Can you Chip In?

Hi Everyone.  Lately I have been feeling a little down and out.  Trying to find a new location for our Rescue/Adoption and Training Centre has proven to be extremely stressful and all too time consuming.  Especially while working full time and running this rescue full time too.

I was checking things out online today and saw that my friend Stacie had started a chip-in page.  I was very touched by Stacie’s dedication to our rescue.  She has fostered so many dogs for us and is just a wonderful soul.  I love you Stacie!

For some reason this blog isn’t letting me insert a direct link by clicking on it above, so you will have to copy and paste it for now.

I wanted to share the link to this page, cause it has a donation meter – which I am way too technically challenged to even figure out how to put on this blog…lol.  It would be nice to see the meter go up – as our dream to start an Adoption and Training Centre is around the corner, we just don’t have enough funds yet.  We are trying to raise enough by April 1st, I know that doesn’t leave much time, but if we all come together and chip in, this dream will become a reality sooner than we all think.

Anything and Everything helps, if you would like to know more about our Homeward Bound Cause, please send an email to

Thank you everyone for your support.


Skeet – adopted

Skeet is about 10 months old, no clue as to what the mix might be…but with those long legs and thin body we were thinking maybe part Italian Greyhound, but has a cute little chihuahua face, with scruffy hair of a terrier.  Skeet is about 10 lbs soaking wet – and is very sweet a little shy, but coming out of his shell quite nicely.


He is fine with other dogs, kids and cats too. His houstraining has come along very well, and he is also crate trained.

Skeet has been suffering from some allergies, and we are not sure what he is allergic to.  He has been to the dermatologist, and we are trying to do an elimination trial.  We have switched his food, and now waiting to see how he does.  Those interested in adopting Skeet will need to accept that Skeet does suffer from allergies, and be willing to help him with those allergies.

Skeet has been neutered, vaccinated, dewormed, flea treated and microchipped.  His adoption fee is $395.  An adoption application and homevisit is required.  You can email us at for an application.

To learn more about Skeet with regular updates, please go to his foster mom’s blog:

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