Henry 3 Paws

Urgent Funds Needed by April 30, 2017 – $2340 CAD

Donations can be made through our website or via E-Transfer to dhanametta@yahoo.ca


Please make sure there is a Memo attached to your donation stating it is for Henry.

Henry Estimate for Prosthetic

Henry 3 Paws is a young pup found as a stray on the streets of San Bernardino in September of 2016.  He ended up at the SBC Shelter where his photo was sent to me in a private message, asking if we could help him. Of course, he is just the type we like to help!

Henry is missing a foot.  On his right leg.   He gets on without this foot just fine, but having to compensate on his one good leg, is and will continue to cause more serious issues with his shoulders and spine.  We are already witnessing a change in his shorter leg, which is starting to twist outwards – because he is putting it down for support. Henry has a very similar to one of our other dogs Nubz, who is also missing most of the same leg.  They became instant Besties, but unfortunately Nubz was not a candidate for a prosthesis.

Henry and Nubz with Santa

Henry was pulled from the SBC shelter on Sept 14, 2016 and placed into temporary foster care until his transport.  He arrived into Dhana Metta’s BC Headquarters on October 14, 2016. Yes we waited an unusually long time to post for donations to help him.  The reason for that is something which should simply never happen in rescue. Seeing the worst of the worst in human behavior and selfishness, come before the best interests of the animals being rescued.  Ego and drama is not needed when the real focus is about getting each and every animal we rescue, what they need asap.

I am truly disappointed that we had to wait this long to get Henry what he needs but now that this is behind us, we must move forward for Henry’s sake.

This is Henry’s shelter video.

Henry has already moved on, he has made new best friends – friends that are just like him!  Different but even more special!  We call Nubz and Henry “The Hoppity Twins”.   Henry just loves his friends, and is having a great time in Canada.

We decided to go ahead and get Henry’s specialist exam and xrays done upon arrival in October 2016.  We also decided to have casting made in February 2017, despite not having raised any funds specifically for Henry.   Orthopets will only hold the current casting for a total of 90 days, because his leg will continue to change the more he tries to use it.

We would hate to have to put him through getting another casting, and pay for another casting appointment.

That being said, we only have roughly 8 more weeks to raise the full amount of $2340 CAD or $1740 USD for Henry’s prosthetic leg and his house slipper, not including the physiotherapy that he will have to attend after he receives his bionic leg.

Henry Xrays 10/15/16henry first visit invoicehenry invoice casting


We hope that with this plea we put out today for Henry reaches many people and touches their hearts.   Henry is such a special little man – who holds no grudges against anyone and he wishes he will be up and running in his bionic leg by Spring!

  We would love to see Henry run, hike, and play with his friends without possible injury.  Henry just LOVES to run and play with his buddies.  But sometimes, he screams out in pain, so we know that this missing foot does cause him discomfort.  Whether it be from the shoulder, or from the actual stump – we aren’t quite sure. But we would like to nip that in the bud right away.  He shouldn’t have to wait any longer to live pain free.

henry and friends

The end product will look like the ones in these photos.
henry's prosthetc leg sample

We would like to thank everyone in advance for SHARING Henry’s story and for DONATING ANY AMOUNT towards his bionic leg!



Quinn and Samantha – A healing love story.

The veterinary care for Quinn and Samantha are up passed the 1k mark.  Please help us cover some of their expenses by donating towards their past and ongoing care. Donations can be sent directly to the Fraser Heights Vet Clinic by calling 604 588 4161 and asking for Maria or Fanny, or by
e-transfer to dhanametta@yahoo.ca, or through our website at
In September of 2016, I was asked if I could help a little chihuahua named Quinn.  She had been surrendered to a high kill shelter with her sister.  Unfortunately, her sister was adopted, and she was left behind with nobody.  Another rescue had stepped up and taken her out of the shelter, but realized within a few weeks, that Quinn was giving up on life, and refused to eat.  She had gone from a 6.5 lb dog to a 2.8 lb dog from the time of her intake, to the time she arrived at Dhana Metta Rescue Society.

Quinn upon arrival

A friend of mine, transported sweet skinny Quinn up to me personally, and when he handed her to me I was so shocked.  I wasn’t expecting her to be this thin!  She was unresponsive, unhappy, and had no will to live.  I got her home and set her up in a nice warm area, with a pod bed from Costco, those are always nice for little dogs that need warmth and safe shelter.  She curled up and went to sleep, while I prepared some food for her.

Quinn upon arrival

Quinn was challenging, because she would eat a little, then she would stop, she would eat something different sometimes enthusiastically, then turn her nose up at it the next time.  Even chicken, wieners, ground beef…. the things dog usually love to eat.  Well, I wasn’t going to let this little girl die on me.  I took her to the vet the next day and put her on Sub Q Fluids, as she was also super dehydrated.  I started her on an appetite stimulant as well.  We did blood work to make sure there wasn’t any underlying conditions causing her not to eat.  And we did xrays to make sure she didn’t have a blockage.

Quinn at vet

All tests came back normal for her.  So what was going on with this sweet dog??  I did some research and that’s when I discovered that she had a sister, and she was separated from her sister.  So my brain goes into this thinking mode.  Maybe I can somehow find her sister and reunite them?  Then maybe she will be happy and eat?

I tried to locate the sister, put some pleas out there, with zero luck.
So… instead, I looked at our little Samantha, another little chihuahua who had lived a rough life on the streets of California.  I put Quinn and Samantha together, and magic happened!!!

Quinn needs Sammy

Right away Quinn went behind Sammy and hid, almost wanting Sammy to be her protector.  She started eating every meal, sharing with Sammy.  Then over a very short period of time, there were stuck together like glue!  It was so amazing to see how important it was to keep bonded pairs together, and what could happen if they were separated.  Quinn wanted to die…. dogs feel sadness and loneliness like we do. We shouldn’t underestimate our furry friends. Quinn was healed by the love of another dog.

Quinn and Sammy

Sammy is a little chihuahua that could barely walk when we rescued her – her hind legs are so twisty with luxating patellas, but she still uses them to walk now that she is stronger.  She can’t run super fast, and she can’t jump up and down.  She sure does love her friend Quinn, sleeping, cuddling, eating!

Sammy Summer 2016

Quinn and Samantha are both so darling, and special.  They are looking for someone who is just as special as they are – a forever home without children, to stay together forever, cats are OK… limited stairs or no stairs would be great.  They like to sleep with each other, and not in human beds.  They both use pee pads and hate the cold!  But they do like to go out in good weather – for short walks, or ride around in the stroller together.

Quinn and Sammy Now

Both ladies have been spayed, chipped, vaccinated, had full dentals with extractions, had blood panels done, been dewormed.

They must stay together, their adoption fee together will be $395.  You must go to our website to submit the online adoption application at http://www.dhanamettarescuesociety.org.  A home visit is also required.

Tick Tock

Time.  Sometimes time heals all wounds.  Sometimes time doesn’t.

But what is real, is that time passes us far too fast.  In a blink of an eye – that time is gone.

Can you get it back?  Never.  Can you change the past?  Not a chance.

Do all the “what ifs?”, or the regrets, or the guilt, make you feel better?

No.  It only makes you feel worse.

What’s the remedy?

Do right, right now.

Easton came into my life in the first week of May 2016.  He was so tiny, so darling.  He was so needy, so loving.  He was visibly ataxic.  He was off balance, but I didn’t worry too much, because he was after all, a senior dog, and wobbly was normal for senior dogs.


He loved to play with his friends.  He loved to sit in the sun.  He loved to roll in the grass. He LOVED Blueberries!!  He loved to cuddle!  He followed me everywhere.


As time went by, his ataxia became worse.  He would topple over from time to time. Sometimes, he couldn’t figure out how to flip himself back upright.  Like a turtle on it’s back.  He required some help.

I had him looked at by the vet, but the conclusion was, that he must have suffered from an old injury, causing some mild neurological issues.  But as days past, I noticed his front left leg was not working for him very well.  And from there, his ataxia rapidly progressed.

To being this young again, a playful old man, to a dog that could no longer walk. He went to the specialists as fast as I could get him there. We did so many tests.  CT Scan, MRI, X-rays, Ultrasound, Myelogram.

Usually, surgery can be done, and I can save them and nurse them back to health.  But Easton’s prognosis was so poor.  His condition was degenerative, and would only progress.  Which indeed, it did.

I tried everything.  Acupuncture, Chiropractor, massage, laser light therapy, warm water baths.

For weeks, I held on to this hope.  The hope that I hold for every single dog that comes in damaged.  The hope that I can fix them, heal them, love them, save them.  For weeks I held back the tears, allowing my mind to pretend that the inevitable outcome, could be diverted.
Easton sweet boy

Tick Tock.  The weeks went by.

I held on.  I held on to him so tight.  I never wanted to let him go.  My hugs were long.  I carried him everywhere.  He slept in my bed.  Don’t go.  Don’t leave.  Stay with me.  Get up and walk.  Please don’t make me choose for you.


Just like that feeling – when a relationship comes to an end.  When you thought that someone you loved so deeply, loved you too.  But they decided to move on… they decided you weren’t the one.  When they told you – do you remember that pain in your heart and stomach?  Can you feel that “all off a sudden foggy brain”?  Can you remember thinking “is this really happening? This can’t be real”.

Then, reality hits, and hits you so hard like someone just punched you in the stomach. You feel dizzy, nauseous, sick.  That sinking feeling, the hurt and pain is real for sure.  Maybe if you could just sleep forever, the pain would go away.

Today, I had to do what was right, but felt so horribly wrong.

But I could see the change in his eyes, they went from Bright and Happy, to Sad, Tired, and Confused.


I sat in the vet clinic.

All I could hear was The Tick Tock of the Clock, counting down the seconds of time that we would share together.

I had to say goodbye to Easton.  I had to set him free.  He was stuck in a body that no longer worked for him.  He was quadriplegic. He could only move his head. He was so frustrated, and the cries he made, told me so clearly how frustrated he was.  He tried to play with his friends, but could not get his legs to move. He cried.  Barked. Begged his body to move, as did I.  I had to release him from the body that could no longer run and play.

Run free, my darling little Easton. Run fast, play as hard as you want to.  I am so sorry that I could not save you, so we could share more time together.

I only have this….. our time together was full of love, I will try to put aside the what ifs.

Beautiful Easton June 1/16


Exactly a year ago today, I lost Prince, unexpectedly, suddenly, and horribly.  You can read the last blog entry I made to see the details.

Another beautiful little soul, another Miniature Pinscher, named Easton came into my life in early May.  He is sweet, beautiful, with soulful eyes, loving, and adorable – just like Prince was.  Disposable to his real owners. As so many beautiful souls seem to be.  Disposable.

Beautiful Easton June 1/16

On June 10, he became paralyzed in 3 of his legs.  He was down.  He could not get up.  It has been an ongoing battle trying to figure out what was wrong with him.  So many tests were done…. lots of vet expenses.

We knew from the CT scan that we had done 2 weeks earlier, that he had multiple disks herniated in his neck.  But that didn’t answer the questions as to why all 3 legs were no longer working.  It didn’t answer the question as to why he was walking after the CT scan, and 3 days later went down again.

Then we did X-rays, and an ultrasound to rule out cancer.  And we have done 2 blood panels.  He is a super healthy boy in all other ways…. super healthy.

Easton June 17/16

Today we did a Myelogram, and discovered that not only did he have multiple disks herniated in his neck, but one in the thoracic region just below the neck line, which was the offending disk, causing his front end paralysis.  To reach this disk, we would have to open up his chest and go in from there to try to repair the disk.  This surgery is far too risky, and we had to opt against it.

As they went further down his spine, they discovered another disk in his lumbar region that was causing his hind end paralysis.  This could be operated on, but the prognosis is unclear.  We wouldn’t know if after the surgery, he would be able to regain use of his hind legs.  We don’t know if we put him through all of this, if he would be able to walk. If it works we have a dog with 3 working legs. If it doesn’t work, we put him through all that for nothing.   All the unknowns are causing me huge grief right now.

I simply do not know which path to take here.  Why do I have such hard cases – hard decisions… playing god so to speak.  I don’t like doing this.  I try so hard to give all I can to ensure each dog has a better life, no matter how long, or short that life is.  But over the past year – the sheer amount of losses I have had to endure, is truly breaking me.

Why do people leave their animals to suffer, and then to end up in a shelter to die?

Why can you not stick by your animal through thick and thin, til the last days of it’s life?

Why do you expect others to suffer the pain of letting that animal cross over rainbow bridge?

Even if you cannot afford it, at least be there for your dog when it is time to go humanely.

Stop passing the buck.

There, I said it.

I am angry.

For now, I will try my best to do what is right for Easton, even though at this moment, I really do not know what the right thing is to do.  I have booked an acupuncture appointment tomorrow, with the hopes that it may relieve some pressure on the disks and open up some pathways.  Maybe, just maybe… he will be able to move his legs and a miracle will happen.  Maybe Love will heal all his wounds.

I am so torn. My heart is breaking again with the thought of having to let him go.  Another dog I shared my life with for such a short time.  Another dog I share my heart with and give my love to – for only just a moment.

I love you Easton, and I will do my best for you. Stay strong little man. I have not abandoned you.

I will Love you til the very end, and be there every step of the way.

 Easton June 22/16

I’ve come to the Fork in the Road

When I was a little girl, and through my teens – I always wondered who my Prince Charming would be.  When we were growing up, we’d watch all these cartoons and read stories of “Prince Charming”.  Later on, when I started dating, every relationship was longer term, but just not right.  I got into a very abusive relationship, landing me in the hospital, and having to testify in court.   I learned from that experience, and promised myself I would never let myself down like that again.

The last relationship I was in wasn’t physically abusive, but mentally just the same.  I did it again. I sold myself short.  I finally got the courage to end it, I wasn’t happy anymore.  I had my dogs at the time….. and he just didn’t see eye to eye in that department.  And there were too many games.  That was about 8 years ago.  Around the time I started rescuing dogs more and more.

And so became the Dhana Metta Rescue Society.


Since then, Dhana Metta Rescue Society has grown. Into a reputable rescue, with many animals that have come through our doors.  And some that will live out their lives here.

I had chosen this path – to help as much as I could, the old, the sick, the disabled, the behaviorally challenged.  And of course the ones that just needed a place to land until a new forever home could be found.  However, my original plan was to educate.  To open an education centre – so that people could learn how to overcome the issues that led them to want to give up their pets.   To educate people about spaying and neutering and the consequences of breeding and over breeding.  To have seminars on pet health, training and more.

Along the way, I lost sight of the original plan, because I became all too consumed with just saving the animals – getting them out of a bad situation, getting them the desperate medical care they needed so they no longer had to suffer.  Getting the adoptable dogs into forever homes.  Doing home visits, reviewing applications, taking the animals to the vet (almost every day I was at the vet). Doing transports, organizing, paperwork and so much more that is involved.

Then at the age of 45, I finally met my Prince Charming.

On May 28, 2015, an 8 year old Miniature Pinscher came into my care.  His name was Prince. He was handsome but rough. He was red and tan, with big brown eyes, with a fragile stature.  When I saw him in his crate, I instantly felt sorry for him and had to get him out of there.   I took him out and his belly was so distended I knew he must have had Cushing’s disease.  I took him for a little walk, and he was unbalanced, trying to keep himself up.  He drank water like it was going out of style.

I took him to the vet and had his geriatric blood panel done.  We confirmed his Cushing’s disease, and started him on the appropriate medication.  He had his recheck done 2 weeks later, and the dosage was good.  He was feeling better, he was happy, he was eating and not drinking excessive amounts of water.  He was on the road to recovery!  I was so happy.

I planned on sending him to a foster home, now that we had him on a good care regiment.  Then one day, I looked at him and thought, No….. he should stay here with me, and Satchiko.  I loved him.  That face.  Those eyes.  That smile.  He was always so grateful and he made sure you knew it.

Not too long after I made the decision to keep him with me at headquarters, we woke up as we always do, and went outside for bathroom time.  Something was wrong.  He couldn’t breath… he was choking.  I thought he had an obstruction in his throat, I tried to clear his airways.  But his tongue was turning blue, and his gums were going white.  He passed out on me and I thought he had died.  I got him up, breathing, and we rushed to the vet.

I spent most of the morning at the vet.  They got a tube into Prince.  So he could get air.  And then they told me he had a large tumour in his throat and it was restricting his airway.  He could no longer breath on his own.  I had 2 choices.  1) to do a tracheostomy – a hole in his throat with a tube so he could breath – and he would live with that tube for the rest of his life,        or   2) to let him go to heaven and end his suffering.

I couldn’t make a decision right there, you see, this is something I was not expecting.  My plan was to give Prince the best life I could give him… to give him a soft bed to sleep on, love, cuddles, friends, walks – and a good life, for a number of years to come.  I had to go home…. to clear my head. To talk to friends.  This was so tormenting for me. This was so sudden.  What happened?  He was fine!  He was happy! He was seemingly healthy!  How could he just take this sudden turn for the worst?

I was not prepared for this.  I was not expecting my day to go like this. I was not ready to make such a big decision.  I wanted with all my heart to save him – to love him – to spend more time with him.  .

Seeing him struggling to breath was killing me.  I had to let him go. I wanted him to feel my love, hear my voice and be at peace knowing he was so loved by me while he crossed over the bridge.  Unconditionally loved by me.

It was only 28 days that I got to share my life with my Prince before I had to say goodbye.  Letting him go has broken my heart into a million pieces.  And since then, June 24, 2015 – I haven’t been the same.  I feel empty, foggy, lost.  I feel the path I have chosen, wasn’t the right path, but it was the right path for that period of time in my life.

But Now, I have hit the fork in the road, and I have to choose which way to go.

My Prince Charming had finally arrived, but he left far too soon. What was His purpose?  To change my life.  To open my eyes.  To make my heart feel something I never wanted to feel again, and in fact to Make me feel again.  To make me feel so empty, that I now realize I need to do something different to fill that empty space.

I have come to the realization that if I continue on the path that I was on, I will never accomplish the original goal I had set out to reach.  My life consists of caring for many many lives.  Everyday, every night, 24/7.  No breaks, no holidays, and 85% of the time,  I do this all alone.  Volunteers come and go, they never stay.  Most come a few times, and then they are gone.  We don’t have the funds to have staff, so I do what needs to be done, daily.  Lives need to be taken care of, there is no time to wait for others to come and do the work.  I am exhausted.

  Although I love each and every life that I have cared for and currently care for…. it does consume all of my time.  As you can see, I don’t even have any time to update my blog….  and

So much so, that I didn’t even get to say goodbye to a dear friend of mine – Gail Fox – before she passed away of cancer on May 29, 2015.  That day I sat on my stairs and cried.  I couldn’t get up, I couldn’t move, I couldn’t do all the things I had to do.  I grieved for half an hour, and forced myself to get up – because I had to get up, I had to keep going, I had no choice.  The animals were waiting.  I never gave myself a chance to feel the great pain of her loss.  Throughout the day, I would break out into tears, and then shake it off, cause someone needed to be fed, or bathroomed, or cuddled.  There were no volunteers here that day, and I had to keep on going no matter how terrible I felt.

Today while I type this, I still feel completely empty inside, my eyes are always foggy.  I have no motivation. I feel dead inside. I need to make a hard decision, that many of my supporters and people that I work with will find disappointing. I’m sorry to disappoint you my friends, truly I am.  But I can no longer continue to disappoint myself.  It’s time for Rescue Mommy to take a break.  We will be closed for intakes, after the last 3 dogs that have been on the waiting list for some time, actually arrive.

Our last 3 intakes will be 2 paralyzed dogs (Half Pipe and Yoji) , and one medium senior lumpy bumpy dude (Mr. T). I promised to help them, and I will keep my promise to them.  I hope you help us keep that promise by helping us fund their transport and ongoing medical requirements until forever homes are found.

Please see our next blog entry for their information and how you can help us help them.


Dhana Metta is a Sanctuary for special needs dogs, and my promise to each and every one of them stands.  I will care for them for the rest of their lives.  I hope that all the Dhana Metta supporters continue to donate towards the care of the animals, and help us with our current outstanding vet and supply expenses.  Our Vet Expenses Alone, for the last 6 months tallied up to just under $19,000.

I want to ensure all of you that my choice to stop intakes, is because I need to focus on a greater goal.  Something bigger and better.  If I am always the only one to care for all the animals at headquarters – I will have zero time to focus on the bigger picture.

I will be back – as a better person, a happier person, a person with a purpose!  Please stay tuned, I am sure you will all be very happy with the outcome, as I hope to be.

Prince Updated

To continue to support the Dhana Metta Rescue Society, please donate today by clicking on the link below:


Thank you!!

3 more deserving dogs

I was quite shocked that both Rescue Paws with Half Pipe, and LIFE Rescue who are working with Yoji, reached out to me. I didn’t realize my reputation for helping special needs dogs had reached areas like Thailand and the UK.  I have been asked to help both of these paralyzed dogs.  I really hope that our supporters find them deserving enough to help us help them.

Half Pipe, Yoji and Mr. T – are the last 3 dogs on Dhana Metta Rescue Society’s waiting list.  We hope that we will be able to find all 3 of these very deserving dogs foster homes before they arrive.  We would like to have that in place for them when they get here – so they can start enjoying their lives.

Donations of any amount are ALWAYS GREATLY APPRECIATED!  And you can donate by clicking on this link below:



We are currently fundraising for Half Pipe – so he can find his way safely from Thailand to Dhana Metta Rescue Society. Dogs like Half Pipe will never find a home in Thailand.  We hope that someone here in Beautiful BC will step up to foster him until he finds his forever home. He is a smaller dog, around 20 lbs, Dhana Metta will provide all the support you need and will help you understand everything that a paralyzed dog requires. Really they aren’t anymore work that a dog that has use of all 4 legs!!

Half Pipe

You can donate towards Half Pipe by clicking on the link below!



Another very deserving paralyzed dog name YOJI,  needs our help. He was originally from Thailand, and was adopted to a family in the UK. After a couple of weeks, the family in the UK decided that Yoji was just too much for them. He is in desperate need of rescue, so he does not get sent back to Thailand.

I hope that someone here in BC will also step up for Yoji  – to provide a safe foster home until his forever home can be found. He is young, one year old, and a medium sized dog around 35 lbs. He was only a baby when he was found on the streets of Thailand, paralyzed and with sores all over his body from dragging himself around.

It makes me so sad to know that there are dogs just like Yoji all over the world suffering – those who will never end up in safety, those who will never feel the love and care of a human being.  His story is sad, as is so many other animals that suffer at the hands of awful human beings. We hope that one special person will open their heart and home to Yoji!

Yoji where he was found



Yoji with wheels

You can donate to help fund Yoji’s future care and transport by clicking on the link below.



Mr. T was a last minute save from a high kill shelter in California.  A friend of mine wanted so much for this little old man to be safe so he could live out his life with love!  No rescues would take him because he has many fatty tumors, and maybe some not so fatty tumors.  Everyone was calling him Tumor Boy – I had to tell everyone that this name had to change LOL!!

Because I adore my friend Pat, I obliged her request to help Mr. T… and she obliged my request to change his name.  And here we are.  Mr. T  is currently in foster care in California.  He has been there for almost 6 weeks now. We are looking for a foster home here in BC that will step up for him so he can come and go straight into a home environment while he waits to see the vet locally.

He is a senior dog, around 10 years old.  He will need to go in for some mass removal surgeries and of course a dental.  His dental alone will cost up to $500 with a geriatric panel, and the mass/lump removals will be on top of that.  So we are hoping to raise at least $1000 for Mr. T’s veterinary care before he arrives.  Then we can get him straight into the vet and he can start to relax.  Please consider opening your heart and home to Mr. T as a foster or forever home.  And if you can’t foster – please donate, any amount helps!

Mr. T



Thank you Everyone for your ongoing support.  I am so very proud to have supporters and followers like you.  You have made Dhana Metta Rescue Society and important part of animal’s lives, we could have never come this far without you.  I hope that you all continue to donate towards the animals that will remain in our care, whether temporary or indefinitely.  While Rescue Mommy of Dhana Metta takes a little break (after the above 3 dogs arrive and get all the care they need)… please keep following us!

Come See us on October 5th At New West Bosley’s!



Come meet Finnegan, Earstein, and Saatchi on Sunday October 5th at the New Westminster Bosely’s.

You can donate while you are there, and get your FREE GIFTS!!!

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Come on down and meet 3 of our most special “special needs” dogs!

Bosley Oct 5

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Those who donate a minimum of $50 will receive a DHANA METTA RESCUE SOCIETY T-SHIRT as a free gift to show our gratitude!!!

Finnegan at CanWest

Finnegan is a 5 year old Dachshund who suffered paralysis due to a condition called IVDD. He was surrendered by his owner to a vet clinic 4 weeks ago, when they were not able to provide for him as a paralyzed dog, and were not able to consider such a pricey surgery.

Finnegan went to the Neurologist at Canada West Vet Specialists today, and the specialist say that because Finn still has feeling in his hind legs, that he is a surgical candidate with an 85% – 95% success rate to walk again.

finnegan estimate

BUT WE ONLY HAVE 2 WEEKS left before this window of opportunity disappears FOREVER. After 6 weeks of being in this condition, Finnegan will no longer be able to have the surgery to fix his back, 4 weeks has passed already.

Finnegan does not have much time left.

We need to raise a total of $5500 in 2 weeks. If we aren’t able to reach this goal, Finnegan will never be able to run and play with his doggie friends again… which would make him so sad.

Please help us reach this goal, by donating ANY amount today!


T-shirts are Available is White or Black. Small, Medium, Large or X Large. Keep in mind that these shirts fit a little small, so if you are a Medium, go for a Large. When making your donation, please ensure that your mailing address is correct.

T-shirts in Black or White


April’s Journey

April arrived to Dhana Metta Headquarters in January 31, 2012. She had been abused and neglected for a very long time. This photo is of her the day she arrived. Open sores littered her body, and she was completely shut down.  She wouldn’t stand up straight, and was terrified of people.
April arrives

She went to the vet after a couple of days and was diagnosed with Demodex Mange.  It had been left untreated for a very long time.  April was only 2 years old when she came to us.  On February 7th 2012 we took her in to get shaved down, so we could see the extend of the damage the demodex had caused to her skin.
April gets shaved

She did so well at the groomers, and never once showed any ounce of aggression, despite being treated so badly by her human.  After her shave I think she felt better, she seemed to stand up taller, and started looking around with curiosity.
Shaved April

February 22, 2012   Her sores were already starting to heal with the medication she had been taking…. and I believe that being allowed to be indoors with us also helped her heal faster.  We had to take baby steps with April.  So we generally never forced her to do anything.  We just let her be.  April did not like the leash and collar, I think she only associated those with punishment. She wore a pretty pink harness instead – so we could begin positive leash training.

April Feeling pretty

 June 13, 2012.   6 months of being with Dhana Metta.  April’s sores were gone, and her fur started to grow back… she looked so beautiful.  The first couple of months were so new to April, this was scary, but exciting.  She had new friends, both dog and human.  She learned to walk on leash, and started enjoying our daily outings…. unless we ran into other people.
April Leash walking

 January 17th 2013.  Almost one year after April’s arrival.  She had learned to be off leash, and sticks with the pack.  She would come when called, and had just flourished into a confident young lady.  Her fur had grown in and she gained a little weight.  We were so proud of how far she had come.
April Jan 2013


September 3rd, 2013.   April had adapted to life at Dhana Metta.  She had lots of doggie friends, and I have to say, she got along with all of them.  She proved to be non aggressive to her human counterparts, and her dog and cat friends. She made amazing progress, and her time to move on to a forever home was coming.
April May 2013

November 22, 2013.  April  exudes confidence…. but she had never left Dhana Metta Headquarters.  Placing her into a perfect home was the goal, but ensuring that stress was kept as low as possible during her next journey – her next step – her next home, was the most important.
Arpril Nov 2013

That time finally came…. that perfect home finally came!  February 4, 2014.  2 years after her arrival.  2 years of rehab…. (with still some more to come with her new forever family).

Having shared my life with April for 2 years was an amazing, rewarding experience. Watching this broken dog stand up and be happy again was worth all the time, money and effort.
April Feb 2014

Dhana Metta Rescue Society strives to help the broken souls heal from the damage caused by their human counterparts.  We take pride in providing a save place for each and every dog (or cat) to stay while they are in their transition period.  And some dogs stay here forever…. their sanctuary.

We rely solely on donations and this is where it all starts. Please click the donate button and ask your friends to share our rescue stories.

100% of all donations goes towards the animal of Dhana Metta Rescue Society.

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Wine Tasting Fundraiser at Westham Estate Winery

We would like to invite all of our supporters to come join us for a night of Wine Tasting, Appetizers, prizes, good company, and a good time.


 On July 4th, 2014 the Westham Estate Winery is hosting a Wine Tasting Fundraiser for Dhana Metta Rescue Society.  It starts at 630pm til 9pm.

Tickets are $10 each, and automatically enters you into the door prize draw.  Space is limited so please get your tickets now.  Tickets can be purchased by going to our website here:   http://www.dhanamettarescuesociety.org/to-donate/  please ensure you put Wine Night Event in the MEMO.


Westham Estate Winery 2170 Westham Island Road, Delta BC


There will be tons of prizes to be won – through silent auction, door prizes.  Tons of amazing prizes have been donated.  Please go to our Facebook Event Page to see what you could win!!  We hope to see you there!

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