Sage the Tumbleweed

Here is Sage.  Little Chihuahua Terrier.  We connected with her at 4 months of age, she was in a home that had a couple of children that were simply too rough with a small dog.  We saw her and just couldn’t leave her behind.  

It was snowy, and cold.  We brought her home, gave her a bath to get rid of the fleas.  We put her on our bed and let her sleep.  She slept what it seemed like for days on end, like she hadn’t slept much in the entire 4 months of her life. When it was time to wake her up, she would growl and bear her teeth at us, saying “Leave me alone, I’m trying to sleep.”  

So we let her be, and she eventually became more trusting of us. However, she was not so trusting of strangers.  She would snap and growl if someone tried to pet her,  she would freak and bite if someone tried to pick her up.   I remember wishing she would lighten up, but always reminded myself that she was a dog,  she cannot rationalize her emotions like humans can.

 If we connect with animals on an empathetic level, we can allow ourselves to feel their emotions, therefore allowing us to relate to them.

Sage was diagnosed with PDA,  Patent Ductus Arteriosis.  The vets suggested surgery, but we opted against it.  The reason – we just didn’t want Sage to suffer.  Getting her chest cut open, feeling the pain, but not understanding why this was happening to her.  Her prognosis was that she may not live as long of a life without the surgery.  

My answer was, at least she would live a great life.

She is now 2 1/2 years old, and is a lively,  affectionate, little tumbleweed with an attitude.  Her heart is good, the vets checked her out recently and said they couldn’t hear her heart murmur anymore.  She will go for another visit to CanWest for an ultrasound to see if her heart has healed itself.  

Is it possible that something as simple as love and care could mend a broken heart?


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