Godzilla – Rest In Peace

UPDATE MAY 27, 2010

Today is a very sad day. After being so happy that Godzilla finally found his forever family, and having planned his trip to them this Sunday, the Universe decided to throw us a curveball.

Last night Godzilla had a massive seizure, it felt like it went on for so long. His tongue went blue, and I was in a panic….I soothed him by talking to him and petting him gently. Once it stopped, he was in a shocked state. I lay with him…but he could only move his eyes. I waited a few more hours, and he was able to lift his head.

I prayed that if I gave him a little more time, he would be able to get up and walk. Unfortunately, this morning, he was still laying in his cozy bed, only moving his head.

I had to make the decision to take our sweet Godzilla in to the vet and let him go to doggie heaven.

I am glad that Godzilla’s foster mom Jackie and his new family did not have to go through this experience. I know that they are also just as heartbroken as I am.


All the resident doggies sat with Godzilla, all the way til this morning. They knew something had happened, and gave him the comfort of being surrounded by love.

Sweet Godzilla had been with us since last November or so, and he did have a very loved last few months of his life. Rest in Peace Zilla, til we meet again.


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B-Boy Update

Today I received some sad news.  Our sweet little B-Boy had passed away in his sleep.  My eyes well up with tears as I write this.  He was always such a happy little soul.  Humans could learn so much from B, despite his challenge, he never ceased to amaze us…always happy.

B-Boy came into our rescue a few years ago.  He was 7 months old.  His owners had finally decided to surrender him, after keeping him from 6 weeks old, paralyzed in the hind legs.  They never did any xrays, or diagnostics.  They just decided to leave him be…and after realizing that it was just too much for them, they ditched him.

When I saw him, I loved him.  He was so happy so sweet.  He would motor around dragging his legs behind him and didn’t have a care in the world.

B-Boy running

Michiko and Seigo provided such a wonderful foster home for B.  Michiko thank you for being so kind.  Sean and Serena I send you my love…you were such awesome doggie parents to B-Boy.  You gave him so much and I have to thank you for loving him just the way he was

Thank you to all of those that helped B-Boy.  Thank you Sasha for buying his first awesome cart.


Yuana and all the furkids will miss you.

November 3 at 6:35am
Ola Yuana,
We are very sorry to say that yours and our weee B-boy passed away on thursday evening. He was in his sleep with no sign or symptoms of anything that could have been wrong… We know how much he means to everyone and how sad this is for all. B-boy was happy in life and must be happy today as his spirits were always high. He traded in his wheels for wings and is still the best little thing ever. Thank you for bringing him into our lives as we and soo many learned so much from the wee trooper.
Rest in peace B…
In time we want to still be a two dog family as Pedro loves the company and is missing his buddy B… Are any of your dogs posted on DMRS still in need of a loving home?
Again we are so sorry to have to be the bearer of bad news but we had to tell the person who truely did save him, you.
Love Sean & Serena


Check out how great B-Boy is doing!!  Ah, our happy little buddy is even happier now with his fabulous new parents, and a great new UBER Cart!!!

Angie (Angelina) R.I.P.


Angie went back into surgery today after a very rough last few days.  Canada West did an exploratory to discover that after her original shunt had been closed off, the portal vein was not large enough to sustain normal blood flow.  This caused multiple new shunts to develop, one that was almost as large as the original shunt.  Unfortunately in this situation, there is nothing we could have done to save Angie.

Today we say goodbye to our little trooper, we were glad to have had her in our lives for as little time as we did.   We enjoyed her strength and her cute little quirks.  Rest in Peace Sweet Angie.

We would like to thank all of those generous pet loving people who donated to try to give this little girl a chance to live out her life.  We would like to thank Jocelyn and Olivia for being the best foster parents Angie could have ever had.  I am sending you both lots of love right now.

We want to thank all the folks that were interested in adopting Angie.  We understand that you were all so desperate to adopt her, however we know that many unforseen circumstances can arise, which is why we waited patiently to see what the future would hold before making any promises.



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Jack – Update – In Memory

Jack didn’t get to stay with us for too long, but his foster family sure did fall in love with the little guy.  At least he got the best of everything before he passed.  He suffered bouts of seizures and instability, off and on for a few months.  Poor little dude.  

Super special thanks to Jack’s foster parents, who ended up adopting him.  We wish there were more people like you out there!  So many needy dogs would be so lucky.

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After 16 years together, I said good-bye to my faithful protector Bubba.  An Old English Bulldog crossed with a Yellow Lab.  He was wide like a Bulldog and tall like a Lab.  I saw an ad in the paper in 1992.  I went to this place.  To my disgust when I arrived, it was a typical back yard breeder.  Profiting from the suffering of innocent animals.

In their yard was 6 doghouses, chained to all 6 doghouses were momma dogs.  About 4 of these momma’s had puppies, and the others were expecting.  Feces, urine and mud surrounded these moms and pups.  I think this is when I really started my journey into animal rescue.

I have always loved and respected all animals.  When we lived in Thailand in the 1970’s, there were many homeless dogs.  As a child I fed them and always wished for my own.  We would see dead dogs floating in the clongs (rivers) and I would cry and have nightmares.  Maybe my path had already been chosen.

I took Bubba home from this BYB, I could not leave him.  I only wish I had enough money to take all of them all out of this nightmare they were living.  At 8 weeks old he was infested with fleas, and I had never seen a puppy so full of worms in my life – and to this day with all the rescue I do,  I still haven’t seen a  worse case of infestation yet.

I called the Vancouver Humane Society and reported these people.  They were investigated.  I understand some of the animals were confiscated.  But Bubba was now in my family.

He is the reason I became a certified dog trainer.  At 8 weeks old he would attack anything that moved, including myself.  He chewed through the walls of our home, and was very destructive. His training began immediately.  I hired a trainer and through her I found my other path in life.

Bubba was one of the most difficult, dominant, aggressive dogs I have ever met. I would walk him at 2 in the morning to avoid incident with people and other dogs.  His entire life was consistent and disciplined.  Or should I say for his entire life I had to be consistent and disciplined LOL.

We have spent a wonderful 16 years together, with no accidents or incidents.  He has lived with many other dogs – small dogs….that’s what he liked the most.  Little dogs were his friends, and so were cats.

He had a massive seizure on March the 1st.  He was paralyzed on his entire left side.  He could no longer move, or get up.  He was disoriented, and was now completely incontinent.  I had to make the decision that I held off making for about 4 years.

This is how long it has been since he slowly started deteriorating from a 130lb strong, big, muscle dog – to an 90 lb old man who needed constant help from his human companions.

Thank you to the vet that came to my home to send Bubba to doggie heaven.  And a giant thank-you to “Until We Meet Again” Pet Cremation Services of North Vancouver for being there for us at such short notice – and being so wonderful to deal with on this sad day.

Rest In Peace my Big Bad Bubba Boy. I love you, and will never forget you.


Bubba enjoying our yard 2000

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