Cats and Kittens – ALL ADOPTED

We currently have 3 adult cats that are looking for their forever homes.  2 are black and one is a tabby.  ALL females, spayed, vaccinated, tattooed, dewormed and flea treated.  One of the black Mommies was deserted by her owners in Surrey and gave birth to her 3 kittens outside.  So needless to say they are a little scared of people and will need a patient, caring, loving home to show them how to trust humans again.

Cats for adoption

The kittens interestingly enough are also 2 blacks and one tabby – females. They are currently about 12 weeks old, we have kept them here with us for the past 3 weeks to get them used to being handled by people and to ensure their health.  They were born outside and were not handled much by people, therefore they are semi-feral.  We are looking for donations to have them all spayed, tattooed and vaccinated.  This way we can find them a place to be – like a farm, or barn where they can live out their lives with at least a human to feed them and provide any future vet care they will need.

It has been very difficult to find homes for these little kittens, no body seems to want to pay anything for barn cats, but they also don’t want to pay to spay or neuter them.  If we can raise enough money to have them all fixed, we will be able to find them a place and waive all adoption fees.

Semi Feral Kiities

Adoption fee for these adult cats $125.00 including spay/neuter, vaccination, deworm, flea treatment, and tattoo.



  1. patti mondor said,

    April 10, 2009 at 3:02 am

    The tabby in the above picture, is it a female? Did you check to see if it had a tatoo in it’s ear? It sure looks identical to the one that I’ve posted missing in Craig’s list. How long have you had her and where did you find her? Her name is ELMO if it is the one I’m looking for. She is a senior cat but looks very young. It sure would be a miracle if you have her. I’ve been devasted.

  2. dhanametta said,

    April 10, 2009 at 3:37 am

    Yes, she is a female. But she was young when we got here into our rescue. She was not spayed when she got to us nor was she tattooed. We had her spayed and tattooed at our vet.

    Some one else asked the same question a while ago. She came to us in September of 2008.

    I hope you find Elmo, or that she finds her way back to you.

    Good luck.

    Dhana Metta

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