Shortman’s Life

Shortman came into my life in January 2007, from Abbotsford Animal Control.  He was found walking along the side of the Fraser Highway when he was 3 months old. I saw him posted on the AAC website, and just had to see him.  

Cute as a button, high energy, happy with the shortest legs and biggest feet I ever did see on a little dog.  He looked like a squishy teddy bear, and still does.    

I went out to see him before he was allowed to be adopted.  He was a stray, so there was a holding period to give the owner’s a chance to claim him.  But they never came.  When I saw him I fell in love like I felt I would, then went back on his release day.  Supposedly, there were alot of inquires about him, but I was the only one who showed up that morning.  And lucky for me!!

I paid the adoption fee and we went home.  We were driving on the number 1 and Shortman puked all over the front seat of my truck.  I cleaned it up and we continued.  Well, he started drooling at the mouth, and puked again!

The nice man at the shelter gave Shortman so much of his sandwich and a whole lotta treats while we were in the waiting room you see, so I think he was ill from that, not from my driving!  Shortman was this really calm puppy after we came home.

 For about a week.  

He was 15lbs and counting,  loved to run and knock the other dogs over…..little football player.  He is now a bit over a year old and has been diagnosed with paneostitis – bone disease which causes him to go lame from time to time.  But the good news is that this disease oddly vacates the body at 18 months of age.

He also had a cherry eye surgery just recently, and had to wear a cone on his head for 10 days.   He still played as hard as he could and busted that cone up real good, we used alot of duct tape for those 10 days.

Now at 30lbs, my terrier bassett (?) is short, long and such a great listener – 90% of the time. 

He loves the warmth of the sun.   As we all do. 

 shortman’s Life


  1. Mandarin said,

    February 7, 2008 at 9:38 pm

    I LOVE the Shortman story! Awsome!

  2. Julia said,

    February 24, 2008 at 7:19 pm

    paneostitis – it is not really a disease. It is inflammation of the long bone. It is a growth thing. When you look at the x-ray of the leg it will have a spongy look to it. As the bones solidify, the pain lessens and eventually goes away. The way to encourage the bone growth to speed up is to mega dose vitamin C.

    I have bouviers and have had two of them inflicted with it. The first one suffered for a long time, even would see some limping into adulthood but the second one got the mega dose of vitamin C and got through it quickly. If only I had known about this sooner my first girl wouldn’t have suffered!

    I gave my girl 5000 mg of vitamin C as soon as I saw her limping and continued with it until she appeared to be feeling better. With a small dog you will have to fiddle with the dose. You can tell if they are getting too much if they get really gassy or if they get diarhhea(sp?)

    I hope your boy starts feeling better.

  3. dhanametta said,

    February 26, 2008 at 2:55 am

    Thanks Julia for your comment.

    True, it’s not really a disease, however the vets do call it that. Shortman has not had an episode with his paneostitis for about 3 months now (knock on wood). His legs are crooked but he is still super cute!!

    I will try out the Vitamin C!

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