M.J. (aka MaryJane) has been adopted

This 1 1/2 year old mini red doxy wants to be someone’s princess. She needs a loving family, but at the same one which will be diligent with her training. She is still learning her manners, which her foster parents have been working on.

She is good with cats and other dogs, though she has a dominant personality. She is also housetrained. When you lay her on her back in your arms, kiss her and chat with her, she just closes her eyes in bliss and enjoys every second.

MJ is spunky, quick to learn and is still working on the slight remainder of separation anxiety. However she has not shown any destructive behavior when left alone.

She bonds quickly, and is needy. We feel that all she needs is a solid dependable home that will practice gentle correction, understanding, and love.

While at home MJ is fearless, except when the vacuum is concerned, when she is out and about she is a little insecure. It will take time & support for her to realize that the big overwhelming world is not out to get her.

If you feel you have what it takes to be the gentle teacher, anchor of safety, and family that she needs, then please fill out an Adoption Application.

MJ’s Adoption Fee $275

She is spayed, fully vaccinated, dewormed, and microchipped

MJ 2008



Princess is Going Home

I write this with tears in my eyes, we say goodbye to our sweet little Princess after such a short time.  

Her owners have had a change of heart, and are willing to give Princess the necessary vet care and love that she so deserves.

They have expressed to me that they felt pressured by the rest of the family to have her euthanized, and the vet they were seeing at the time said that Princess had no hope.

A second opinion has instilled a new positive outlook for their family, and I am happy that we were able to help them come to this decision.

We will continue to give advice in regards to how they can get a K-9 cart that works for Princess and have left all doors open.  

We would like to thank all those who have supported Princess during this journey. 




Princess came to us this past Sunday.  Semi-paralyzed.  7 months ago, her owners had dropped her off at the groomers, when they went to pick her up, she had obviously been injured somehow. The groomers however did not divulge any information on how this had happened.

After many x-rays and steroidal medications, Princess did not improve.

Princess is such a sweetheart, quiet and laid back.  Accepting her disability, we hope to help her in more ways than one.  Her fine motor skills are lacking, but her gross motor skills are still functioning very well.

If you would like to help Princess on her road to a better life, donations will be graciously accepted and very appreciated.  You can send your donations to:  

Dhana Metta Rescue Society #235 – 2607 Kingsway, Vancouver, BC, V5R 5H4 


An account has been established for her at Can West, and donations can be made directly with the clinic on behalf of Princess. 

We hope that Princess will find a compassionate, accepting, understanding forever home in the near future, we will keep you all updated on her progress and her adoption status. 



Ted is a young dog, roughly a year old, that came to us from Northern BC. He was surrendered by his family when they decided that he was bigger than what they were hoping for, even though he is only 15lbs.


Ted likes making new friends.  He is a very well trained puppy of indeterminate origin. Perhaps a Keeshound cross.  He loves to play and have fun. Ted, or Theodore as he likes to be called when he is being regal, has a wonderful manner and knows a few tricks too.  He is a smart dog that is more than willing to please. Great with other dogs and cats. Housetrained. Preferably no children under 8 years of age.

Theodore’s Adoption Fee $275  

He is neutered, fully vaccinated, dewormed, and microchipped  

If you think that you have enough love for Ted, please fill out an Adoption Application and return it to us at dhanametta@yahoo.ca.

Sage the Tumbleweed

Here is Sage.  Little Chihuahua Terrier.  We connected with her at 4 months of age, she was in a home that had a couple of children that were simply too rough with a small dog.  We saw her and just couldn’t leave her behind.  

It was snowy, and cold.  We brought her home, gave her a bath to get rid of the fleas.  We put her on our bed and let her sleep.  She slept what it seemed like for days on end, like she hadn’t slept much in the entire 4 months of her life. When it was time to wake her up, she would growl and bear her teeth at us, saying “Leave me alone, I’m trying to sleep.”  

So we let her be, and she eventually became more trusting of us. However, she was not so trusting of strangers.  She would snap and growl if someone tried to pet her,  she would freak and bite if someone tried to pick her up.   I remember wishing she would lighten up, but always reminded myself that she was a dog,  she cannot rationalize her emotions like humans can.

 If we connect with animals on an empathetic level, we can allow ourselves to feel their emotions, therefore allowing us to relate to them.

Sage was diagnosed with PDA,  Patent Ductus Arteriosis.  The vets suggested surgery, but we opted against it.  The reason – we just didn’t want Sage to suffer.  Getting her chest cut open, feeling the pain, but not understanding why this was happening to her.  Her prognosis was that she may not live as long of a life without the surgery.  

My answer was, at least she would live a great life.

She is now 2 1/2 years old, and is a lively,  affectionate, little tumbleweed with an attitude.  Her heart is good, the vets checked her out recently and said they couldn’t hear her heart murmur anymore.  She will go for another visit to CanWest for an ultrasound to see if her heart has healed itself.  

Is it possible that something as simple as love and care could mend a broken heart?


Shortman’s Life

Shortman came into my life in January 2007, from Abbotsford Animal Control.  He was found walking along the side of the Fraser Highway when he was 3 months old. I saw him posted on the AAC website, and just had to see him.  

Cute as a button, high energy, happy with the shortest legs and biggest feet I ever did see on a little dog.  He looked like a squishy teddy bear, and still does.    

I went out to see him before he was allowed to be adopted.  He was a stray, so there was a holding period to give the owner’s a chance to claim him.  But they never came.  When I saw him I fell in love like I felt I would, then went back on his release day.  Supposedly, there were alot of inquires about him, but I was the only one who showed up that morning.  And lucky for me!!

I paid the adoption fee and we went home.  We were driving on the number 1 and Shortman puked all over the front seat of my truck.  I cleaned it up and we continued.  Well, he started drooling at the mouth, and puked again!

The nice man at the shelter gave Shortman so much of his sandwich and a whole lotta treats while we were in the waiting room you see, so I think he was ill from that, not from my driving!  Shortman was this really calm puppy after we came home.

 For about a week.  

He was 15lbs and counting,  loved to run and knock the other dogs over…..little football player.  He is now a bit over a year old and has been diagnosed with paneostitis – bone disease which causes him to go lame from time to time.  But the good news is that this disease oddly vacates the body at 18 months of age.

He also had a cherry eye surgery just recently, and had to wear a cone on his head for 10 days.   He still played as hard as he could and busted that cone up real good, we used alot of duct tape for those 10 days.

Now at 30lbs, my terrier bassett (?) is short, long and such a great listener – 90% of the time. 

He loves the warmth of the sun.   As we all do. 

 shortman’s Life

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