Those who donate a minimum of $50 will receive a DHANA METTA RESCUE SOCIETY T-SHIRT as a free gift to show our gratitude!!!

Finnegan at CanWest

Finnegan is a 5 year old Dachshund who suffered paralysis due to a condition called IVDD. He was surrendered by his owner to a vet clinic 4 weeks ago, when they were not able to provide for him as a paralyzed dog, and were not able to consider such a pricey surgery.

Finnegan went to the Neurologist at Canada West Vet Specialists today, and the specialist say that because Finn still has feeling in his hind legs, that he is a surgical candidate with an 85% – 95% success rate to walk again.

finnegan estimate

BUT WE ONLY HAVE 2 WEEKS left before this window of opportunity disappears FOREVER. After 6 weeks of being in this condition, Finnegan will no longer be able to have the surgery to fix his back, 4 weeks has passed already.

Finnegan does not have much time left.

We need to raise a total of $5500 in 2 weeks. If we aren’t able to reach this goal, Finnegan will never be able to run and play with his doggie friends again… which would make him so sad.

Please help us reach this goal, by donating ANY amount today!


T-shirts are Available is White or Black. Small, Medium, Large or X Large. Keep in mind that these shirts fit a little small, so if you are a Medium, go for a Large. When making your donation, please ensure that your mailing address is correct.

T-shirts in Black or White


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