Trouble (who’s no Trouble at all) – Adopted



Trouble is a tiny little girl weighing in at 6 lbs. She is almost 16 weeks old now. Trouble is very timid and shy, and needs a patient, quiet home who is willing to spend the time needed for her to adjust to new surroundings and new people. She is sweet, high energy, loves cuddles, great with dogs and cats, but would prefer a home without children.  A nice retired couple or individual would be her first choice, as she loves to cuddle while watching TV.

We think she is a chihuahua terrier, being that she hasn’t gained more than 1/5 of a lb since she arrived. We were told she was a doxie spaniel, but who really knows. All I know is that she deserves the best home we can find for her.

If you are interested in providing Trouble a forever home, please email us for an adoption application at

Adoption fee $450, includes all 3 sets of vaccines, tattoo, spay, deworm and flea treatment. Application and home visit apply.



Stumpy was the shortest and smallest of his siblings.  And he is the only one left.  He is a standard Rat Terrier.  He is 10 weeks old.  His mom was rescued from a high kill shelter in Louisiana and got a chance to have her babies in a loving home.  She has found herself a wonderful place to live out her life, and now her littlest one needs a place to be too.


We urge all interested parties to DO THEIR RESEARCH on RAT TERRIERS and their personalities  They are High Energy dogs, and are very tenacious.  The family that wants to make Stumpy their pal must have enough time to exercise him and give him enough stimulation during his days.


We wlll accept applications for Stumpy and out of those applications we will choose the best matches to do home visits with.  We are sorry that sometimes we cannot do home visits with every applicant.

Stumpy’s adoption fee is $495 including his neuter, tattoo, deworming, all 3 sets of vaccines, and flea treatment. If you are interested in adopting Stumpy, please email us for an adoption application. Home visits are mandatory. Serious Inquiries only please.


Chapman – ADOPTED

Chapman was found on  a Norther BC Reserve.  He was being badly abused by a couple of children there.  To those children,  Chapman was simply a little stuffed animal with no feelings.  Dragging him around on a rope, manhandling him and hitting him, he is simply too young to have already gone through this, and no dog should ever have to go through this kind of abuse.

Needless to say, Chapman is a very sensitive soul, needing a home that is gentle in all ways including with their method of training.  Chapman is a very sweet boy, and very mellow.  He just wants to hang out with his loving humans.  He is terrified of stairs and simply will not do them.  Even putting him on the stairs halfway, he freaks out and falls down the lower half.  He cannot be touched in certain ways, as he will scream from fear of being hurt again.  He wants to be approached gently to be picked up,  grabbing at him is terrifying.

We would encourage his new family to understand that he does not want to go to a home with children.  He is wonderful with other dogs and even with cats. He is approximately 12 weeks old and we have no idea what breed of dog he is. We are guessing a border collie mix?


Are you the perfect home for Chapman?  If you feel you can give him what he deserves, please email us for an adoption application at

A home visit is also mandatory.  Chapman’s adoption fee is $395 (sorry  for previous typo), with neuter, tattoo, deworming, and he has had his first set of vaccines so far.



I would like to extend an invitation to all our supporters, readers, friends, and anyone else who visits our blog to check out PROJECT SOMOS.

Hosted by a couple of wonderful, big hearted, loving friends of ours, Greg and Heather. They are  some of the the kindest, most compassionate people that I have ever had the pleasure of meeting.

We are so happy to have connected with them, through our rescue.  We found great people and they found their perfect canine companion.  We extend our love and support to them as they have to us.

Please visit their site and see what they are all about….the more support the better the lives of the children!

Namaste Yuana

Luna (Adopted) and Ivy (also Adopted)

Luna and Ivy are sisters, they are Labrador x Bluetick Coonhounds.  They are about 4 months old and weigh in at 14lbs right now.  They are going to be on the larger side.  Both came very timid and scared, it took them some time to warm up to people.  They are still working on their housetraining techniques, so a patient home that is willing to guide them along would be preferred.  They are great with other dogs, and cats, but have not been tested with young children.  I am sure they would prefer older kids, as loud noises are scary still.



LUNA – adopted

Ivy is very attached to Nanook the Husky, and would probably really love to find a home together if possible.  They are so cute together, I will try to snag a shot of them cuddling.

Adoption fee for Luna or Ivy – $395, with spay, vaccines, tattoo, deworming, flea treatment.

If you are interested in adopting please email us at for an ADOPTION APPLICATION, home visits are mandatory.


Nanook is a 6 month old Husky Cross.  He is a sweet, lovable, big lug.  Very people oriented, willing to please, but would also love a human to provide leadership for him to thrive.  He is fully housebroken, great with other dogs of all sizes, good with cats, haven’t tested him around small children though.  But he is a gentle giant.  Weighing in at 45lbs already, he will be a very large boy.

Nanook’s adoption fee is $395, he is neutered, vaccinated, tattooed, dewormed, and flea treated. If you are interested in giving this beautiful soul a forever home, please email us at for an ADOPTION APPLICATION, a home visit is also mandatory.

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