Shelby – Adoption Pending

Once I held Shelby in my arms, I realized that she had been abused by her previous owner – either kicked repeatedly and/or harmed otherwise around her head.  Her ribs were very sore and tender, although nothing was broken.  The first time she wagged her tail in anticipation of seeing us, was another ‘red letter day’…. these were all little milestones, but very important ones to witness and experience.

Shelby’s nature has always been one that is low keyed and unobtrusive, even once she blossomed and learned to trust us.  She’s preferred to spend her afternoons on the back of the recliner couch in our family room where she can see everything going on, and participate when she chooses to.   At 5 years old, Shelby is an average activity dog, not a barker and would do well with either a senior, or a working couple.


She enjoys walks, and is house trained and crate trained.  She gets along well with other dogs and doesn’t seem to be bothered by big ones unless they show aggression towards her.   She also likes cats.  She would prefer an adult only home. Shelby has free roam here at the house – I’ve never had her make an accident in the house.  She prefers to sleep in the family room at night and is a very low maintenance kind of dog… sweet, and loving once she knows you, she is cordial and respectful immediately upon meeting humans and other dogs.

Appearance wise, she looks older than she is because of the white under her jaw, but adorable with the white toes on all four feet!

Her adoption fee is $295.  She has been spayed, vaccinated, dewormed, microchipped and flea treated.  An adoption application and home visit is required.  You can email us at to request one to be emailed to you.


Romy the Himalayan – Adopted

Romy is about 1.5 years old.  A purebred Himalayan.  He also was surrendered about 9 months ago. Romy, unlike Mimi, reverted in his foster home, and became more fearful, and less friendly.  At his foster home he hid all the time, and was very hard to find.

After his return to us, he has already started coming out of his shell.  He has nowhere to hide at the moment, so he allows us to go right up to him and pet him, pick him up and share some affection.  He no longer runs from us.


He is a beautiful boy, and would love a quiet home with no children, or dogs.  He does get on well with other cats, as long as they do not try to dominate him.

Romy is neutered, vaccinated and tattooed. His adoption fee is $195.  An adoption application and home visit is required.  Please email us at to request an adoption application.  Thank You.

Mimi the Chocolate Persian – Adopted

Mimi is a 3 year old purebred chocolate colored Persian.  She was surrendered about a year ago, she was emaciated, matted, and very unhealthy.  It was sad that she was kept in that condition.  We were glad she ended up with us to recover and be vetted.


Mimi is very talkative.  This photo may look like she is hissing, but in fact she was talking to me at the time I snapped the photo.

Mimi is extremely friendly.  She loves attention which was unlike her a year ago.  Mimi would love a home without children.  She is fine with other cats.  We have not tested her with dogs yet.

Mimi has been spayed, vaccinated and tattooed.  Her adoption fee is $195. An adoption application and home visit is required. Please email us at to request an adoption application. Thank you.

Alfie – Adopted

Alfie is about 3 years old, a chihuahua or possibly a mix.  He is a sweet, easy going dog.  He listens well to his humans and loves to please.  He learns quickly, is totally house broken, crate trained, and leash trained too.  He is fine with cats, dogs and respectful children.


He may not be the handsomest chihuahua out there, but if you are only going by looks, you are missing out on a great dog!  Alfie weighs in at about 8 lbs. He is neutered, tattooed, and fully vaccinated.  His adoption fee is $395.00

An adoption application and home visit is required.  You can email us at to request an application or download on from this website.


Written by TLC Rescue, California.

Piper will be transferred to DMRS on Sept 12, 2010, you can see Piper’s story at:

Piper was ‘found’ by a gardener and brought to the shelter.  It was obvious she had just had a litter of pups, so the shelter staff inquired as to the location of the litter.  A bit later, five day-old puppies were also turned into the shelter by the gardener.  We were called by the shelter to bottle feed the litter, we asked what had happened to the mom and were advised that the shelter intended to euthanize her because she had an inverted uterus from the delivery.  We disagreed with this decision and asked they refrain from doing anything until we got to the shelter.  Enroute, we called several vets and all thought to euthanize the mother was the best way to go.


Upon arrival at the shelter, we were not prepared visually for her.  Piper was the color of light brown sugar and ‘speckled’ throughout her coat.  A tar smear was across her forehead and her hind flanks were stained with dirt.

But her eyes?  Her eyes can speak volumes and she looked at us, deep and with fear.  It was not her day to die in our opinion.  Piper can tell you a full story with those gorgeous eyes of hers, and tends to thoroughly enjoy sitting on your lap and being loved.  Maybe she knows how very close to death she came.

Upon closer examination in the kennel, we discovered the ‘speckles’ moved – she was covered with hundreds of fleas – as were her pups.  A mad dash to a local spay and neuter clinic, we arrived to realize Piper was already in shock and they rushed her into surgery immediately.  An emergency spay was performed and then an amputation of the uterus from the outside.  Her chances to survive all of these traumas was slim to none we were told.

We were prepared to start bottle feeding her pups.  We kept Piper and her pups as warm as possible throughout the night and started dealing with the flea problem the next morning.  Throughout the next few days, we lost four of the five pups for various reasons – each loss was heart wrenching.

Piper is young and active, walks well on a leash now and knows most of the basic dog obedience commands (no, off, back, down, etc.)  “Sit” is a trial for her once her wiggle butt gets started, but she will do it (even if not for long).

She is not a barker, but will ‘talk’ to you in attempt to communicate.  She is not a dominant female alpha and will normally simply ignore aggression in another dog.  She is not food aggressive and is gentle with the senior dogs.  With humans, she is ‘kissy-faced’ and loves attention.  On a scale of 1 to 5, she is a 4 in activity.  She’d do great in an active family, or with a couple who has an active lifestyle.  She is extremely devoted to her humans.

Piper is house-, doggie door- and kennel-trained.  She sleeps through the night without any problems, but when it is time to get up, she will let you know that she needs to go out NOW.  She is also pee pad trained.  She is once again healthy, despite the emergency spay under very traumatic circumstances.

Piper’s adoption fee is $395.00.  She is UTD with all her vaccinations, has been spayed, dewormed, flea treated.

With each dog an adoption application and home visit is mandatory.  Please email us at to request an adoption application.  Thank You.

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