Zeus – Adopted

Zeus has been with the TLC Rescue the longest (about 18 months).  TLC and DMRS both know that every dog has a permanent home out there waiting and can stay with us however long it takes us to find their own furever homes.

Zeus was  found in the shelter by Linda at TLC, his mouth was completely ‘trashed’ despite being very young for a Chihuahua and probably a purebred – he was just over 6 yrs at the time. He is now about 8 years old.  Still very young at heart.


Zeus had a very costly dental procedure and lost 27 of his teeth.  Every day, four times a day, for a month, Linda went into Zeus’ mouth with meds to save his remaining teeth – he became very hand friendly accordingly, and his 5 teeth were saved LOL!

Whoever owned Zeus prior to dumping him in the shelter attempted to ‘de-bark’ him.  This is an illegal procedure in California, and when asked at the vet how  this might have been done, he said that some folks try to debark at home by sticking a screwdriver or pair of scissors down the dog’s throat and hope the dog survives… (we shudder even thinking of what Zeus had gone through).

Zeus is not a barker.  He’s been Linda’s  foster all along and they NEVER hear him around the house.  He has however, learned to use his “Mae West” kind of odd bark at adoption events to get people’s attention.  He does not bark on walks, or around the house.

Zeus’ personality is a lot like Popeye’s… he’s got a bit of a ‘swagger’ to himself.  He willingly respects the alpha.  Zeus will wait his turn, but won’t be cut in front of for his night time Greenie.  He’s not much of a danger with 5 teeth.  Zeus stands his ground – not aggressive – but won’t be treated like a floor mat either.

ZeusZeus is very healthy, he’s a love muffin extraordinaire, he’s not high maintenance.  TLC Rescue  just can’t seem to find the right furever home for him with a glut of these small Chihuahuas in Southern California.  He just might get lucky and find his perfect match, here in the Lower Mainland.

Zeus could be a solo dog, being alright being alone while someone works, or a day/night round the clock companion for someone.  He gets along with other small dogs as long as they don’t try to dominate him.  Zeus loves blankees and cushy dog beds.  He is crate- and doggie door-trained, but if there is a male who has marked, he will come behind and do it as well.

We sure hope Zeus will find his furever home – he certainly has been treated badly by the human race until TLC pulled him off the kill list at a California shelter.

Zeus would prefer a child and large dog free home.  DMRS have always been hesitant with the Big Dog Little Dog Combos.  An Adoption Application and home visit is mandatory.  Please email us at adoptionsdmrs@yahoo.ca to request an application to be emailed to you.

Zeus’ adoption fee is $395.  He has been neutered, UTD on vaccines, dewormed, flea treated.

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