Romy the Himalayan – Adopted

Romy is about 1.5 years old.  A purebred Himalayan.  He also was surrendered about 9 months ago. Romy, unlike Mimi, reverted in his foster home, and became more fearful, and less friendly.  At his foster home he hid all the time, and was very hard to find.

After his return to us, he has already started coming out of his shell.  He has nowhere to hide at the moment, so he allows us to go right up to him and pet him, pick him up and share some affection.  He no longer runs from us.


He is a beautiful boy, and would love a quiet home with no children, or dogs.  He does get on well with other cats, as long as they do not try to dominate him.

Romy is neutered, vaccinated and tattooed. His adoption fee is $195.  An adoption application and home visit is required.  Please email us at to request an adoption application.  Thank You.

Mimi the Chocolate Persian – Adopted

Mimi is a 3 year old purebred chocolate colored Persian.  She was surrendered about a year ago, she was emaciated, matted, and very unhealthy.  It was sad that she was kept in that condition.  We were glad she ended up with us to recover and be vetted.


Mimi is very talkative.  This photo may look like she is hissing, but in fact she was talking to me at the time I snapped the photo.

Mimi is extremely friendly.  She loves attention which was unlike her a year ago.  Mimi would love a home without children.  She is fine with other cats.  We have not tested her with dogs yet.

Mimi has been spayed, vaccinated and tattooed.  Her adoption fee is $195. An adoption application and home visit is required. Please email us at to request an adoption application. Thank you.

Please Donate to Odin and Hubert Kittens

Update Sept 5/09


Odin and Hubert have done so well without their little legs, in fact better without them than with the stumps they had.

Now their 2 brothers Frodo and Oshii are still waiting to be adopted, they are special too, even though they are not special needs.

Frodo and Oshii are now 16 weeks old and getting big.  Soon they become the kittens that nobody wants to adopt because they have “grown out of cute”…bah humbug to that – they are still cute and will always be cute cause their personalities totally rock!

There is a photo of Frodo below, when he was 8 weeks old, I haven’t had a chance to take any new ones.  If you would like to meet please let us know.


Today I decided to take the 2 kittens with missing feet into Canada West to have them checked out.  It just didn’t seem right that they were using their stumps and the stumps did not look healthy to me.  So I had a surgeon take a look, and little ODIN, the black kittens with 3 feet and a stump had to get surgery done right away.  His stump had become necrotic, and his leg needed to be amputated correctly.  Hubert, Odin’s brother also had his leg amputated, and they have found their forever homes – together!!

OdinPoor Little Odin, I feel so bad for him

We wanted to give these 2 babies a better life, and a happier life, some people would say it was crazy to do this, and maybe we should have just let them go, but we can’t and couldn’t.

The surgeries for these 2 babies will cost the rescue approximately $1200.  We are again hoping that the animal loving community will donate to this cause as they have with so many others.  Donations can be made directly to Canada West Veterinary Specialists by calling 604 473 4882.

Again we ask that questions about adoptions etc be directed to our Society via email, and not to the nice ladies in reception at Canada West – they already have so much to do everyday!

OdinOdin after Surgery – Adopted

The litter of kittens were born as 6.  They were very entangled with mom’s umbilical cords and had to make an emergency trip to the vet the minute they were born.  2 of the little kittens lost a foot.  Doesn’t slow them down though.  One of these kitties had the umbilical cord around his neck restriciting airflow, Otis is a little slower that the rest of the kitties, but is such a doll regardless.

DSC07294OTIS – Adopted

There are 4 black kitties with a touch of white on their chests, and 2 tuxedos.  One black and one tuxedo are tri-pods.

DSC07310Hubert has been adopted together with ODIN

Again, if you are interested in adopting a new friend, please email us for an adoption application.


Ok, so I think my kitten sexing skills are starting to fade, either all 6 of these kittens are male, or I really suck at sexing kittens.  We shall know on Saturday when they go to the vet for their exams.  And yes the entire litter was boys, so I don’t suck after all at the sexing of kittens LOL

To date August 15, 2009 we have only raised $100 towards the surgeries of Hubert and Odin…Their adoption fees have given $25.00 into the pot, so that is another $100 towards the surgery.  We have put a few of the adoption fees from other heathly animals into the pot for the kitties, and still owe around $350.  Any amount will help pay for these beautiful souls that are just as deserving as anyone else…please help.

Beauty – ADOPTED

Beauty is a beautiful girl (hence her name LOL), very royal, affectionate, and loving. She is a gorgeous cat with one shining eye.  It glitters in the light and gives her such great character.

She was caught in one of our traps, while we were trapping ferals. We have held on to her Since September 17, 2008 and no one has come for her.

Her tattoo was registered to CARES, however, from the last conversation we had with them, they were full. We feel an hope that Beauty can find a new forever home, she deserves a family to call her own before Christmas.

If you are interested in giving Beauty a home, please email us for an adoption application. Adoption fee applies.

Cats and Kittens – ALL ADOPTED

We currently have 3 adult cats that are looking for their forever homes.  2 are black and one is a tabby.  ALL females, spayed, vaccinated, tattooed, dewormed and flea treated.  One of the black Mommies was deserted by her owners in Surrey and gave birth to her 3 kittens outside.  So needless to say they are a little scared of people and will need a patient, caring, loving home to show them how to trust humans again.

Cats for adoption

The kittens interestingly enough are also 2 blacks and one tabby – females. They are currently about 12 weeks old, we have kept them here with us for the past 3 weeks to get them used to being handled by people and to ensure their health.  They were born outside and were not handled much by people, therefore they are semi-feral.  We are looking for donations to have them all spayed, tattooed and vaccinated.  This way we can find them a place to be – like a farm, or barn where they can live out their lives with at least a human to feed them and provide any future vet care they will need.

It has been very difficult to find homes for these little kittens, no body seems to want to pay anything for barn cats, but they also don’t want to pay to spay or neuter them.  If we can raise enough money to have them all fixed, we will be able to find them a place and waive all adoption fees.

Semi Feral Kiities

Adoption fee for these adult cats $125.00 including spay/neuter, vaccination, deworm, flea treatment, and tattoo.


Kittens for Adoption

We have been flooded with kittens this summer, and thankfully, the kind folks at the Alta Vista Animal Hospital on W.30th and Dunbar in Vancouver have offered to showcase these babies for us.

There are not just these colors, but lots coming and going.  So if you are looking for a kitten to adopt, please go to Alta Vista to see them and fill out an application while you are there.

Adoption fee is $175, includes first vaccinations, tattoo, deworming, flea medication, and spay/neuter.

Blanca the Ragdoll – ADOPTED

Blanca is approximately 1 1/2 years old and came to us last summer. Her original owners bought her and her boyfriend from a pet store for $800 each. When the landlord found out, he reminded the tenant that “PETS ARE NOT ALLOWED”. To our disgust, we discovered that the owner tossed both kitties out on the street.

My friend Tony found both cats (and the owner), the owner surrendered them and Tony took them in to be fixed. That is when the vet told him that Blanca was pregnant. She was brought to us, after she had given birth to 4 little babies. She was thin and malnourished, infested with fleas, her hair in mats. She didn’t even know how to use a litter box, as she was only a kitten herself when she had kittens. She was a sad little soul.

June 16-08 001

All her kittens found wonderful homes last October, and we have held on to Blanca for almost a year to ensure her health, and basic kitty training.  She has been spayed, dewormed , vaccinated. She is a sweet, loving girl (who now knows what a litter box is).  She would love to share all her love and affection with a very special human.  She is very good with most other cats and digs well mannered dogs.

If you are interested in adopting beautiful Blanca, please contact us for an adoption application at

Mira’s adoption fee is $175

Had To Share

I just found this photo amongst my piles and piles of paperwork that need to be organized (scary).

These beautiful kittens were born in my home, after I trapped their mommy from the alley.  She was pregnant and starving, and really not liking human beings.  She gave birth 4 days later to 5 beautiful boys.

I took this photo a couple of years ago, in the dark, with my manual camera, and I couldn’t see a thing.  It was simply just a stroke of luck that the little Blackie started to meow for his mommy’s milk.  Their eyes weren’t even open yet, but they knew I was there.  I just had to share.


The Boys at a week old, maybe 2 weeks old.


And their beautiful Mom – Her name was always Mommy.

Thank you to Dan and Serena for adopting Mommy and one of her sons, Biggie Smalls.


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