PUPPIES!!! Squishy, puppy breath, crying, screaming, pooping, peeing, huggies, kisses, and non-stop cuddles. Ah, could it get any better than puppies?

Pickle Tipper

Pickle ADOPTED      Tipper ADOPTED

Bluebelle Star

Bluebelle ADOPTED        Star  IS ADOPTED


Chubbs ADOPTED         Gordon ADOPTED

Flash Jet

Flash IS ADOPTED           Jet ADOPTED

DSC06246 Stubbs

Dante ADOPTED              Stubbs ADOPTED

These beautiful puppies had their second chance given to them when a Louisiana shelter worker could not watch pregnant moms weeks from giving birth being spayed, and the pups aborted.

She took the moms into her home to allow them to have and raise their babies. Lucky to avoid having such an invasive surgery.  The pups from a few different moms and pops, and at 9 weeks of age they were sent to Vancouver to find their forever homes.

The adoption rate in Louisiana is 4% per year.  150 dogs, pups and adults are euthanized or gassed in one week at only one shelter. Pups are euthanized because the shelters cannot avoid them getting sick.   We wish we could save them all, but we feel even helping in small ways makes a difference.

If you feel you are ready to give your love to a new pup, and are aware of what puppies need in the way of healthcare, nutrition and training, please email us for an adoption application.  Home visits are mandatory.  Adoption fee for Louisiana puppies $495 with spay/neuter, 1st, 2nd and 3rd vaccinations, tattoo, deworming, flea treatment.


Dante and Star


Pickle (such a terrible name for such a beautiful dog eh? my bad)


Pinky the American Bulldog – ADOPTED

Pinky is a beautiful 2 year old Male Neutered American Bulldog.  He is looking for a dog experienced foster or forever home, one that will provide consistent leadership and discipline.  He is fabulous with other dogs, and doesn’t seem to be very interested in cats.  However a home without children is a must with Pinky.

If you feel you can be the leader that Pinky needs to live up to his full potential, please email us for an application. A temporary foster home is needed urgently for Pinky until he is placed in his forever home.

Home visits are also mandatory, adoption fee $195.


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