Darling little Chappy. Help him feel better by Xmas?

UPDATE  FEB 4, 2014

It has been a couple of months since Chappy arrived.  He has a wonderful foster momma that treats him like a king.   But he is still sad because he has only $190 in the pot for his vet expenses, and we owe about $850.  He didn’t get his Christmas wish of having his medical bills covered, but his wish of being able to sleep in bed with his human did come true!!  He loves his foster mom so much.  He is happy, he is eating well on low protein food, his coat is starting to come back in nicely, he doesn’t fall over as much when he walks, and his spinning is almost nil.  

He will be going back to the vet for a recheck soon, so we can check his liver values to see where he is at.   Once we know he is healthy, he will be looking for a forever home.  He is the sweetest 8 year old little chihuahua ever… some attitude to go along with the sweetness.

If you can chip in to Chappy’s medical bills, he would be so appreciative and so would all of us at DMRS!!

It is Christmas day, and all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse!  But what is that I hear in the distance?  It’s CHAPPY!!

Chappy wants to wish everyone a happy holiday.  He didn’t get as much as he had hoped when he looked under the tree and in his stocking this morning.

He hopes that the rest of the gifts arrive late, and that his medical bills will be all taken care of.   There is only $140 in Chappy’s stocking so far, and his medical bills have reached just over $850.00 and he still needs to go back in a month for a recheck on liver values.

Please consider donating just $5.00 into Chappy’s stocking.  We guarantee that it will make him so very happy!


Chappy is a sweet, tiny senior chihuahua.  He was a healthy, normal beautiful little man – who went in for a cryptorchid neuter, and came out a completely different dog.  He now is unbalanced, he falls over when excited, circles, and does lots of strange movements with his jaw/mouth.  His fur is now thin, and his vision seems compromised as well.


We would like to be able to give this darling dog a chance to feel better, we want to be able to get all the tests he needs to eliminate the maybes and find the root of his troubles. It would be so wonderful to see his fur grow back in, his imbalance become more balanced, and him to be happy and healthy again so someone will fall in love and give him a forever home.

I already love him – he is such a beautiful soul.  Troubled, but beautiful.  Please help us get Chappy all the medical care he needs for Christmas.

Our current expenses for Chappy is just over $850.  There are likely going to me more tests, maybe a trip to the Internal Medicine Specialists, and likely some medications.  Please consider donating any amount to Chappy’s fund.  Donations can be made directly to the Fraser Heights Animal Hospital by calling FANNY or MARIA at 604 588 4161.  The other employees there will not be able to process your donation, so please be sure to ask for either Fanny or Maria.  You can also donate via paypal by clicking on the donate button below.

Thank you so much for thinking about Chappy, if you met him, you would fall in love and understand our need to help him.


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