Stumpy was the shortest and smallest of his siblings.  And he is the only one left.  He is a standard Rat Terrier.  He is 10 weeks old.  His mom was rescued from a high kill shelter in Louisiana and got a chance to have her babies in a loving home.  She has found herself a wonderful place to live out her life, and now her littlest one needs a place to be too.


We urge all interested parties to DO THEIR RESEARCH on RAT TERRIERS and their personalities  They are High Energy dogs, and are very tenacious.  The family that wants to make Stumpy their pal must have enough time to exercise him and give him enough stimulation during his days.


We wlll accept applications for Stumpy and out of those applications we will choose the best matches to do home visits with.  We are sorry that sometimes we cannot do home visits with every applicant.

Stumpy’s adoption fee is $495 including his neuter, tattoo, deworming, all 3 sets of vaccines, and flea treatment. If you are interested in adopting Stumpy, please email us for an adoption application. Home visits are mandatory. Serious Inquiries only please.


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