Joey – staying at Dhana Metta Forever.

Joey is a 11 year old neutered Border Collie Cross.  He was surrendered to a Fraser Valley vet clinic and landed himself here at Dhana Metta.

Joey and his new packHe has met all the large dogs here, and was non-reactive, except when Taggart decided to do his usual invasive greeting. Joey was very tolerant of Taggart, but courteously told him where to go. Joey is amazing with the small dogs and with the cat….he does however want to chase the bunnies.

Jackson, CLover and JoeyJoey is a nice old dog, mellow while walking on leash.  Knows all his commands – sit, stay, lie down, come and even shake a paw.  Joey’s eye contact with people is stellar. He would love to find a great home to live out the rest of his life with.  He would prefer a home without small children.

Joey has bilateral cruciate tears but is not currently in need of surgery. He visited the Canada West Veterinary Specialists in Vancouver a couple of weeks ago. His cruciate tears are so old, that Joey has learned to manage very well. Clinically he is doing fine, he is not often stiff when getting up, he goes for long walks easily. He should not however go for long runs, hikes, frisbee and ball chasing.

Joey sure could use a foster home until a forever home is found. Joey is best suited to country life, free to go in and out as he pleases. Acreage or large fenced area would be perfect for him. If you can open your heart and home to this awesome senior dog, please email us at

As always we request an adoption/foster application and home visit.

Joey’s adoption fee is by donation. Thank you!


Kayo and Cash – Adopted

Kayo and Cash are brothers, they were adopted as kittens from Dhana Metta five years ago, their family has since had a daughter – and unfortunately she is very allergic to the cats.  This is a very hard decision for the family as they love Kayo and Cash very much.  These brothers must stay together.

 Kayo & Cash

The boys are very healthy.  They have never been outside and we would like to keep them safe, indoors for the rest of their lives.  They are both neutered so they don’t plan on having any little buddies of their own. They are super cute, lots of fun, very gentle and loving. They are extremely friendly, and will become your best friend with some cuddles and treats.

Kayo is a bit of a chubby buddy, he’s a big boy.  He likes to get to the food dish before anyone. He loves to cuddle and be patted and have his big belly rubbed. Expect to have a bed partner with Kayo. He will lay near your head and purr. Also expect an occasional kiss goodnight or good morning.

Cash, is a smaller lil guy. He is very playful and rambunctious. He is definitely curious, but understands the word No, or Down. You will be laying on your couch watching TV and all of sudden you’ll have a TV watching partner.  Cash loves to play fetch with a ball or small toy mouse.

Both Kayo and Cash are very good with kids. They love each other’s company and we will not separate them; they are a package deal. They like their scratching post and have no problems sharing a litter box.

Kayo and Cash are accepting applications now.  Home visits are required.  Their adoption fee is by donation.  Please email us at to request an application, and the boys will get back to you asap!

Taggart (also known as Big Al) – ADOPTED

Taggart came from a shelter in the Fraser Valley.  Totally untrained, zero manners.  And grossly overweight. He has already had 2, well I guess you could call it 3 previous homes, before landing himself with us.

In his time with us Taggart has learned many manners, although he is still a high energy, exuberant lab puppy inside.  He looks so much older than his 18 months of age.  He has learned that jumping up on people and knocking them to the ground is unacceptable.  His recall on the 7 acres here is great!  He now goes in his crate on command, where before we had to fight with all our might to get him in there.  He is totally non-aggressive and non-reactive with other dogs, he is not shy to run right up to any dog and beg them to play.  But some dogs don’t dig this invitation.  Taggart absolutely loves people. We have not tested him with cats.

Taggart 4/15/11

Taggart needs a home without small children, he would never hurt them on purpose but he is very excitable, and playful..with his size and strength – he could hurt little people.  He needs a family that will exercise him, and feed him a healthy low fat diet.  He is not a dog who would do well going for only two walks a day.  He needs to walk lots, and lose some weight.  He loves to run, but we don’t encourage him to over run.  His weight is not good for his joints.

Taggert (Big AL)

Taggart has calmed so much since he came to us, he is such a loving dog.  All he wants is to have a forever home to call his own.  To be able to hang out in the house with them, go for long walks, play with his balls and toys and eat healthy low fat foods.

Taggart is neutered, vaccinated, dewormed,  and tattooed.  His adoption fee is $150.00

An adoption application and home visit is required.  We are determined to find Taggart his forever home, once and for all.

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