Speedy – (aka MOJO) ADOPTED


Speedy now MOJO has gotten his chance to go visit The Fox and Her Hounds, for a little manner training and rehab. He is doing so well with the rest of the pack and is really enjoying himself.


He has a quirky personality, and is a cool Mojo…..he loves the girls, and even loves the boys….

Speedy & Chewie

Speedy aka Mojo’s hair has grown in a bit now, so he looks a ton better. He is a great dog looking for someone to hang out with, but he really doesn’t groove on being coddled like a baby. So if your personality suits Mojo’s personality, give us a shout and we will send you an adoption application.


UPDATE – AUGUST 11, 2008

Speedy had a successful neuter and has been hanging out with the rest of the pack. He plays beautifully with the little teeny puppies and is such a gentle guy. He is so funny – when we scritch him, he does this in ecstasy growl, and just loves it!! He plays nice with all the other doggies, and has not shown any aggression. He is even fine with our cat, who hangs out with the dog pack all the time.

He has really come out of his shell, and his personality is shining through. So far, no one has even applied for Speedy which is really sad, cause he would make a great companion.

If you are interested in adopting Speedy and giving him a wonderful life, please contact us for an adoption application at dhanametta@yahoo.ca

Speedy had a stressful couple of days at the groomers. He was so badly matted that he eventually needed to be sedated. He needed to be shaved right down, so now he looks like a pug.

He has gone to the vet for his neuter, and will soon be starting his training. He is the type of dog that likes to “hang out” with his humans and be your little side kick, but really doesn’t jive on being coddled like a baby, really he says “I’m my own man”.


After shaving him down, the stench was so horrid, that he needed to be bathed more than once. I am sure he feels much better now, and probably feels handsome, sorta.



He weighs in at 16lbs, and would not like to live with children. He thinks he would like to be an only dog, maybe…and he ignores the cats, I guess cause they ignore him.

Speedy was surrendered by his owners who decided that his grooming took way too much effort. As you can see, he came to us in this condition, and has not had a chance to go see the groomer yet. We will post him after grooming photos shortly.


Speedy is a Bichon Shihtzu, 3 years old, weighing in at close to 25lbs. He will require consistent grooming, so if you are interested in adopting him, please be sure you are ready to put the time in to brush him on a regular basis.

He seems to do well with other dogs, and cats. We have not had the chance to test him with small children as of yet, so a home without young children would be best.

Speedy will be neutered, tattooed, vaccinated and dewormed prior to adoption. His adoption fee is $295.

Please email us at dhanametta@yahoo.ca for an adoption application. A home visit is required.

1 Comment

  1. Mandarin said,

    August 5, 2008 at 2:16 pm

    He actually resembles a puggle, but then they don’t usually grow shag. Perhaps he’s a pekinese cross? Pug Shih Tzu? He’s WAAAAAAY cuter all shaved down. I’m sure he feels better, and he certainly looks much more handsome.

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