleas and both had worms.

Eventually the owner decided to turn the dogs over and we discovered that they had probably never ever lived inside a home, despite being almost a year old!  It was a rapid learning experience for everyone!


Sissy was shy at first, but she is now a loving Chihuahua and would prefer to sleep in your bed or curl up on your lap at the drop of a hat.  She is very affectionate with the other fosters in her pack.  She respects alphas in the pack, is not food aggressive nor assertive despite living the bulk of her life outside in dirt.

Jonesy is the more outgoing of the two.  He is now also very sweet and loving, gets along with other small dogs and is not a barker nor a marker.

Both dogs are potty-, doggie door- and crate-trained now.

Adoption fee for each dog is $495.  They have been fixed, UTD on vaccines, dewormed, flea treated.

Adoption applications and home visit are mandatory.  Please email us to request an application at

Richie Rich – ADOPTED

Richie Rich is 18 months old.  Found in a California high kill shelter in the midst of shelter shock, it took him several weeks to realize the world could once again be a good thing.  He gets along great with other dogs  (a bit bigger and much smaller).  He loves people and adapts to just about any situation without anxiety now.

Richie Chews

He is VERY playful.  In fact, this little pooch probably doesn’t have an enemy in the world.  Whoever his furever owner is, they will need to be the protector of  Richie Rich, as he will approach any big dog without a clue of just how little he is and he is small enough to be considered ‘prey’ for prey-driven, bigger dogs.  He would also prefer a home with older, gentle, respectful children.


A cuddler by nature, Richie Rich’s eyes can cause you to melt into them.  Add that grin of his, and your heart is taken immediately. Willing to be a cuddle bunny or someone’s lifelong companion, Richie Rich has a shelter dog’s “attitude for gratitude” – knowing just how bad things CAN be and are no longer!

Richie is a very sweet little man. He is happy and has lots of energy. He really does like everyone. He is house trained, loves and plays well with other dogs but is a bit fearless. He loves walks and loves to sleep under the covers.  He would not be good with cats (he likes to chase them). He is a very good listener, loves the lap and lots of affection. Richie is a ball dog. He plays fetch with tiny tennis balls and brings the ball right back to you. I have really enjoyed fostering this little darling and would keep him if I didn’t already have 2 dogs. Richie needs a forever home with lots of love to give him

Richie Rich’s adoption fee is $395.  He is neutered, UTD on vaccinations, dewormed, flea treated.

As usual, and adoption application and home visit is required.  Please email us to request an application at – Thank You


With the newest fad of crossing Chihuahuas with Dachshunds (called “Chi-Weenies”), sometimes you get great dogs and at other times, ‘science experiments’… in this case, it is a GREAT dog!  Inside and out, Java has the front bench feet of the Doxie, the coloring of a Chi/Doxie combo and the sweetness of the best of both breeds – great combination without the Doxie digging or the “yappy” of the Chihuahua!

Java is 2 years old and about 7 lbs.


On July 31, 2010, Java had a ‘guardian angel when a Good Samaritan saw her run across the street, get hit by a car and thrown to the side of the road.  He rushed her to ER and she was seen right away – contusions on the head, injured lungs and a few broken bones in her back left leg.

Treated and then taken to the  shelter,  Java’s cast put potential adopters off and her time began to run out.  Several of the medical staff interceded on Java’s behalf whenever her euthanasia came up, and then one contacted TLC about her.  Once we met Java, we fell in love with her as she clunked around with her splinted cast.

Java with cast

While the abrasions to her head healed rapidly, the back leg took time to heal.  Our vet’s office couldn’t believe they did not have to do anything special or administer a sedative whenever it was time to change the wrappings (which was a lot, because the cast never slowed Java down in her running about!… especially through the sprinklers!).

Java’s cast eventually came off, and when you see her run around today, it is very hard to imagine how badly she was hurt by the car originally.  The Doxie side of her doesn’t allow for her to be the long distance jumper common to the Chihuahua breed, but she readily goes up and down doggie steps, hops up onto chaise lounges to nap and while not as fast or able to turn corners as sharp as the more nimble footed Chihuahuas she hangs out with, Java is NO slouch in the play department!  Java has always played well with the other small dogs her size and immediately kisses children who stop by adoptions.  She has no preference for dog or human alike – she just loves everyone and hands out kisses like there is no tomorrow.

Java is potty-, doggie door- and crate-trained (although she would prefer to sleep in your bed if given half a chance).  She thoroughly enjoys her toys and Greenies, seldom barks (and if so, as an alert only), is well mannered and learns commands quickly.  She’d do well with other small canine companions, as a solo dog, left alone during the day with a working owner and as a great family dog or companion for a senior citizen.

Her adoption fee is $495 – She has been spayed, UTD on Vaccinations, dewormed, flea treated.

As usual an adoption application and home visit is required.  Please email us at to request an application to be sent to you via email.  Thank You!!

Zeus – Adopted

Zeus has been with the TLC Rescue the longest (about 18 months).  TLC and DMRS both know that every dog has a permanent home out there waiting and can stay with us however long it takes us to find their own furever homes.

Zeus was  found in the shelter by Linda at TLC, his mouth was completely ‘trashed’ despite being very young for a Chihuahua and probably a purebred – he was just over 6 yrs at the time. He is now about 8 years old.  Still very young at heart.


Zeus had a very costly dental procedure and lost 27 of his teeth.  Every day, four times a day, for a month, Linda went into Zeus’ mouth with meds to save his remaining teeth – he became very hand friendly accordingly, and his 5 teeth were saved LOL!

Whoever owned Zeus prior to dumping him in the shelter attempted to ‘de-bark’ him.  This is an illegal procedure in California, and when asked at the vet how  this might have been done, he said that some folks try to debark at home by sticking a screwdriver or pair of scissors down the dog’s throat and hope the dog survives… (we shudder even thinking of what Zeus had gone through).

Zeus is not a barker.  He’s been Linda’s  foster all along and they NEVER hear him around the house.  He has however, learned to use his “Mae West” kind of odd bark at adoption events to get people’s attention.  He does not bark on walks, or around the house.

Zeus’ personality is a lot like Popeye’s… he’s got a bit of a ‘swagger’ to himself.  He willingly respects the alpha.  Zeus will wait his turn, but won’t be cut in front of for his night time Greenie.  He’s not much of a danger with 5 teeth.  Zeus stands his ground – not aggressive – but won’t be treated like a floor mat either.

ZeusZeus is very healthy, he’s a love muffin extraordinaire, he’s not high maintenance.  TLC Rescue  just can’t seem to find the right furever home for him with a glut of these small Chihuahuas in Southern California.  He just might get lucky and find his perfect match, here in the Lower Mainland.

Zeus could be a solo dog, being alright being alone while someone works, or a day/night round the clock companion for someone.  He gets along with other small dogs as long as they don’t try to dominate him.  Zeus loves blankees and cushy dog beds.  He is crate- and doggie door-trained, but if there is a male who has marked, he will come behind and do it as well.

We sure hope Zeus will find his furever home – he certainly has been treated badly by the human race until TLC pulled him off the kill list at a California shelter.

Zeus would prefer a child and large dog free home.  DMRS have always been hesitant with the Big Dog Little Dog Combos.  An Adoption Application and home visit is mandatory.  Please email us at to request an application to be emailed to you.

Zeus’ adoption fee is $395.  He has been neutered, UTD on vaccines, dewormed, flea treated.

Virgil sweet senior chihuahua – ADOPTED

Virgil and Elvira

Virgil came around very quickly after being with us for about a month, he stopped giving me warnings, and allowed me to pick him up, cuddle him, and even clean his eyes and check his teeth.  He is such a sweetheart.  Virgil has been in a foster care since December now, and is doing great.

Virgil and Teddy

After spending a couple of weeks, not even, in his wonderful foster home, he has become a love muffin!!!  He loves to cuddle and has become very comfortable again in a home environment.  He loves his foster parents and gets along well with his doggie friend Ava.  He does have fear of large dogs so we would suggest a home without.

Virgil Cuddles

As you can see in the updated photos of Virgil, he looks so happy and healthy.  He had his hips and knees xrayed, and the specialists say there is nothing wrong.  No arthritis, no luxating patellas, and the hips are good too!  He just walks funny and that could be a genetics thing, or possibly never allowed to get out an stretch his legs.  He is ready for his forever home, one that can love him and understand him….we will be very careful choosing Virgil’s home, so please email us for an application first at, followed by a a home visit.

Virgil my Boy

After being subjected to a life on the street and in the shelter, Virgil deserves the best home for his retirement years, he would not be suitable for first time dog owners.  I am sure he would prefer to be the only child so he can lap up as much affection and attention as he can get now.  Virgil will need to go to a home without any children.  He is neutered, vaccinated, dewormed.  His adoption fee is $195.  Adoption application and home visits apply.


Virgil is all of 5 lbs, a tiny little chihuahua who has obviously had a very rough life.  He was in a high kill shelter in California, picked up as a stray.  Who knows how long he was on the streets for.  Could have been a while as when he came to us, he didn’t want us to touch him.
He was kennel aggressive, and seems as though he has been kept in a cage or small confined area for most of his life, as his hind legs are very stiff.  He must have had an owner once, cause he does like to sit in our laps, and likes to be cuddled.  He is getting used to being pampered again, but if he feels that he is not safe, he gives us a little growl as a warning.

Virgil in the Shelter

This is a photo of poor Virgil in the shelter.  The reason I chose to bring him to Canada is because in this photo, he has seemed to give up on life.  He looks sad, and scared.  Sitting with his back to the corner is a protective position, I just could not leave him there.

He will be up for adoption after his rehab and vetting.  Please help us give Virgil all he needs by sponsoring him on Petfinder, or a cheque or money order can be sent directly to the society, please email for more info.

Rocky – adopted

Rocky is 7 years old, looking for a new home.  He is a Jack Russell Terrier.  Quick to learn, but with all JRTs – needs consistency, stimulation, with a balance of love and affection.

Rocky learned extremely quickly how to heel.  After about 10 minutes he would sit without being told and made eye contact with me frequently.  He is very smart, and willing to please.  He needs to be praised for all the good things he does, and needs firm correction with the things he should not be doing.


We would prefer a dog experienced owner for Rocky, one that understands the needs of a JRT, and can keep the consistency throughout his life.  He is fine with other dogs, but does get jealous when he gets less attention than his counterparts.  He does not ever bite them, but will bark at you for attention.  Being sure that there are no favorites (and no cats) in a more than one dog household will be key to his happiness.

Tulip and Rocky

Rocky has been neutered and is vaccinated. His adoption fee is $195.00 An Adoption Application and home visit is a must.
If you would like to receive an adoption application for Rocky, please send us an email at

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