Linus and Olivia – Both Adopted

Sleepy PuppiesLinus and Olivia are Basset Hound crosses, but they don’t seem to have those short legs and long bodies, so your guess is as good as ours.  They are 13 weeks old now and weighing in at 13 lbs.  Though their personalities are relaxed like a basset, they play like puppies.


Linus and Olivia seem very attached to eachother.  If you pick one up the other one cries.  Maybe they could find a home together, but they would adjust over time if separated.  They arrived on March 8, and have been in foster care since.  They have been dewormed, vaccinated, vet checked.  And their adoption fee includes their spay and neuter plus tattoo.

These pups do not look like they are going to be small dogs, but nonetheless they are adorable and very good!

If you are interested in giving a wonderful home to these great pups together or individually, please email us at for an adoption application.  Home visits are mandatory.  Adoption fee $495.

Little Ella


We didn’t have much luck raising the money needed for Ella’s surgery.  We only reached a total of approximately $700.  Time was running out.  Ever since Ella came into our care, one of the surgeons at Canada West was very interested in her.  We had many discussions, and their family also had many discussions.

Their family had always wanted a dog, but were concerned about allergies, so we decided to let them take Ella home to see how things went.  Needless to say, things went wonderfully and they decided to adopt Ella.

The great part about the surgeon adopting Ella was that she would get her surgery, even though we had only raised $700. She got her surgery and she got her forever home.

We thank all those that contributed to Ella’s cause, the foster families that cared for her in the interm, all the selfless folks that were interested in adopting her, and we give a huge thank you to the folks at Canada West Veterinary Specialists.


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