Princess came to us this past Sunday.  Semi-paralyzed.  7 months ago, her owners had dropped her off at the groomers, when they went to pick her up, she had obviously been injured somehow. The groomers however did not divulge any information on how this had happened.

After many x-rays and steroidal medications, Princess did not improve.

Princess is such a sweetheart, quiet and laid back.  Accepting her disability, we hope to help her in more ways than one.  Her fine motor skills are lacking, but her gross motor skills are still functioning very well.

If you would like to help Princess on her road to a better life, donations will be graciously accepted and very appreciated.  You can send your donations to:  

Dhana Metta Rescue Society #235 – 2607 Kingsway, Vancouver, BC, V5R 5H4 


An account has been established for her at Can West, and donations can be made directly with the clinic on behalf of Princess. 

We hope that Princess will find a compassionate, accepting, understanding forever home in the near future, we will keep you all updated on her progress and her adoption status. 


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