Quasi has her name!!

This tiny 7 week old Shihtzu Puppy was literally discarded like her life was worth nothing, at a mall in Northern BC. My friend saw this “breeder” take the pups into the pet store. She followed out of curiosity. As she listened to the discussion between the store owner and the breeder, the owner said “That one is deformed, I don’t want it, no one would ever pay for a deformed puppy.”

The breeder did something my friend couldn’t believe. Right there in the store she said “Free puppy, who wants it?”

Lucky for this little baby, my friend answered first. “I’ll take her.” And that’s the story of how she came to our rescue.


And yes, she has a birth defect, but I wouldn’t say she is deformed. She is the most adorable little 1.8lb puppy, and as sweet as can be. We are asking for help to get her fully checked out at Can West to see what her future holds.

The vet today said that she has Wry Mouth: wry bite or wry mouth-a skeletal defect where the midline of the maxilla does not line up with the midline of the mandible.

Okay, so her nose is crooked, it’s way off to her right side, doesn’t make her ugly. Yes, she is looking pretty much straight ahead. Her teeth don’t align up, which could be an issue when her adult teeth start coming in. We will see what the specialists have to say.


We are hoping that the pet loving community will help us raise approximately $2500 for Quasi.  If 125 generous people donated only $20 each – we would have enough to fund her future surgery.


Donations can be mailed to:

The Dhana Metta Rescue Society #235 – 2607 Kingsway, Vancouver, BC V5R 5H4

We gratefully thank Gloria & Anthony for our first donation of $500!! This donation will cover Li’l Baby’s initial consultation of $160, and her x-rays!




  1. Lindsay said,

    April 12, 2008 at 1:45 am

    I think she is just adorable, despite her wry mouth defect. It’s sad how some people only think about how much they can make off of their puppies instead of how happy and fulfilling those pups can make somebody else’s life….she looks like a real sweetheart…

  2. arlene said,

    April 24, 2008 at 1:37 am

    I am in love…she is just the sweetest!!!!!!!!!
    I want to help. Do you have phone numbers for the contacts.
    And can I call and give my Visa information to make a donation???

    If so, perhaps a posting would encourage more people to give.

    Give Lil Baby a little scratch behind her ears for me……

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