Henry 3 Paws

Urgent Funds Needed by April 30, 2017 – $2340 CAD

Donations can be made through our website or via E-Transfer to dhanametta@yahoo.ca


Please make sure there is a Memo attached to your donation stating it is for Henry.

Henry Estimate for Prosthetic

Henry 3 Paws is a young pup found as a stray on the streets of San Bernardino in September of 2016.  He ended up at the SBC Shelter where his photo was sent to me in a private message, asking if we could help him. Of course, he is just the type we like to help!

Henry is missing a foot.  On his right leg.   He gets on without this foot just fine, but having to compensate on his one good leg, is and will continue to cause more serious issues with his shoulders and spine.  We are already witnessing a change in his shorter leg, which is starting to twist outwards – because he is putting it down for support. Henry has a very similar to one of our other dogs Nubz, who is also missing most of the same leg.  They became instant Besties, but unfortunately Nubz was not a candidate for a prosthesis.

Henry and Nubz with Santa

Henry was pulled from the SBC shelter on Sept 14, 2016 and placed into temporary foster care until his transport.  He arrived into Dhana Metta’s BC Headquarters on October 14, 2016. Yes we waited an unusually long time to post for donations to help him.  The reason for that is something which should simply never happen in rescue. Seeing the worst of the worst in human behavior and selfishness, come before the best interests of the animals being rescued.  Ego and drama is not needed when the real focus is about getting each and every animal we rescue, what they need asap.

I am truly disappointed that we had to wait this long to get Henry what he needs but now that this is behind us, we must move forward for Henry’s sake.

This is Henry’s shelter video.

Henry has already moved on, he has made new best friends – friends that are just like him!  Different but even more special!  We call Nubz and Henry “The Hoppity Twins”.   Henry just loves his friends, and is having a great time in Canada.

We decided to go ahead and get Henry’s specialist exam and xrays done upon arrival in October 2016.  We also decided to have casting made in February 2017, despite not having raised any funds specifically for Henry.   Orthopets will only hold the current casting for a total of 90 days, because his leg will continue to change the more he tries to use it.

We would hate to have to put him through getting another casting, and pay for another casting appointment.

That being said, we only have roughly 8 more weeks to raise the full amount of $2340 CAD or $1740 USD for Henry’s prosthetic leg and his house slipper, not including the physiotherapy that he will have to attend after he receives his bionic leg.

Henry Xrays 10/15/16henry first visit invoicehenry invoice casting


We hope that with this plea we put out today for Henry reaches many people and touches their hearts.   Henry is such a special little man – who holds no grudges against anyone and he wishes he will be up and running in his bionic leg by Spring!

  We would love to see Henry run, hike, and play with his friends without possible injury.  Henry just LOVES to run and play with his buddies.  But sometimes, he screams out in pain, so we know that this missing foot does cause him discomfort.  Whether it be from the shoulder, or from the actual stump – we aren’t quite sure. But we would like to nip that in the bud right away.  He shouldn’t have to wait any longer to live pain free.

henry and friends

The end product will look like the ones in these photos.
henry's prosthetc leg sample

We would like to thank everyone in advance for SHARING Henry’s story and for DONATING ANY AMOUNT towards his bionic leg!



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