Chardonnay – Adopted

Chardonnay came to us when she was 10 weeks old with her sister Aurora. We believe they are chihuahua crosses. They were both so extremely emaciated and absolutely terrified of everything. We decided to keep them with us for as long as they needed to become healthy and at least as confident as they could be at such a young age.

They are both now 15 weeks old, and healthy. However, even though their confidence is so much better now, they are still fearful of loud noises and voices, heavy footsteps, and walking outside on a leash is still a bit traumatic. Therefore we are looking for a quiet home for Chardonnay with no children, and not too much noise and commotion.



Chardonnay and her friend Chiquita (Adopted)


We are now accepting applications for Chardonnay, please keep in mind that we will be choosing the right home for her, and home visits are mandatory.

Chardonnay’s adoption fee is $395, she has had her deworming, and flea treatment, first vaccinations (she will have her next set at 18 weeks old) and will be given a spay certificate plus tattoo to be used when she is 6 months old.

Please email us for an adoption application at

1 Comment

  1. Anne O'Meara said,

    September 4, 2008 at 3:27 pm

    I have registered with you. I love Chardonnay. He is so cute and loveable. I happen to live alone. I am a young senior and my home is very peaceful ans quite. I have two very shy cats and I wondered how she would get along with them?

    He would certainly be going to a very quite and loving home. I’m planning a trip to Dublin, Ireland – leaving on September 13th and returning on September 27th.

    Should she still be available for adoption I am interested. I do know that home visits are mandatory and that is fine by me. I had a boxer for 8 years and adored him but the fact that I live in a 2 bedroom condo in Coquitlam backing onto a park and LaFarge lake I feel a small dog that I can take everywhere with me would be great.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.


    Anne O’Meara

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