Quasi Moto – UPDATE

So Quasi had to have 11 teeth pulled out from in her head….they never impacted into her mouth.  She is recovering nicely, and had a spay while she was under.  we are so happy that she did not have to undergo a more serious surgery which would have caused her more suffering and a longer recovery time.

We want to thank all those who donated towards Quasi’s surgery, we had just enough for her, and have a couple of hundred left over for another dog that will need it eventually.  This will stay in our CanWest account until we need it again…THANK YOU ALL!!!


What a beautiful, sunny, warm, amazing first of October…..couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful day.

Quasi is at CanWest this morning having her surgery done, it will not be as extensive as it could have been which is great for both Quasi and those that will care for her after picking her up tonite.

We would like to thank everyone for their donations towards Quasi, she will fell so much more comfortable after she has healed up.

Thanks to Joanne for fostering her and in the end adopting our little Quasi Moto.

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Beverly Hills Chihuahua

Before you fall into the movie madness and run out to buy a chihuahua, please think about it first!!

Sweet Chihuahuas

(click above to watch video)

Yuana the Chihuahua Lover!!

Cats and Kittens – ALL ADOPTED

We currently have 3 adult cats that are looking for their forever homes.  2 are black and one is a tabby.  ALL females, spayed, vaccinated, tattooed, dewormed and flea treated.  One of the black Mommies was deserted by her owners in Surrey and gave birth to her 3 kittens outside.  So needless to say they are a little scared of people and will need a patient, caring, loving home to show them how to trust humans again.

Cats for adoption

The kittens interestingly enough are also 2 blacks and one tabby – females. They are currently about 12 weeks old, we have kept them here with us for the past 3 weeks to get them used to being handled by people and to ensure their health.  They were born outside and were not handled much by people, therefore they are semi-feral.  We are looking for donations to have them all spayed, tattooed and vaccinated.  This way we can find them a place to be – like a farm, or barn where they can live out their lives with at least a human to feed them and provide any future vet care they will need.

It has been very difficult to find homes for these little kittens, no body seems to want to pay anything for barn cats, but they also don’t want to pay to spay or neuter them.  If we can raise enough money to have them all fixed, we will be able to find them a place and waive all adoption fees.

Semi Feral Kiities

Adoption fee for these adult cats $125.00 including spay/neuter, vaccination, deworm, flea treatment, and tattoo.



Dude is a 3 year old Pug X Poodle looking for his new forever home.  He is a very good dog, loves attention, knows most of his commands, and likes to stay close to his people.


We gave him a shavedown when he arrived, (excuse my choppy shave job lol), but his hair is fluffy and about an inch long all over, I left his tail fluffy though. He let us shave him and bathe him with no arguments…he was a gentleman.


Dude does not like cats, so a home without them would be the best thing. He is fine with other dogs, and we have yet to test him with children – we will keep you updated.

If you are interested in giving Dude his forever home, please email us at dhanametta@yahoo.ca for an adoption application. He has been neutered, vaccinated, chipped and has a tattoo. His adoption fee is $195.

Josephine (aka Sophie) – ADOPTED

Sophie 2
Sophie and her new daddy

Sophie 3

Looks like she has fit right in

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Air Bud – Adopted

Bud is a 3 year old Chihuahua x Pomeranian.  He is sooo sweet and quite the comedian too.  He got his name cause he likes to jump around in circles and snap at the air….it is actually like he has got a big grin on his face the whole time.

He weighs in at 7 lbs, and loves to be loved.  He is very well behaved, it really makes us wonder why his owners disposed of him just cause he had a corneal ulcer that they did not want to deal with…poor guy.
His eye is clear, he has been neutered and is ready to find his forever home, one that will keep him through thick and thin….

If you would like an adoption application, please email us at dhanametta@yahoo.ca.   A home visit is also mandatory.  Bud’s adoption fee is $375 – Vaccinated, neutered, tattooed, dewormed, flea treated and comes with his brand new set of collar & leash plus a fancy 3 in 1 vest harness.

Kittens for Adoption

We have been flooded with kittens this summer, and thankfully, the kind folks at the Alta Vista Animal Hospital on W.30th and Dunbar in Vancouver have offered to showcase these babies for us.

There are not just these colors, but lots coming and going.  So if you are looking for a kitten to adopt, please go to Alta Vista to see them and fill out an application while you are there.

Adoption fee is $175, includes first vaccinations, tattoo, deworming, flea medication, and spay/neuter.

Chardonnay – Adopted

Chardonnay came to us when she was 10 weeks old with her sister Aurora. We believe they are chihuahua crosses. They were both so extremely emaciated and absolutely terrified of everything. We decided to keep them with us for as long as they needed to become healthy and at least as confident as they could be at such a young age.

They are both now 15 weeks old, and healthy. However, even though their confidence is so much better now, they are still fearful of loud noises and voices, heavy footsteps, and walking outside on a leash is still a bit traumatic. Therefore we are looking for a quiet home for Chardonnay with no children, and not too much noise and commotion.



Chardonnay and her friend Chiquita (Adopted)


We are now accepting applications for Chardonnay, please keep in mind that we will be choosing the right home for her, and home visits are mandatory.

Chardonnay’s adoption fee is $395, she has had her deworming, and flea treatment, first vaccinations (she will have her next set at 18 weeks old) and will be given a spay certificate plus tattoo to be used when she is 6 months old.

Please email us for an adoption application at dhanametta@yahoo.ca

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