Sparky – Adopted

Sparky is sooooo cute, I absolutely love him.  He is so similar in looks and personality of one of my own dogs…but not as loud.  He is about a year old.  Mix we do not know.  He weighs about 20lbs underweight.  He is playful, loves people, flops over on his back for belly rubs, jumps up in circles for treats.  Comes when he is called.  Doesn’t know much else like basic commands, but that is easily trained.  He is house broken it seems.  He is fine with children and is super cool with other dogs.  Even if another dog is being aggressive towards him, he walks away.  Who lost this guy and didn’t pick him up?  Geez.


One thing about Sparky though is that he is a jumper, even with those short legs, he jumped our 4 foot fence like an agility master.  Any home he goes to will need to have a fence that is very high, and never leave him in the yard unattended.  Now I see how he got lost in the first place.


He loves to come up for hugs and cuddles.  He is like a real life teddy bear. Squishy and cute. If only I could keep another

Sparky’s adoption fee is $450.  He has been neutered, vaccinated, dewormed, flea treated and microchipped.  An adoption application and home visit is required.  You can email for an application at

Matilda – Adopted

We don’t know what mixed breed Matilda is, your guess is as good as ours.  She is about 2 years old and weighs in at 16lbs.  She is a little shy, but in time she will warm up to her new loving people.  She is scared of children so a home with no young children would be best.  She is great with the other dogs.  We have not yet tested her with cats.


She is a cutie with an underbite – so that adds a little more mystery as to what breed mix she might be.  She would love to be in a warm loving home who can teach her that humans can be her best friends.

Matilda has been spayed, vaccinated, dewormed, microchipped, and flea treated. Her adoption fee is $395. An adoption application and home visit is required. You can email us at for an application.

Calypso – Adoption Pending

Calypso is a young chihuahua cross about 10 months old.  He weighs in at about 11 lbs.  He is a laidback, loving little soul.  Kinda like an old wise being in a young body.  He loves to cuddle and is great with the other dogs too.  He seems to be fine with respectful children.  We haven’t had a chance to test him with kitties yet.


Calypso would make an awesome forever friend for a great family that has enough time to give him. His adoption fee is $450. He has been neutered, vaccinated, dewormed, flea treated and microchipped.

An adoption application and home visit is required. You can email us for an adoption application at

Comet – Adopted

What a sweetie Comet it, but my gosh, she is STARVING for love and attention…poor little dear. She’s still not eating great, but seems to like Tucker’s food so I’ve been mixing it with the puppy food you gave me…

She’s a versatile little thing…would be happy being a lap dog, or playing with a bunch of kids. She …was very excited when my niece came over…seemed to know right away that she was a play-thing, however, she plays a little rough/mouthy. She does stop though when she gets too rough and you call her off.

Her recall is great now…she can go in the backyard with the other dogs and will come back to the door everytime she’s called…except when she thinks she’s going in the kennel, even though once she’s in it, she’s quite comfortable. LOL clever little monster.


Foster Mom has it down with the personality…yep.  Comet is about 9 months old, 8 lbs, a terrier mix of some sort, but who knows.

Her adoption fee is $450, she has been spayed, vaccinated, dewormed, and microchipped.  Please email us for an adoption application at Home visits are required.

Crayon – Adopted

Crayon is a chihuahua about 1.5 – 2 years old.  He loves to be the center of attention and is very playful and happy. He is very affectionate, loves people, dogs and cats too.  He would be fine with respectful, gentle children as well.


Crayon would love to be in a home where he got lots of love and cuddles.  He would make an awesome companion for a very lucky person.

Little Fella and Crayon

Crayon hangs out with his buddy Brando

If you are looking for a great friend to have forever, please email us for an adoption application for Crayon.  Emails can be sent to

Crayon has been neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, dewormed and flea treated. His adoption fee is $450.  An adoption application and home visit is required.

Forever Homes

Please remember that to adopt a dog from Dhana Metta you must first complete an adoption application.  Once your application is approved, we will schedule a home visit with you.  Sometimes the home visits are done by volunteers, so even if your home visit is approved, you still may not be suitable for the specific dog you were interested in.  We try to be sure that we match the right dog to the right family, as a home is forever.


Newt – Adopted

Newt is a sweet young chihuahua minpin cross.  She is about 1.5 years old weighing in at about 7 lbs.  We don’t know much about Newt’s history as she was found as a stray, and was emaciated when she came to us.  Newt needs a patient, understanding home, as being on the streets has made her a little protective of herself.  She gets scared if you grab at her without warning, but also she tends to nip if touched in certain ways or spots on her body.


Newt would make a great companion with the right person.  One who understands how to train with compassion, but with clear boundaries as well.  We do not recommend a home with children of any age.  Newt is fine with other dogs but she is protective of her own food.  She is also fine with cats.


Newt’s adoption fee is $395. She has been spayed, vaccinated, dewormed, flea treated, microchipped. An adoption application and home visit is required.

Please email us at for an application.

Brando – Adopted

Brando is about 4 years old.  A Chihuahua Cross.  He is an awesome dog.  Weighing in at about 9 lbs.  He is very laid back, relaxed, likes to just chill out and watch the world go by.  He is a great listener too.  He is totally fine with other dogs, and probably with cats but we haven’t tested him yet.  And he is house broken.  He is a little timid at first but warms up very quickly.  He would make someone very lucky.  Because he is timid he would prefer to go to a home with older children.

Little Fella

His ears have taken quite a beating. One has the tip removed, and the other ear flap is split on the end. It doesn’t bother him, but it does give some insights into his past. But dogs are nothing if not forgiving, and this little boy absolutely loves, loves, loves attention!

brando and crayon runs

Brando’s adoption fee is $450. An adoption application and home visit is required. He has been neutered, vaccinated, dewormed, microchipped, and flea treated.

Please email us at for an application.

Katie – Adopted

Wow, what a great dog.  Katie has it all.  She is playful and great with puppies and other dogs.  She is a true momma.  Patient, loving, laid back, playful, affectionate, and obedient.  Katie is about 3 years old.  A Basset Hound Mix.  Weighing in at 43.4 lbs, she sure is a doll.  Katie is great with other dogs and with kids too, but is a cat chaser.

Little fella and Katie

She seems to have many a puppy in her time, but at least now she can take a load off and relax. She must have also been injured along her back once, as there is a scar that spans almost all the way from the neckline to her tail. It is all healed up but in some parts the hair has not grown back.

Katie has been spayed, vaccinated, microchipped, dewormed, and flea treated too. Her adoption fee is $450. An adoption application and home visit is required.

Please email us at for an application.

Melville – Adopted

I am a super sweet, affectionate Chihuahua cross, about 1 1/2 years old.  It is getting chilly here and I am craving cuddles.  I am a bit needy since I had to live on the street for a while.  I would love to be in a home where my human can spend most of their time with me, as I still suffer from separation anxiety.  I am scared that I am gong to fall in love again and then have my heart broken…I hate that feeling.  I have been looking for a home that will love me forever since the beginning of October and am starting to lose hope.  I got really depressed and stopped eating for a while.  I got moved to a private suite in the foster home and started to feel a bit better.


I am about 10 lbs, and have a thin stature.  I love to play and run around.  I am very good with all the other dogs.  I don’t think I would like to be around small children though cause I don’t wanna get hurt… I am ok with cat friends too.


Please take me home…I just want to find love with someone who won’t ditch me again and again.  I would love to love you.

My adoption fee is $395.  An adoption application and home visit apply.

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