After 16 years together, I said good-bye to my faithful protector Bubba.  An Old English Bulldog crossed with a Yellow Lab.  He was wide like a Bulldog and tall like a Lab.  I saw an ad in the paper in 1992.  I went to this place.  To my disgust when I arrived, it was a typical back yard breeder.  Profiting from the suffering of innocent animals.

In their yard was 6 doghouses, chained to all 6 doghouses were momma dogs.  About 4 of these momma’s had puppies, and the others were expecting.  Feces, urine and mud surrounded these moms and pups.  I think this is when I really started my journey into animal rescue.

I have always loved and respected all animals.  When we lived in Thailand in the 1970’s, there were many homeless dogs.  As a child I fed them and always wished for my own.  We would see dead dogs floating in the clongs (rivers) and I would cry and have nightmares.  Maybe my path had already been chosen.

I took Bubba home from this BYB, I could not leave him.  I only wish I had enough money to take all of them all out of this nightmare they were living.  At 8 weeks old he was infested with fleas, and I had never seen a puppy so full of worms in my life – and to this day with all the rescue I do,  I still haven’t seen a  worse case of infestation yet.

I called the Vancouver Humane Society and reported these people.  They were investigated.  I understand some of the animals were confiscated.  But Bubba was now in my family.

He is the reason I became a certified dog trainer.  At 8 weeks old he would attack anything that moved, including myself.  He chewed through the walls of our home, and was very destructive. His training began immediately.  I hired a trainer and through her I found my other path in life.

Bubba was one of the most difficult, dominant, aggressive dogs I have ever met. I would walk him at 2 in the morning to avoid incident with people and other dogs.  His entire life was consistent and disciplined.  Or should I say for his entire life I had to be consistent and disciplined LOL.

We have spent a wonderful 16 years together, with no accidents or incidents.  He has lived with many other dogs – small dogs….that’s what he liked the most.  Little dogs were his friends, and so were cats.

He had a massive seizure on March the 1st.  He was paralyzed on his entire left side.  He could no longer move, or get up.  He was disoriented, and was now completely incontinent.  I had to make the decision that I held off making for about 4 years.

This is how long it has been since he slowly started deteriorating from a 130lb strong, big, muscle dog – to an 90 lb old man who needed constant help from his human companions.

Thank you to the vet that came to my home to send Bubba to doggie heaven.  And a giant thank-you to “Until We Meet Again” Pet Cremation Services of North Vancouver for being there for us at such short notice – and being so wonderful to deal with on this sad day.

Rest In Peace my Big Bad Bubba Boy. I love you, and will never forget you.


Bubba enjoying our yard 2000

Quasi has her name!!

This tiny 7 week old Shihtzu Puppy was literally discarded like her life was worth nothing, at a mall in Northern BC. My friend saw this “breeder” take the pups into the pet store. She followed out of curiosity. As she listened to the discussion between the store owner and the breeder, the owner said “That one is deformed, I don’t want it, no one would ever pay for a deformed puppy.”

The breeder did something my friend couldn’t believe. Right there in the store she said “Free puppy, who wants it?”

Lucky for this little baby, my friend answered first. “I’ll take her.” And that’s the story of how she came to our rescue.


And yes, she has a birth defect, but I wouldn’t say she is deformed. She is the most adorable little 1.8lb puppy, and as sweet as can be. We are asking for help to get her fully checked out at Can West to see what her future holds.

The vet today said that she has Wry Mouth: wry bite or wry mouth-a skeletal defect where the midline of the maxilla does not line up with the midline of the mandible.

Okay, so her nose is crooked, it’s way off to her right side, doesn’t make her ugly. Yes, she is looking pretty much straight ahead. Her teeth don’t align up, which could be an issue when her adult teeth start coming in. We will see what the specialists have to say.


We are hoping that the pet loving community will help us raise approximately $2500 for Quasi.  If 125 generous people donated only $20 each – we would have enough to fund her future surgery.


Donations can be mailed to:

The Dhana Metta Rescue Society #235 – 2607 Kingsway, Vancouver, BC V5R 5H4

We gratefully thank Gloria & Anthony for our first donation of $500!! This donation will cover Li’l Baby’s initial consultation of $160, and her x-rays!



Puppies For Adoption – ALL ADOPTED

These beautiful 14 week old Corgi x Scottish Terrier Puppies are from Northern B.C. Another unwanted litter – a product of irresponsible owners who do not believe in spaying or neutering their pets.


They are only 5 lbs, and will be short and sweet.


If you are interested in adopting one of these gorgeous babies, please complete an Adoption Application then email it back to us at dhanametta@yahoo.ca – Home Visits do apply prior to approval.


Adoption Fee $350 including spay and neuter, 1st and 2nd vaccinations, deworming, revolution, identification (tattoo or microchip) and 6 weeks complimentary insurance from Pet Plan.

Updated March 10, 2008 

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