Joey (aka Buddy)

UPDATE OCT 27, 2009




Joey has settled in nicely and enjoys having his 4-legged foster brother Toby around.  He does well at home left loose in the house either on his own or with Toby around.  Everyday Joey goes to Playcare and has a great time playing with the other dogs and toys.  The girls there say he has really come out of his shell and is now playing with dogs of all ages and sizes.  Without a doubt Joey is a fantastic dog to have in the car as he sits quietly in the back seat and simply watches everything go by, occasionally he’ll even rest his head on your shoulder as you drive.  When it comes to children he is very tolerant.  He will allow them to touch his face, ears, back, legs, and tail, although he does become excited if children are jumping around, he is just as happy to lie on the ground with them leaning on him.  Joey has to be one of the most affectionate dogs I have ever met.  Whether he is resting his chin on your leg or trying to curl up in your lap he will always follow you everywhere you go.  We are currently working on some leash manners as he does very well in calm environments but does have a tendency to “yodel” and pull if there is something that catches his attention or if there is a lot going on that he feels the need to be a part of.  Overall Joey has settled in very well and has done superbly to move past any separation anxiety that was initially noted.  He will need and confident owner who does not let him pull the “sad puppy dog eyes” as he has perfected the look.  Joey would be an amazing addition to any home whether it be an individual, couple, or family with older respectful children.



Joey is a beautiful AmStaff, around 2 years old.  He is sweet, loving, and kind.  Great with other dogs, respectful children, and doesn’t care too much about cats.  His past is unknown, and there are a few things that scare him greatly.  He needs a very understanding owner, who can provide the proper leadership and consistency that all dogs need. He is already very well trained, he knows how to sit, stay, roll over, shake a paw, and is working on perfecting his recall. He still tugs on the leash, but his foster mom is also working on that.

We think that Joey has been chained in his past, and probably not by his original owner.  The sound of chain freaks him out and he will tell you about it with his voice and body language.   He is protective of his home, and lets you know when someone is at the door, or lurking around.  He would also love to have a yard to hang out in – but we do not want him to be  be an “outdoor” dog.

4'Joey is unsure of small enclosed spaces and being locked in them, therefore a veterinarian’s office did not go over well with him. We are still trying to figure out a way of having him vaccinated again even though we were told he already was. He is, however, neutered, and has an untraceable tattoo. He is completely house broken.



Joey is an awesome dog….with the right human, he will exceed our expectations.

His adoption fee is $195.  His entire adoption fee will be going into the Cookie Jar to help other animals that need special veterinary care.

Please email us at for an adoption application, home visits are required.


Sherman – The WhoodleDog – ADOPTED

Sherman is about 2 1/2 years old, a Whoodle (Wheaton Terrier X Poodle x Sheepdog?).  He is a large dog, weighing in at about 65 – 75 lbs.  He is looking for a family who can provide leadership and who can be consistent with commands.  He would love a home with a large yard, to hang out in while someone is home in the summer months however, we do not want him to be an “outdoor” dog.


SHERMAN and his buddy Jack….

Sherman needs a dog experienced home only, with no small children, though he is good with children, he is large and can play rough. He knows most of his commands, and his new foster dad is working on his leash manners.  He does not seem to like some cats, but was fine with my old guy.  He is housebroken, neutered and vaccinated.  His new forever family should also be prepared to groom him on a regular basis – daily brushing – hair trims -and visits to the professional groomer are in order.


Sherman is a beautiful dog, loving and sweet, I wanted to keep him…and so did many of the folks in our rescue community.  He would make the right family very lucky.

Sherman’s adoption fee is $395, he is neutered, dewormed, vaccinated, and flea treated.

Please email us at for an adoption application, home visits are required.

Thank You

I wanted to extend a huge thank you to all the folks that helped us with this group of dogs.  It was a long hot drive and a ton of work.

Thanks to Jennifer for being my company and help along the way, and for grooming all the horribly matted dogs. Thank you to Mandarin for babysitting my gang while I was gone!  I hate leaving my kids alone (furkids that is), thanks to Jocelyn for coming over and helping bath and trim the larger dogs the next day!

Thanks to Tricia for helping with transporting doggies to and from the vet, and for taking care of my Shortman all weekend!!  Thanks to Nicole and Melissa for babysitting Jodie while I was away…A big thank you to all the foster people that actually kept their word and fostered for us!!  – you all rock!

Without any of you, I would be more exhausted than I already am.

I would like to also thank Dr. Higgins, Dr. Ochostsky, and Dr. Munjal for seeing Lego at such short notice, and putting up with my paranoid questions.  And to Laura M. at Canada West for being so awesome always!!

Thank you to Gloria and Anthony – your endless kindness and generosity brings tears of joy to my eyes every single time you make a donation to help the needy ones.

Knowing that you are all part of this great team, makes doing all of this so much more rewarding!



Howard – ADOPTED

Howard is a Spitz x with ??.  He is 3 years old, playful, and very good at home.  He listens well, and walks well on leash too.  He likes other dogs, but we have not tested him with cats or kids as of yet, so we cannot say how he would do. He is not a very big dog, the size of a mini spitz.  He requires regular brushing but not so much in the way of professional grooming.


The photos seem deceiving, but really he is quite small in size. He is neutered, vaccinated, dewormed, and flea treated. His adoption fee is $395. You can email us at for an adoption application, home visits are required.


Macy is a tiny female Shihtzu who was only used for breeding then discarded when she could no longer produce enough puppies.  She is 3 years old, and had a very complicated spay.  The vet said she had a uterus the size of a rottweiller – dear god!!!

She is very sweet and laid back.  I think she is depressed being taking away from the “brood” she used to have to live with.  She is whining like she is looking for something that isn’t here.  She is totally fine with other dogs and cats.  She hasn’t yet been tested with children, but she is so laid back I can’t see her not liking them.


Macy has just recently been spayed. She is vaccinated, dewormed, flea treated, and tattooed. Her adoption fee is $395. You can email us at for an adoption application, home visits are required.

Dudley Moore – adopted

Dudley Moore is sweet like the actor, and also short like the actor!!  He is 3 years of age, and we are guessing that he is a cockapoo.  He is really laid back, and loves his people.  He is great with other dogs, cats and loves kids too.  He is totally housebroken, and likes to go for walks.  He is a very easy little dude!

Dudley Moore

He was pretty badly matted, so please excuse his bad haircut LOL. He is another breed that requires regular grooming and brushing daily. He was very accepting of his grooming and bathing.

Dudley is neutered, vaccinated, dewormed, flea treated. His adoption fee is $395. You can contact us at for an adoption application, home visits are required.

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