Chewie’s true personality has come out now that he is without his sister Mocha (aka Mary). He is a real cuddle bunny and is a lazy guy. He just wants to sit around all day and do nothing but nothing. He plays for a bit with the other dogs, but would really rather be sitting under a tree in the shade just watching.


If you feel that Chew Meister would be a perfect match – contact us for an adoption application at, a home visit is also mandatory prior to approval.

Speedy – (aka MOJO) ADOPTED


Speedy now MOJO has gotten his chance to go visit The Fox and Her Hounds, for a little manner training and rehab. He is doing so well with the rest of the pack and is really enjoying himself.


He has a quirky personality, and is a cool Mojo…..he loves the girls, and even loves the boys….

Speedy & Chewie

Speedy aka Mojo’s hair has grown in a bit now, so he looks a ton better. He is a great dog looking for someone to hang out with, but he really doesn’t groove on being coddled like a baby. So if your personality suits Mojo’s personality, give us a shout and we will send you an adoption application.

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Tuna, Spud and Daisy (Daisy and Spud Adopted)

This happy 3 pack are going to be sad…. but with the right forever families, they will find happiness again. Due to a divorce and relocation of their mommy, they must find new homes, with new people, who will love them, spoil them, and be patient with them….Just like their mom has done their entire lives.


Tuna is a female and Spud is a male, brother and sister, 5 years old, both fixed, vaccinated and very well taken care of. They know their commands, Spud is more of a dominant personality, and Tuna is a submissive girl. They are both Purebred Jack Russell Terriers. They would prefer a home with no young children, and are groovy with cats that dig dogs. Their adoption donation will be $275 each.

DAISY – is Tuna & Spud’s biological mom. She lost her front right leg in a car accident many years ago. She gets around very well and it is not a disability for her. She is now 9 years old, spayed and vaccinated. She may eventually need a front wheel cart if her remaining front leg weakens in the future. Daisy’s adoption donation is $150…





If you are interested in adopting any one of these great companions, please email us at for an adoption application. A home visit will follow. Then we can book appointments for you to meet Tuna, Spud or Daisy. These three do not have to go to a home together, in fact they may thrive separately.

SPUD swimming

SPUD Loves to Swim as we have discovered!! And he needs to lose a few pounds so this is great!

Spud Runs

And Spud seems to really groove with Emmit!! They are having so much fun!


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