April’s Journey

April arrived to Dhana Metta Headquarters in January 31, 2012. She had been abused and neglected for a very long time. This photo is of her the day she arrived. Open sores littered her body, and she was completely shut down.  She wouldn’t stand up straight, and was terrified of people.
April arrives

She went to the vet after a couple of days and was diagnosed with Demodex Mange.  It had been left untreated for a very long time.  April was only 2 years old when she came to us.  On February 7th 2012 we took her in to get shaved down, so we could see the extend of the damage the demodex had caused to her skin.
April gets shaved

She did so well at the groomers, and never once showed any ounce of aggression, despite being treated so badly by her human.  After her shave I think she felt better, she seemed to stand up taller, and started looking around with curiosity.
Shaved April

February 22, 2012   Her sores were already starting to heal with the medication she had been taking…. and I believe that being allowed to be indoors with us also helped her heal faster.  We had to take baby steps with April.  So we generally never forced her to do anything.  We just let her be.  April did not like the leash and collar, I think she only associated those with punishment. She wore a pretty pink harness instead – so we could begin positive leash training.

April Feeling pretty

 June 13, 2012.   6 months of being with Dhana Metta.  April’s sores were gone, and her fur started to grow back… she looked so beautiful.  The first couple of months were so new to April, this was scary, but exciting.  She had new friends, both dog and human.  She learned to walk on leash, and started enjoying our daily outings…. unless we ran into other people.
April Leash walking

 January 17th 2013.  Almost one year after April’s arrival.  She had learned to be off leash, and sticks with the pack.  She would come when called, and had just flourished into a confident young lady.  Her fur had grown in and she gained a little weight.  We were so proud of how far she had come.
April Jan 2013


September 3rd, 2013.   April had adapted to life at Dhana Metta.  She had lots of doggie friends, and I have to say, she got along with all of them.  She proved to be non aggressive to her human counterparts, and her dog and cat friends. She made amazing progress, and her time to move on to a forever home was coming.
April May 2013

November 22, 2013.  April  exudes confidence…. but she had never left Dhana Metta Headquarters.  Placing her into a perfect home was the goal, but ensuring that stress was kept as low as possible during her next journey – her next step – her next home, was the most important.
Arpril Nov 2013

That time finally came…. that perfect home finally came!  February 4, 2014.  2 years after her arrival.  2 years of rehab…. (with still some more to come with her new forever family).

Having shared my life with April for 2 years was an amazing, rewarding experience. Watching this broken dog stand up and be happy again was worth all the time, money and effort.
April Feb 2014

Dhana Metta Rescue Society strives to help the broken souls heal from the damage caused by their human counterparts.  We take pride in providing a save place for each and every dog (or cat) to stay while they are in their transition period.  And some dogs stay here forever…. their sanctuary.

We rely solely on donations and this is where it all starts. Please click the donate button and ask your friends to share our rescue stories.

100% of all donations goes towards the animal of Dhana Metta Rescue Society.

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Sissy (Adopted) and Jonesy (also Adopted)

Sissy and Jonesy were adopted from a Los Angeles shelter as pups.  They are not related but have been together since they went through the shelter system.  Once adopted after being spayed and neutered, microchipped and up to date on their shots, they were taken to a furever home that turned out to not be ‘furever’.


The owners, believing the two pups were the cause of allergies in one of the children, were promptly sentenced to a life outside the home for seven months.  Not having a fenced in yard, a make-shift enclosure was created by the owner out of wire, chain link fencing, bits and pieces of boards, an old door, a tree trunk and other assorted junk.


This is where Jonesy and Sissy were found – filthy and deprived of attention and love

We were called by a friend of the owner’s neighbor who had been feeding the dogs through the enclosure.  Unable to reach their water dish (a cut-off bottom of a soda bottle), the neighbor’s friend continued to wet down the dogs as best she could with her water hose.  The afternoon we came to look at the dogs, it was 104 degrees  in the shade.  Both dogs were panting, the water in their ‘water bowl’ was green and covered with a layer of dried, brown evergreen thistles.  There was no food, not even a dish.  The dogs were filthy, covered with fleas and both had worms.

Eventually the owner decided to turn the dogs over and we discovered that they had probably never ever lived inside a home, despite being almost a year old!  It was a rapid learning experience for everyone!


Sissy was shy at first, but she is now a loving Chihuahua and would prefer to sleep in your bed or curl up on your lap at the drop of a hat.  She is very affectionate with the other fosters in her pack.  She respects alphas in the pack, is not food aggressive nor assertive despite living the bulk of her life outside in dirt.

Jonesy is the more outgoing of the two.  He is now also very sweet and loving, gets along with other small dogs and is not a barker nor a marker.

Both dogs are potty-, doggie door- and crate-trained now.

Adoption fee for each dog is $495.  They have been fixed, UTD on vaccines, dewormed, flea treated.

Adoption applications and home visit are mandatory.  Please email us to request an application at adoptionsdmrs@yahoo.ca

Phillip the Second – Adopted

My name is Phillip.  I used to be a prince.  Then one day I found myself on the streets of California.  Eating garbage – how horrible.  Running from other dogs. and getting chased away by what I though were my friends – people.  I didn’t know who to trust anymore.

Phillip the second

I ended up in a shelter and nobody wanted me.  I got lucky and got to come to Vancouver to find my forever family.  I am under a year old, and nobody know what breed I am, they just call me cute.

I was very scared of all the new people here, and would run away fron them in the yard.  I was thinking that bad things would happen if they caught me.   But after a couple of weeks I got used to this, and I kinda liked getting petted and cuddles. I will make my new family very happy.

My adoption fee is $395, I have been fixed, vaccinated, dewormed, microchipped and flea treated.

Dudley Moore – adopted

Dudley Moore is sweet like the actor, and also short like the actor!!  He is 3 years of age, and we are guessing that he is a cockapoo.  He is really laid back, and loves his people.  He is great with other dogs, cats and loves kids too.  He is totally housebroken, and likes to go for walks.  He is a very easy little dude!

Dudley Moore

He was pretty badly matted, so please excuse his bad haircut LOL. He is another breed that requires regular grooming and brushing daily. He was very accepting of his grooming and bathing.

Dudley is neutered, vaccinated, dewormed, flea treated. His adoption fee is $395. You can contact us at dhanametta@yahoo.ca for an adoption application, home visits are required.

Remy the Miniature Pinscher – Adopted

Remy is a beautiful 1 year old MinPin.  He is a high energy dog, he loves to run and play with other dogs.  He is like a mini greyhound, fast and stealth. He has been with us for about a month and learned that being left alone ain’t so bad, cause foster mom always comes back.  He would love someone who can spend time with him, he loves to cuddle and be a lap dog.  He would prefer a home without small children, he is housebroken, gets along great with other dogs and even with cats.


Remy’s adoption fee is $395.  He is neutered, vaccinated, dewormed and flea treated.  Please email us for an adoption application at dhanametta@yahoo.ca.  Home visits are required.

Oh, I forgot to mention that Remy is a B.C. DOG!!

BONGO – adopted

Bongo is a 2 1/2 year old Bichon Shihtzu, weighing in at about 25lbs.  He is solid, and a bit on the heavy side.  He is a great dog!!  Very easy.  Listens exceptionally well, walks great on a leash, and likes to just lounge around.  He is crate trained and house broken.  He is fine with cats and other dogs too.


Bongo would like to live the rest of his life without children.  We have tested Bongo with kids, and even though he is very tolerant of them, he really would prefer a home without.  His previous family had children that were absolutely cruel to Bongo, no dog should have to endure what they did to him.  Bongo is also a little leary of some men.  He has never bitten or attempted to bite children or men, he simply just walks away.

We think that Bongo would like another doggie friend to hang out with during the day while his humans are out, but this is not mandatory.  Bongo’s adoption fee is $395, he is neutered, vaccinated, dewormed, and flea treated.  $100 of his adoption fee will go to support Ella’s surgery (see previous posts).

If you are interested in giving Bongo a forever home, please email us at dhanametta@yahoo.ca for an application.  HOME VISITS ARE REQUIRED.

BAT has found his forever home!

UPDATE ON BAT!!!  MAY 18, 2009

It took 3/4 of a year, and Bat has finally found his true love!!  She didn’t even know he existed, she didn’t know about our rescue, they just happened to meet one day and it was instant love for one another.  Ah, love at first sight….how many of us experience that? Bat gets to spend his time with his new mom, who spends most of her time out in her beautiful peaceful garden, with Bat by her side the whole time.

It took a few tries, and a very understanding, wonderful foster mom who cared for him this entire time of waiting…Thank You Gail Fox!!!  I wish I had more foster homes like you!  There were lots of tears when saying goodbye to Bat – I am sure of that!

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Minnie Driver – ADOPTED

Minnie is a 3 year old Shihtzu that was surrendered to a shelter in Northern BC.  She was not enjoying shelter life and came here to our rescue.  She is a quiet little girl, shy but warms up quickly.  She would like to sit in your lap all day, but is OK with being left alone in the house.


She is a wonderful little dog, likes to cuddle, a little on the thin side.  She is spayed, vaccinated, dewormed and flea treated.  She needs to go to a home where there is a safe fenced yard, with no small children.  Older children are just fine we think, but to be totally honest we have not tested her with kids yet.

Minnie’s adoption fee is $295.  If you are interested in giving her a forever home, please contact us at dhanametta@yahoo.ca for an adoption application.  Home visits are required.

Jolene, Jolene Jolene JOLEENENEEE!! – ADOPTED

Jolene is a sweet, timid little Chihuahua x Schipperke.  She is about 7 months old, and weighs in at 8 lbs.  She takes some time to warm up to people as she seems to have been badly abused in her short lifetime.  But once she does, she will stick right by your side and give you unconditional love and cuddles.


Jolene would like to be in a home without young children, given her past. She needs gentle training and correction. Her foster mom is still working on her housebreaking. She learns fast and loves to run fast in the yard! She wants to own many many chew toys, and have a fancy bed.  Jolene is a BC dog!


Jolene’s adoption fee is $395, spayed, vaccinated, dewormed, flea treated and tattooed. Please email us for an adoption application if you are interested in giving her a forever loving home. Home visits are required.

Meg and her Babies -Meg and Babies all ADOPTED

Meg is a Louisiana puppymill rescue.  She was left behind with a few other chihuahuas and such when the owners pulled a midnight moveout.  She was pregnant when she arrived here in Vancouver.  Meg is a Miniature Pinscher and she had 4 beautiful little puppies.  We believe they are MinPin x Chihuahuas.


We are looking for homes for Meg and her puppies.  Not all together of course…LOL.  Meg is around 3 years old, after she finishes lactating and her poor sore breasts get smaller from no longer having to nurse, she will be spayed and tattooed.  There are 3 female puppies and one male.


This puppy has been adopted

DSC06877Blossom female is ADOPTED

The puppies are currently 8 weeks old, and will not be going to their forever families until they are at least 10 weeks old.





Meg’s adoption fee is $395, she will be spayed, tattooed, dewormed, flea treatment, and vaccinated.  The puppies are $450 each.  All puppies will come with a spay/neuter certificate, tattoo, first boosters, deworming, and flea treatment.

Please contact us for an adoption application at dhanametta@yahoo.ca, homevisits are required.

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