Captain – Adopted

Captain is adult chihuahua, maybe around 8 yrs old.  He has obviously had a very difficult life.  Surrendered to a shelter,  it became evident that he has been badly abused in the past.  His fear of humans is was strong, especially new people he had not spent time with.


Captain is fairly calm, likes to lie around on the couch, under a blanket, or on an available dog bed.
When Captain first came here, we needed to let him drag around a leash for a few days as he would run away from anyone who approached him. He would scream anytime we touched him or tried to pick him up.

After about a week of letting him do his own thing, he began to sit by us on the couch and approach us for gentle pats on the head.   He is learning to trust people again and even sits on the laps of our guests after a couple of hours. Captain is housetrained and has always followed us in and out of the house for potty breaks without a problem. He is kennel trained and leash trained. He does fine with our hairless cat and our four resident Chihuahuas, but does not really like big dogs (although he will tolerate them).

Captain should go to a home with no children, to an owner who is calm and collected.  Captain has improved so much since he came to us.  His fear has somewhat subsided, although every now and then something triggers bad memories for him.  Captain needs a patient, loving home.  One that accepts his fear issues, and understands the reward of being patient with a dog like him.  Once he falls in love with you, he is the sweetest, most loving little dog ever.  He even kisses our faces!

Captain would be best as an only dog, or with a dog that is calm as well.

Captain’s adoption fee is by donation.  He has been neutered, UTD with his vaccinations, dewormed, flea treated.

Adoption applications and home visits are required.  Please email us at to request one to be sent to you.

1 Comment

  1. Linda said,

    November 5, 2011 at 4:31 am

    We just got his mom adopted after being with us in the rescue for a year.

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