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I was quite shocked that both Rescue Paws with Half Pipe, and LIFE Rescue who are working with Yoji, reached out to me. I didn’t realize my reputation for helping special needs dogs had reached areas like Thailand and the UK.  I have been asked to help both of these paralyzed dogs.  I really hope that our supporters find them deserving enough to help us help them.

Half Pipe, Yoji and Mr. T – are the last 3 dogs on Dhana Metta Rescue Society’s waiting list.  We hope that we will be able to find all 3 of these very deserving dogs foster homes before they arrive.  We would like to have that in place for them when they get here – so they can start enjoying their lives.

Donations of any amount are ALWAYS GREATLY APPRECIATED!  And you can donate by clicking on this link below:



We are currently fundraising for Half Pipe – so he can find his way safely from Thailand to Dhana Metta Rescue Society. Dogs like Half Pipe will never find a home in Thailand.  We hope that someone here in Beautiful BC will step up to foster him until he finds his forever home. He is a smaller dog, around 20 lbs, Dhana Metta will provide all the support you need and will help you understand everything that a paralyzed dog requires. Really they aren’t anymore work that a dog that has use of all 4 legs!!

Half Pipe

You can donate towards Half Pipe by clicking on the link below!



Another very deserving paralyzed dog name YOJI,  needs our help. He was originally from Thailand, and was adopted to a family in the UK. After a couple of weeks, the family in the UK decided that Yoji was just too much for them. He is in desperate need of rescue, so he does not get sent back to Thailand.

I hope that someone here in BC will also step up for Yoji  – to provide a safe foster home until his forever home can be found. He is young, one year old, and a medium sized dog around 35 lbs. He was only a baby when he was found on the streets of Thailand, paralyzed and with sores all over his body from dragging himself around.

It makes me so sad to know that there are dogs just like Yoji all over the world suffering – those who will never end up in safety, those who will never feel the love and care of a human being.  His story is sad, as is so many other animals that suffer at the hands of awful human beings. We hope that one special person will open their heart and home to Yoji!

Yoji where he was found



Yoji with wheels

You can donate to help fund Yoji’s future care and transport by clicking on the link below.



Mr. T was a last minute save from a high kill shelter in California.  A friend of mine wanted so much for this little old man to be safe so he could live out his life with love!  No rescues would take him because he has many fatty tumors, and maybe some not so fatty tumors.  Everyone was calling him Tumor Boy – I had to tell everyone that this name had to change LOL!!

Because I adore my friend Pat, I obliged her request to help Mr. T… and she obliged my request to change his name.  And here we are.  Mr. T  is currently in foster care in California.  He has been there for almost 6 weeks now. We are looking for a foster home here in BC that will step up for him so he can come and go straight into a home environment while he waits to see the vet locally.

He is a senior dog, around 10 years old.  He will need to go in for some mass removal surgeries and of course a dental.  His dental alone will cost up to $500 with a geriatric panel, and the mass/lump removals will be on top of that.  So we are hoping to raise at least $1000 for Mr. T’s veterinary care before he arrives.  Then we can get him straight into the vet and he can start to relax.  Please consider opening your heart and home to Mr. T as a foster or forever home.  And if you can’t foster – please donate, any amount helps!

Mr. T



Thank you Everyone for your ongoing support.  I am so very proud to have supporters and followers like you.  You have made Dhana Metta Rescue Society and important part of animal’s lives, we could have never come this far without you.  I hope that you all continue to donate towards the animals that will remain in our care, whether temporary or indefinitely.  While Rescue Mommy of Dhana Metta takes a little break (after the above 3 dogs arrive and get all the care they need)… please keep following us!


Taco (still waiting) and Kiko (adopted)

Kiko and Taco are both 11 years old.  They have been together their whole lives, since they were puppies.  They were surrendered to Dhana Metta Rescue Society in early July 2011.

These 2 dogs, deserving of love, had been kept in a small room about 4 x 6 maybe less, for 4 years. They used to have free roam of the house, but since grandchildren arrived, they have been segregated, away from family and what they had been so accustomed to. The room was clean, don’t get me wrong they pee on newspapers in this room and sleep on clean towels.  The owners really did love them alot, but no longer had the means to provide to them what they needed.

Kiko and Taco

Kiko and Taco had never been socialized with other dogs or very many people until they arrived here.  They have been amazing with the other small dogs so far, and are living communally with so many of them.  They have so many human visitors that Taco no longer goes to bite, and Kiko seems to have become very independent.

Both of them had their vet visit yesterday, and as we suspected there are things we absolutely need to have investigated before we can let them go to a forever home.

Taco has had trouble walking for a long time.  When I saw him at him original home, I suspected a neurological issue.  Maybe a disc problem, an issue with his spine, or possibly a tumor near the spine.  Taco saw a specialist at Canada West Veterinary Specialists and he confirmed that Taco’s issue is most likely a disc issue in his neck.  We could do an MRI at the cost of approx $3000, however Taco is doing so well just the way he is that maybe we should just let him be, and find him a home who will love him just the way he is.  We wanted to thank all those who donated towards Taco to get him in to see the specialists.

Kiko has been Diagnosed with Cushing’s disease.  There are 2 options – to let her live her life just the way she is, and believe me she is an amazing little dog.  Blind but smart – and independent!  Or we could start her on meds – Lysodren and Trilostane are the most common drugs we use to treat HAC in dogs Neither of these is cheap nor without risks of severe side effects. We are going to be running one more test on this sweet little girl before our final decision on how to treat her.  We want to thank all those who have donated to Kiko’s vet bills, with a few more to come.

These sweet little seniors deserve to feel what it is like to be loved and cared for again.  We hope that someone falls in love with them just like we did.

Thank you in advance!

Captain – Adopted

Captain is adult chihuahua, maybe around 8 yrs old.  He has obviously had a very difficult life.  Surrendered to a shelter,  it became evident that he has been badly abused in the past.  His fear of humans is was strong, especially new people he had not spent time with.


Captain is fairly calm, likes to lie around on the couch, under a blanket, or on an available dog bed.
When Captain first came here, we needed to let him drag around a leash for a few days as he would run away from anyone who approached him. He would scream anytime we touched him or tried to pick him up.

After about a week of letting him do his own thing, he began to sit by us on the couch and approach us for gentle pats on the head.   He is learning to trust people again and even sits on the laps of our guests after a couple of hours. Captain is housetrained and has always followed us in and out of the house for potty breaks without a problem. He is kennel trained and leash trained. He does fine with our hairless cat and our four resident Chihuahuas, but does not really like big dogs (although he will tolerate them).

Captain should go to a home with no children, to an owner who is calm and collected.  Captain has improved so much since he came to us.  His fear has somewhat subsided, although every now and then something triggers bad memories for him.  Captain needs a patient, loving home.  One that accepts his fear issues, and understands the reward of being patient with a dog like him.  Once he falls in love with you, he is the sweetest, most loving little dog ever.  He even kisses our faces!

Captain would be best as an only dog, or with a dog that is calm as well.

Captain’s adoption fee is by donation.  He has been neutered, UTD with his vaccinations, dewormed, flea treated.

Adoption applications and home visits are required.  Please email us at adoptionsdmrs@yahoo.ca to request one to be sent to you.

Misty – Adopted!

Introducing little tiny Misty girl.  Oh she breaks my heart.  I saw this little doll needed help – posted on a rescue forum.  I sent an email and offered to help her.  I exchanged emails with the owner of Misty (actually it was the owner’s daughter).

I can’t believe that this sweet tiny tiny chihuahua was kept outside.  Used for breeding purposes.  And when I pulled the vet records, I discovered that she had been bred all the way up to the age of 8 years old!!!  Having c-sections more than once.  Now the scar tissue is so thick, it may be a complicated situation.

I tried to convince myself not to take in this little girl, because a breeder should be responsible for their own dogs, instead of taking it from them and helping them discard of their “used up” stock.  Then the other side of me argued – but if they give this dog to some Joe Shmoe on the street – she may be subjected to being bred again.  It was a battle of yes, no, yes, no, yes, no with me, myself and I.

I met with Misty and her temporary humans.  I took one look at her and knew she deserved a better life.  She is 10 years old now, and the least we could give her was a home, inside, under warm covers, cuddling with a human that loves her for her…and not for the money she could make them.

Misty is so sweet, I can’t describe how her eyes tell you how sad she has been….how she cries to be near you…


She would make an easy addition for a senior, or an older couple that would love to have a little dog to share their lives with.

But before we can do that, Misty needs some medical attention.  We hope that the community will help raise enough money to get her a geriatric panel and urinalysis at the vet – this is the first step to ensuring she is healthy enough to undergo a complicated spay.  If her bloodwork looks good – we are going to be taking Misty in to Canada West Vet Specialists to have her spayed…however she also needs a dental so badly, and Canada West does not have a dental specialist.  So she may have to undergo anesthetic more than once, which really sucks for her.

Her vet bills will be very costly.  Bloodwork alone will run about $200, a dental with her teeth will probably run about $600 and of course last but not least – the spay – we have not yet gotten an estimate on this, but surely it will cost far more than any normal spay situation.

Please help us help Misty feel better, and find a forever home that will give her all she so deserves.

Donations for Misty’s fund can be made through Paypal by clicking on the link below.  Please be sure to make a memo “For Misty”.

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