Fred and Wilbur – Both Adopted

Fred and Wilbur came fro the same BYB/Hoarding situation just as Barney did.  They are brothers, 12 weeks of age.  Now these two are definately not like Barney in personality.  They are shy, and timid.  It takes them a few minutes to warm up to a new person.  They are cautious.

Fred and Wilbur

Once they warm up to you, they are little snugglers, unlike Barney.  Shaggy puppies are very cute, however, they are again a breed that requires daily grooming as well as professional grooming to prevent them from becoming all matted.  If you are not prepared to groom these pups, they are not the breed for you.

Fred and Wilbur have an adoption fee of $495 each. They will be neutered, fully vaccinated, dewormed, flea treated and tattooed.

An adoption application and home visit is required.

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  1. Cindy Charron said,

    October 3, 2009 at 10:27 am

    We have adopted Fred and a good friend and neighbor adopted Wilbur. These dogs are an absolute delight. They are both easy going and friendly and learn very quickly. We get together frequently so the dogs play with each other till exhausted and then snuggle together for a rest. I am not sure who likes this more … me or them? I really didn’t think I was that much of an animal person…until now.
    Thank you Yuana, for suggesting a such a suitable pet for our family
    Be Well,

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