Muffin Head – Adopted

It was extremely difficult to get a good photo of Muffin, but we will try in a couple of days to post better ones once she has settled in a bit with her foster family. She is about 11 months old, a Maltese x Poodle, weighing in at 10 lbs, but could stand to gain many more.

Muffin was picked up as a stray up in Northern British Columbia by one of our rescue partners and transported to Vancouver for rehoming. She was so horribly matted that she needed to be sedated to be completely shaved down.


A total love muffin (hence her name), who would enjoy sitting on your lap all day, kissing you and cuddling….. She will be spayed, tattooed, vaccinated and dewormed prior to adoption.

Her adoption fee is $350.

Please email us at for an adoption application, a homevisit is also required.


Charlie – Adopted with Cashew!


Charlie’s manners are getting better every day, even though he is a rambunctious terrier, he comes when he is called, sits when he is told, and actually listens quite well.

He has never had an accident in the house, which is awesome!  Even though there are other male dogs around, he does not mark to be dominant. In fact, he has been very submissive with the rest of the pack.

He doesn’t know when to stop playing for the life of him, you gotta tell him to take a break!  And because he loves to play, we would love a home for him that has a nice yard that is fully fenced.  We think that he would love another dog who is just as high energy as he is to play with, but would be content on his own as long as he got tons of exercise supplied by his human companions.

Charlie is basically full grown at 9 months old, and he weighs in at 19lbs.

If you are interested in adopting Charlie, please request an adoption application from us by emailing us at

Charlie3 Read the rest of this entry »

RUSSELL Finally Found his Forever Family!! YAY!


I love it when working together brings happy endings.  Without the help of other rescuers, Russell may have never have found such a wonderful family to spend the rest of his life with.  I must thank Jackie, from Second Chances Rescue for passing on an Eskie application to us for Russell.

Russell deserves so much.  He is such a good dog…we all had tears of joy to hear the great news today.  Thank you Marg and Wes for loving Russell and giving him his forever home. Read the rest of this entry »

Hershey (Adopted) and Cashew(Adopted with Charlie!!)

These pups were given up by their owners (a BYB), they were kept in a shed and fed table scraps. We have held on to them for a month now to ensure their health and safety. They are ready to venture out into the big world with their new humans. They are great with other dogs, a little scared of the big ones though, they love cats. Homes with older children may be OK.

Hershey is already about 11 lbs, while his brother Cashew is only 6.5 lbs. They are supposed to be chihuahua crossed with ??? Maybe a terrier…maybe not even – who knows, but they are awesome.



They were terrified of people when they arrived. Both boys are starting to really crave human affection, and have started to trust us completely. They even come for some good old loving, and they don’t run away anymore when we go to pick them up. Ah, what patience and love can do.


They are 14 weeks old, up to date on their vaccinations, dewormed, flea medicated…and will be neutered and tattooed. If you would like to open your heart and home to one of these great little souls, please email us for an adoption application at



Please remember that a completed application and home visit is mandatory. The adoption fee for each of these wonderful boys will be $450.

$75 from each adoption fee will be donated to Quasi’s upcoming surgery. Thanks for Helping Quasi!!

Ginger – Has her forever home!!

Ginger has really come out of her shell after spending quality time with her foster family. She is no longer afraid, and is adapting very well to being left alone. She walks great on a leash now, and is telling us that she is ready for her new forever family.



Ginger is a 3 year old little pekingese x shihtzu. She was used as a breeding dog then discarded when she wasn’t producing enough pups anymore, poor little girl.

She was having some separation anxiety once she was away from the herd, but is doing so much better now that she is getting the things she needs from her foster family. She is learning what human affection is, as she probably hasn’t ever had any until she arrived. She is fine with cats, and would probably love a home with other dogs, as that is what she is used to.

She was spayed on Monday, and to our surprise, she was pregnant again. She had come to us on Saturday, and we had no idea, she wasn’t showing at all. She has now been spayed, sadly losing her pups, but she doesn’t need to go through that anymore.

Are you the one who will provide Ginger with the love she so badly needs, the warm home and bed, food and toys? If you would like an adoption application for this sweet peki, please email us at:


Ginger has been spayed, tattooed, dewormed and flea treated. She will have her final vaccinations as well. An Adoption Application & Home Visit is required. Adoption fee $350.


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