Liloo – adopted

Liloo is a very small Pomeranian Poodle cross, she is about 9 months old right now. She was born blind (without eyes), but this does not hinder her.  She is full of puppy energy and is still working on her house training.

Liloo has been in foster care, and is learning how to be a dog, learning how to sleep in a crate, and how to bathroom outside. At 9 months old her growth seems to be stunted. Her baby teeth still have not come out, and she has not gone into heat. The vet thinks she will never develop like a normal healthy dog.

LilooLiloo is very smart, loves to cuddle, but can potentially become overbearing an clingy if not given proper training, discipline and boundaries.

If you feel you are the one to give Liloo all she needs, please email us for an adoption application. Home visits are also required. Liloo’s adoption fee is by donation.


Gilbert Grape – ADOPTED

Gilbert is a sweet little man of 12 weeks old.  We think he is a Dachshund Chihuahua Mix.  He and his brother Peanut came from a northern BC reservation.  They were born outside, and lived outside until someone came and scooped them up to send them to rescue.  Both puppies had demodex, and are still on the road to a full recovery.  Gilbert’s fur grew back far quicker than Peanut’s.

We know that Gilbert is extremely cute, and has done so well learning to trust people.  He is now very friendly and likes people very much.  He is still a little scared of children however, so a home with older respectful children would be preferred.   Gilbert still has occasional accidents in the house, however that is my own fault for not being more on the ball with the house training.


Gilbert will be neutered, chipped, wormed, flea treated and fully vaccinated.  We are accepting applications now, and will be booking home visits for him.  His adoption donation is $495.  You can email us at for an adoption application or you can download one here on the blog in the Adoption Process Page.

Bandito – ADOPTED

Bandit is a chihuahua cross, about 2 years old. He is a high energy, wonderfully playful little dude.  He is house trained, but needs a routine.  He is comfortable in a crate to sleep.  He is a quick learner with praise reinforcement and loves to work for treats. 

He came to us not knowing much and learned the sit and down command very quickly in foster care and is now working on consistent recall and the stay command.  He gets attached quickly to his person and loves to be around them.  As a result, he can be prone to getting separation anxiety if he is overly coddled and spoiled, so his new forever home will have to be diligent with themselves to provide an equal balance of love, obedience, and consistency. 


Given this he has been great in foster care.  He loves all people including children however we prefer no small children as sometimes he gets overly excited and can be a little mouthy.  He is good around other dogs and loves having a playmate in foster care.  He would be ideal for someone who has another upbeat dog looking for a fun playmate.

Bandit’s adoption donation is $395.  He has been neutered, vaccinated, chipped, wormed and flea treated. An adoption application and home visit is required as usual.  You can email us for an adoption application at or you can go the the Adoption Process Page right here on this blog and download an application.

Salty – Adopted

Salty is about 6 years old.  He is a Pomeranian Terrier we think, that is what he looks like.  He is a very sweet little dude, and he loves his people.  He can get very needy and clingy.  So much so that he will walk between your legs and stick right with you, which could pose a walking problem.


He is good with other dogs, needs to be trained not to mark in the house – but he learns very quickly once he is told that is not acceptable.  He seems to be fine with cats as well.  Salty would be fine with older children, we have not tested him with small children.


Salty will be ready for his new forever home shortly after he is vetted.  He will be neutered, vaccinated, chipped, wormed and flea treated.  His adoption donation is $395.00.

An adoption application and home visit is required.  You can email us at to request one to be sent to you or you can find one right here on the blog in the Adoption Process Page.


Pixie was used as a breeding bitch her whole life…7 years, and then was ditched.  It is obvious that she has probably been bred fairly recently as her teets are so large and almost touch the ground. We are so glad that someone decided that she would get the best care and find the best home through rescue.

Pixie is non reactive with other dogs, walks great off leash, comes when called (most of the time) and is fairly laid back.  She is great with kids too.  However she is food aggressive when another dog comes near her food bowl or bone.  This is common with dogs that have lived in puppy mill and back yard breeder situations.  Pixie is 70lbs and a little underweight right now.  She is a taller bulldog – not as short and stocky as most bulldogs.


Pixie is also great with cats…doesn’t really care about them.  She does get really excited when she hasn’t seen you for a few hours. and whines and cries with happiness.  She does try to jump up on you, and succeeds most of the time.  She is pretty much house trained, but water intake needs to be monitored as she will drink a whole bowl at one time, which her bladder does not appreciate.

Pixie’s bloodwork came back normal, she has been spayed, vaccinated, microchipped, dewormed and flea treated.

Pixie’s adoption fee is $395.  An adoption application and home visit is required.

Please email us at to request an application or you can find one on our website

Richie is ADOPTED for REAL!

Richie Rich is the sweetest Chihuahua you’ll meet.  I have known him only for a short time as his foster mom, but he melted my heart the first day I met him and would have adopted him if my circumstances were different. It will break my heart to see him go, but will make me happy to know he will be going to a loving forever home.


Richie’s most favorite thing to do is play with his toys. He absolutely loves to play tug a war and fetch. As soon as you grab a toy his eyes light up and his tail starts to wag a mile a minute! His second most favorite thing is a belly rub. He will stretch right out while you scratch his belly and his expressive eyes will close halfway in the enjoyment of it.

He is very good walking on a leash, but every so often he will stop, look at you and not move. I find this happens when his leash is not quite right and he is bothered by it. But not too worry, a little bit of patience and he starts moving again. Richie is a little unsure around new people and kids and may give a warning growl, but he is such a good listener and all it takes is a firm no or a very slight tug on the leash and he will stop. Richie is good with most dogs but tends to run up to them and so he needs to learn to approach slowly and greet them properly.

At the end of the day when Richie goes into his bed he likes to cover himself up with a blanket. He needs no help doing this as he has perfected the art of maneuvering his way under it while rotating in circle. The end result is him entirely covered up by his blanket! It is quite amazing that he is able to do this.

Richie is such a sweet dog and he deserves to be in a permanent home with people who will love and cherish him forever. In return he will love you back and make you smile and laugh.

Richie is housebroken, crate trained, neutered, vaccinated, flea treated and wormed.  His adoption donation is $395.  Adoption applications and home visit is required.



Since finding out that Jake was suffering from Progressive Retinal Atrophy, his owners have found things to be so much easier.  They now understand Jake – and why he does the things he does.  They have decided to keep Jake, sell their smaller sized townhome, and buy a house with a yard.  They are reading lots of books on how to live with blind dogs, and they feel they can overcome this challenge the universe put before them.  KUDOS to these wonderful people, for going the extra extra mile to be able to give their dog Jake a forever home – and to love him just the way he is!!!



Jake is a 3 year old Black Lab.  He is a wonderful dog, smart, willing to please and needing a new home.  Jake has been diagnosed with Progressive Retinal Atrophy.  It is hard to tell that Jake has this condition.  His eyes are clear and seem normal.  It was his behavior that made us question his sight.


Jake needs a new home who has experience with sight impaired dogs.  In time he will be completely blind.  He needs a home that is quiet, organized, and patient.

It will not take Jake long to learn a new layout, he also needs to be trained on leash – as a blind dog.  He hears and smells extremely well, he tends to get a little stressed if he doesn’t know where his human disappeared to and will bark to ask you to tell him where you are.

We are asking the animal loving community to help find Jake a foster home, until a forever home is found.  The foster home will also need to be experienced with seeing impaired dogs, and willing to help train him.  Jake would of course prefer a forever home first so that he does not have to relearn layouts too many times.

jake 1

Jake is currently at the only home he has known for 3 years, however the stress of the noise, toys and inconsistency is wearing on him.  Even though his owners are sad to have to make this decision, it is the best thing for Jake.  It would be great for Jake to be put into foster care sooner than later, so he can start learning how to cope with his sight loss.  He also needs to start to relax as his home now is very stressful for him.

An application and home visit is required, please send an email to if you feel you can open your heart and home to Jake as a foster parent.  Those interested in giving Jake a forever home can email us at

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