Leah – once a lost soul

UPDATE DEC 12, 2013


Leah is doing amazingly well!!  Her hip has stayed in, all her lacerations have healed up nicely, and she is ready to find her foster or forever home.

Leah is a special little dog, it was not her time to die when she was lost and hit by a car, after being saved from a high kill shelter in California when her time was up.

Leah is looking for a stable home without children.  A home that is quiet, comfortable, safe and loving.  She does not trust strangers right off the bat, but once she does trust you, it is so loyal and loving.  She attaches to her human, follows this person everywhere, shares her whole heart with them.  Whoever chooses to share their life with Leah will be very lucky.

Leah does mark in the house, but there are many dog smells here.  She needs a home that will help rebuild her confidence without pushing her limits.

Leah’s adoption fee will be $395.00 An adoption application and home visit is required.

Thank you to everyone that chipped in to help Leah recover from her Accident!!

Update November 10, 2013

Leah had her second recheck just this past Friday.  Her hip has stayed in so far, and the bandage sling was removed.  We pray that her hip stays in without the sling for another 2 weeks,  and we will have another recheck with xrays at that time.

Her lacerations have healed up nicely, everything looks good there – thank DOG!!

 We want to thank EVERYONE who chipped in to get Leah the immediate vet care she needed.  We raised enough to cover all her vet bills up til today.  However, the 3rd recheck & xrays will run about $185.  If her hip pops out within this time frame, we will need to raise more funds for Leah to have a FHO surgery.  We will update everyone in 2 weeks time, and will continue to update after that.

There are so many people to thank, here goes, I apologize in advance for spelling errors, and/or if I might have missed someone!!!

Alicia Olive, Breena Gillespie, Susan Nicks, Annie Swift, Gail Moerkerken, Heather Asmundsun, Maria de la Cruz, Matt & Julia Ion, and the MINI MUTTS, Leah Lim, Willi Jansen, Stacie Rosenberg, Norma Wood, Kim Rainey, Edgar Obregon, Cathy Rosenberg, Michelle Mansinho, Kira Hall, Avis Unwin, Bailey Armstrong, Effy Chow, Petsearchers, Swapmeat (sorry don’t know your real name :)), Sadia Khan, Steve & Jennifer Paslawski, Barb Trainor, Aalika Kohli, Susan Inouye, Cecilia Armstrong, Poonam Master, Lisa McElheran, Johanna Swenson, Haylie Segal, Giovanni Zammit, Celeste Leander, Leah Abramson, Dhana Matthews, Patricia Rumberger, Gwen & Fraser Stepanick, Pam Sklofsky, Lynne Johnstone, Catherine Gwyer, Water Sceeter, Pamela Huumonen, Andrew Sicari, Mark Leigh, Karen Davis, Sean Slusarchuk, Jessica White, Louise Bundschuh, Leah Williams, Susan Janssen, Kristopher Krunick, Master of Tincture, Bonnie Robson, Cathy Brown, Patsy Sherrod, Craig Nichols, Jenn Wagnor, Christina Coburn, Jacquelyn Pooley, Margaret Young, Wendy Nelson, Stacey Taylor, Jeneane Rushinsky, Brenda Martin, The START Rescue and Transport Team, Christine Dunbar, Pamela Rivera, Anita Phanthikane, Angela Enns, Marg Sutton, Sandra Fellner, Monica Miller, Michelle Wittman, Christi Giles, Karen Lutz, Gillian Kirzner, Tamara Bisset, Sarah Evans, Ryan Marjerison & Melanie Simpson, Elizabeth Westman.

2013-11-10 10.20.25

Many thanks go out to all those that donated – You helped Leah when she needed it the most!!!

Original Post October 23, 2013

Leah once had an owner, in California.  She was surrendered to one of the many high kill shelters there, by her owner, at 7 years old.  Surely her experience in the shelter was no fun at all.  She was flown into Canada on Friday October 18th, 2013 by a local rescue agency.  She was placed in a foster home on the same day.  2 days later, she jumped the fence of the foster home’s yard and started running.  A few hours later, Leah was hit by a car and suffered extensive injuries.

IMG_0436 <IMG_0296


A Good Samaritan saw this accident – and crawled under the car to get Leah out.  Leah was terrified and in great pain.  Understandably she bit her savior several times.  She was taken to the only vet clinic open on Sundays in Ladner.  Her rescue agency was contacted, but unfortunately – they were unable to authorize treatment due to lack of funds at that moment.  Leah was transferred to Dhana Metta,  so she could get the immediate medical attention she needed.

Leah’s vet bills have tallied to approx. $2500 so far, and there will be more to come.  She will need rechecks weekly, bandage changes every 5 – 7 days, we are hoping that her dislocated left hip will stay in place – otherwise she will need a more extensive surgery in the near future.  Her pelvis is fractured, there are a few bone fragments around her right hip, and she has many lacerations on her legs both back and front.   It is really a miracle that she survived.



All private rescue agencies rely greatly on the support from animal lovers everywhere – most are not government funded, and many operate in the red.  Without donations, emergency funds are not there when needed the most.  Please donate – no amount is too small.

Leah has been in the hospital since Sunday, and has gone into foster care until she recovers fully from all her injuries.


Please donate to help Leah Recover fully from her injuries – so she will never have to be a lost soul ever again!!

Leah is worth spending even just  $5. She is so darling, affectionate, sweet, and forgiving. We guarantee that It will be the best 5 bucks you have ever spent.

Licks and Wags!!

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