Pinky the Zoe – adopted

Zoe formerly known as Pinky is a fat little long haired chihuahua.  She could definately use an owner who will provide her a low fat food, not too many treats, and plenty of exercise.  She has a wonderful personality, and is very well trained including being house trained. She loves to have her tummy rubbed and loves to cuddle too.  She loves to play fetch which is great exercise. She gets along great with other dogs but can get a little food aggressive, which is an issue that can be remedied.  She does randomly bark at the kitties, but does not chase them.

Pinky Zoe 1

We want those interested in Zoe to remember that she has not been treated fairly in life.  She was once owned by a BYB’er and was discarded like garbage when her last litter was born dead.  If she falls into the wrong hands, she will become defensive if treated roughly.  This is something we do not want for her.  Zoe would like a home with no children please.

pinky zoe

Zoe’s adoption fee is $395.  She will be spayed, is fully vaccinated, tattooed, dewormed and flea treated.

She is currently in a foster home, so we ask all interested parties to complete an adoption application and have a home visit done before making an appointment for a meet and greet.  You can go to the “OUR ADOPTION PROCESS” page for an adoption application, or you can email us at and we will send you one.


Chipper – ADOPTED

Chip is a 9 month old terrier of some sort.  He weighs about 35lbs.  He is such a wonderful dog.  Loving and sweet, still learning his commands.  He gets along well with other dogs, and with children.  We still don’t really know how Chip is with cats.  He did fine with the ones here at our place, but if left unattended, we really couldn’t say.

He has had a rough life, always having to fight for attention being one of many dogs growing up.  He was very fearful when he first arrived, and has made such a huge improvement.  He is an awesome dog.


I would like to see Chip with a loving, patient, home that can give him gentle training.  Alpha Dog training is not the kind of training that should be used with Chip.  I don’t really recommend this method of training for any dog, but especially with those who have fear issues.

Chip’s adoption fee is $395, he will be neutered, tattooed, vaccinated, dewormed, and flea treated.  An adoption application and home visit is required.

Maggie – adopted

Maggie is a 3 year old Shihtzu  She is a very good dog, but her previous family had kids that manhandled her and she simply doesn’t want to be a part of a family with kids any longer.

She loves toys, is house trained, gets along well with other dogs. We don’t how she is with cats as she hasn’t been tested with any.


Maggie is spayed, vaccinated, dewormed and flea treated.  Her adoption fee is $395.  An adoption application and home visits are required.

Please sponsor a dog in need

We have been asked once again to help save so many homeless, needy, beautiful, loving souls from a couple of high kill shelters in California.

Love knows no boundaries, therefore I did not say no to these deserving dogs.  We are trying to arrange flights for them to come to Vancouver on October 4th, 2009.  It is hard to believe that a mere $199 will pardon these dogs from death row.

Please go to our Petfinder site to view the dogs in desperate need of funding.  You can sponsor them directly through Petfinder, or contact us for other options.

Love Boundaries

Lego – Adopted


Lego has come so far in 7 weeks.  He is awesome!  He plays, runs, tries to jump but that is still something he can’t do.  The ramp for my big old Bubba came in handy, Lego learned all on his own that this ramp was the way in and out of the house.  He uses it all the time and is really good at it!  Thank you to all those who donated to Lego.  He is doing so well now.  We are planning to use the rest of the donations to have his teeth cleaned and have him neutered.  He will be going into his trial forever home this Friday!

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Edison (Eddie for short) – adopted

Edison is a Boston Terrier x Havanese – weird mix but yes it is true. He is a high energy boy like a Boston Terrier…He is still in his puppy stages at 8 months of age. His foster home is working on his training and I am sure she is doing a great job. I will be posting more once I get an update!


His family left him outside for the entire summer, giving him no attention. Then they decided to let him inside and realized that, hey, he ain’t house trained!! So instead of working on it, they decided to just ditch the guy.   Well dogs don’t figure that out on their own….they need to be taught. At least now Edison gets a chance to prove that he is a smart dude and can live inside with his humans.

Edison’s adoption fee is $395, he is neutered, vaccinated, dewormed, flea treated, and tattooed.

If you are interested in this interesting mix of a dog, please email us for an adoption application.

Home visits are required.

Aimee and Stella have been adopted

Aimee is 2 1/2 years old.  She is a shihtzu.  She has come from the same BYB/Hoarding situation as many of the other girls such as Macy, Ginger, Emma, and others.  She arrived with her friend Stella who is 3 1/2, and they are very attached to one another.  We are going to be placing them in separate foster homes to see how they do.  Both girls are very well behaved and easy going.  They are fine with other dogs and seem to be housebroken – a bonus.



Aimee is extremely playful, and LOVES when she receives snuggles and rubs! She has enough personality for 3 dogs and listens very well.
Stella, is so affectionate and calm. She loves it when you rub her tummy and will sit there for hours if you’ll continue to do it.

Amy and Stella 014


The adoption fee for each girl is $395.  They will be spayed, vaccinated, dewormed, tattooed, and flea treated.

If you are interested in adopting one or the other or even both, please send us an email for an adoption application or you can download one from our Adoption Process page.

Home visits are required.

China Doll – Adopted

Poor China Doll, she certainly is a cute little girl.  She is about 1 yrs old, a Poodle Cross.  She was surrendered by her owners, and it is very evident that she did not receive the love and kindness that all living beings deserve.  She is so scared that she runs from me whenever I get near her.  But once I have got her, she lets me pet her and hold her.  I think she is getting used to the fact that I won’t force her to come to me, she can do that on her own time.


I haven’t yet bathed her as she is so stressed out I thought I would give her some time to just hang out.  After a few days I am sure she will be fine, like all the other scared little babes I have taken in.  All it takes is some patience, kindness and understanding.  I will be posting updates on China’s progress over the next few weeks.

But I thought I should post her being that someone out there will just fall in love with her despite her being a little broken.  Love heals all wounds, including a broken heart.  China is spayed, vaccinated, she will be dewormed and flea treated, after her bath.  If you feell you can give this little girl what she needs, please send us an email.

China’s Adoption fee is $295

An adoption application and home visit is required.

Fred and Wilbur – Both Adopted

Fred and Wilbur came fro the same BYB/Hoarding situation just as Barney did.  They are brothers, 12 weeks of age.  Now these two are definately not like Barney in personality.  They are shy, and timid.  It takes them a few minutes to warm up to a new person.  They are cautious.

Fred and Wilbur

Once they warm up to you, they are little snugglers, unlike Barney.  Shaggy puppies are very cute, however, they are again a breed that requires daily grooming as well as professional grooming to prevent them from becoming all matted.  If you are not prepared to groom these pups, they are not the breed for you.

Fred and Wilbur have an adoption fee of $495 each. They will be neutered, fully vaccinated, dewormed, flea treated and tattooed.

An adoption application and home visit is required.

Barney – Adopted

Thank you to all those who submitted applications for Barney.  He was adopted tonite by a nice family who were pre-approved for a dog about 6 weeks ago.  They waited until their dog came along, and so it did.  I would like everyone to know that getting pre-approved is such a great idea, cause when that “one” comes you are the first to get that dog if it totally suits you.

If you have sent in an app for Barney, please let us know if there might be someone else you are interested in and we can get the ball rolling.


Barney is a ball of energy at 16 weeks old.  He is a Havanese puppy, and he is full of beans!!!  Cute as a button, of course this breed requires daily grooming, and professional grooming to keep him from getting all dreadlocked.  He was removed from a BYB/Hoarding situation along with 2 other puppies and other adult breeding females.


He is looking for a home that can provide him the care and love that he needs, but one who is also prepared and dedicated to training him, and teaching him his manners. Even though he is only 16 weeks old, it is the best time to start training.

Barney’s adoption fee is $495, he will be neutered, fully vaccinated, tattooed, dewormed and flea treated.

An adoption application and home visit is required.

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