Angel is a beautiful young girl, sweet as sugar.  She will steal your heart and be the love of your life!  We were told she is a Terrier Poodle.  Her coloring is gorgeous.  

When Angel came to us she was terrified of loud noises, loud voices, and would cower in a corner.  Poor little girl is so sweet she broke my heart.  I would have kept her myself if I could.  So, needless to say, finding her the right home is going to be hard.  

She needs stability, unconditional love, understanding, empathy, and no anger.  She loves kids, other dogs, and even cats.  She is so easy to get along with.  The right home will need to be able to connect with her on an emotional level.  

Are you Angel’s Angel?  If so, send us an email for an ADOPTION APPLICATION at dhanametta@yahoo.ca

Home Visits are absolutely mandatory, there is an adoption fee of $375 for this beautiful girl.


OLIVER (adopted) and his buddy ANGEL (on the right) also adopted



2 more adopted!!

These 2 didn’t even make it to our site to be put up for adoption!!  The foster homes we had for these cutie pies decided within a couple of days that they were going to be a permanent part of the family.

That would be one of the quickest adoptions ever…LOL





Had To Share

I just found this photo amongst my piles and piles of paperwork that need to be organized (scary).

These beautiful kittens were born in my home, after I trapped their mommy from the alley.  She was pregnant and starving, and really not liking human beings.  She gave birth 4 days later to 5 beautiful boys.

I took this photo a couple of years ago, in the dark, with my manual camera, and I couldn’t see a thing.  It was simply just a stroke of luck that the little Blackie started to meow for his mommy’s milk.  Their eyes weren’t even open yet, but they knew I was there.  I just had to share.


The Boys at a week old, maybe 2 weeks old.


And their beautiful Mom – Her name was always Mommy.

Thank you to Dan and Serena for adopting Mommy and one of her sons, Biggie Smalls.



Oliver is a 3 year old schnoodle.  Great with other dogs and fabulous with cats.  His owners decided to “get rid of him” because as the years past, they realized that he was not a purebred toy poodle.  

He did not get much love and attention, so humans are not his first priority, however he would love to find his forever family and experience what being truly loved is all about.


After spending time in his foster home, Noodle now “Oliver” has taken on a whole new personality.  He bonded to his foster mom within a few hours, following her everywhere she went.  He is an affectionate, well behaved little guy, and totally willing to please.  He is great with the other dogs at the park and totally digs cats.  He seems so easy going he may like to hang with older children.


Noodle was neutered today (Monday, April 28)   and while he was under had all his teeth cleaned, plus a couple of baby teeth were removed.  Now he is all set and ready to find his family.

Noodle’s adoption fee is $295, he is neutered, vaccinated, dewormed, tattooed.  He would prefer a home with no young children.

 If you would like an adoption application please email us at dhanametta@yahoo.ca

Home visits are mandatory…..



PePe the Puppy – has been adopted!!

PePe and his brother were disposed of as unwanted puppies in Northern BC.  Of course another product of irresponsible owners who do not feel that spaying and neutering their pets is important.

PePe came to Vancouver this trip, but his brother was left behind.  Hopefully his brother can come down on the next trip.  We do not know what breed these boys are, but they are 17 weeks old, weighing in at 9 lbs.  PePe is really short legged, and stocky.  What a sweet, squishy, sucky little baby he is! 


He looks bigger in photos than he really is, you’ve got to see him to believe it!  Breed Guess anyone?  Yuana thinks he is a staffy x corgi.  (not a pitty, a staffy).  Remember he is really short!  And he has a short little tail like a corgi….man he’s cute!!!  UPDATE:  Today I got a chance to see PePe again after he went to his foster home and I have changed my guess……PePe has not gained a pound and is still the same size.  His ears are starting to prop up and he is losing some of that baby chub.  I think he is a Jack Russell x Corgi now that I have seen him after 10 days!!   CUTE!!!


PePe’s adoption fee is $350, he will be neutered, UTD on vaccinations, dewormed, microchipped or tattooed, flea treated (with Revolution or Sentinel) and hopefully his foster parents will have him fully housetrained and getting started on his puppy manners…..

An adoption application must be completed and a home visit is mandatory.

Please email us at dhanametta@yahoo.ca

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