Comet – Adopted

What a sweetie Comet it, but my gosh, she is STARVING for love and attention…poor little dear. She’s still not eating great, but seems to like Tucker’s food so I’ve been mixing it with the puppy food you gave me…

She’s a versatile little thing…would be happy being a lap dog, or playing with a bunch of kids. She …was very excited when my niece came over…seemed to know right away that she was a play-thing, however, she plays a little rough/mouthy. She does stop though when she gets too rough and you call her off.

Her recall is great now…she can go in the backyard with the other dogs and will come back to the door everytime she’s called…except when she thinks she’s going in the kennel, even though once she’s in it, she’s quite comfortable. LOL clever little monster.


Foster Mom has it down with the personality…yep.  Comet is about 9 months old, 8 lbs, a terrier mix of some sort, but who knows.

Her adoption fee is $450, she has been spayed, vaccinated, dewormed, and microchipped.  Please email us for an adoption application at Home visits are required.


  1. Kim Hanen said,

    January 6, 2010 at 10:40 pm

    Hello Comet and congrats on finding a new home!
    In case your new family still isn’t sure… you are what is known as a Border Terrier; and perhaps a teeny bit of another terrier, but Border Terrier to the largest extent. [your face shape, your eyes and muzzle were a dead giveaway when I first saw you]
    You are descended from a wonderfully rich background. I’m only sorry I was ill these past couple weeks because I had every intention of writing in to adopt you! But I’m sure you have found a lovely home.
    In case your humans want to know a bit more about you…
    I hope you have a wonderful life you furry little sweetheart.

  2. Tracy said,

    April 19, 2010 at 10:56 am

    Hehe, my little baby girl! If any of you are wondering, Comet is now Sophie and she’s doing amazingly well in her new home with me. She’s the most sweetest little monster ever. She knows she’s cute and uses it to wrap everyone around her little paw. I sometimes bring her into the office with me on Friday afternoons and have a list of people to call because she are always dying to see her (some even have her picture as their computer wallpaper!). She’s a wonderful apartment dog, very quiet- until we’re at my parents house and she’s with her brothers. Her and our old man Bandit (who will be 11 in June and is 30 pounds) loves playing tug and even though she’s only 9 pounds she holds her own. Must be the terrier in her. I’m so much happier now that she’s in my life, she’s filled me with love and joy.

    If anyone is interested in seeing more pictures of her you can check them out on my Flickr page =)

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