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Shelter Challenge

Thank you to all of our dedicated supporters who made it possible for us to receive a $1000 grant.  Your votes everyday kept us up there, and the animals so deserve it!! THANK YOU SO MUCH….if you were all standing infront of me right now, the hugs and kisses would show my appreciation.

I still and always will believe that rescue should be a communal effort.  It is really sad that there are still a few rescue related people out there who feel that it is “a shame” that we received this grant.  I am still interested in knowing why you feel this way…being that you have never met any of us and have never seen the vet bills we incur. You hear wonderful things about the dogs we have adopted out, and the work we do from other rescue folk,  but you still feel you must be against us.  Is rescue a competition?  Let’s not hide behind a forum – there is a comment section right here. What is it really that irks you all so much?

We work hard, and are 110% dedicated to the animals that come and go through our rescue. Some stay with us for months, or years before they are able to be adopted.  They need training, medical attention, love, food and then some.  And that is what we provide.  How can you feel that this is so horrible?  Our invitation has and will always stand, if you have the courage to come and meet us, sit with us for coffee and get to know us then give us a shout, we are still waiting.

We stand by the work we do, and are proud…and always will be, despite the “nasties” who are always lurking out in the shadows waiting to pounce.

No matter,  each of you have made us who we are today, and for that we thank you.

Here’s the link to the forum where those few rescue related people post their feelings about the grant disbursement: http://brindleweb.com/rescuebb/viewtopic.php?t=21614

None of those people have ever met us….WOW!!



Baxter – adopted

Baxter is a young Pomeranian x Keeshond.  He was raised by a very loving family and unfortunately Baxter’s daddy was diagnosed with cancer, and had to make the extremely difficult decision to surrender Baxter.  They felt that Baxter deserves more affection & time than they could provide.  Then he got to stay with another young couple, but things just didn’t work out. 

Baxter is a wonderful little dude, willing to please, and very lovable.  He is learning that he cannot mark inside, now that he is neutered, he is learning quickly.  He is neutered, vaccinated, dewormed, flea treated and tattooed.  His adoption fee is $350.  If you feel you can give Baxter what he needs and deserves, please email us for an adoption application at dhanametta@yahoo.ca

A home visit is required.

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