Jack – Update – In Memory

Jack didn’t get to stay with us for too long, but his foster family sure did fall in love with the little guy.  At least he got the best of everything before he passed.  He suffered bouts of seizures and instability, off and on for a few months.  Poor little dude.  

Super special thanks to Jack’s foster parents, who ended up adopting him.  We wish there were more people like you out there!  So many needy dogs would be so lucky.

Jack the senior yorkie has been  with us since February 2008, and thankfully has had a wonderful foster family to spend his transition time with.  Unfortunately, Jack hasn’t been feeling so great for the last couple of weeks, and his foster parents brought him in for some tests.

We have discovered from these tests, that Jack has Addison’s Disease.  We have come to a solution that will work for all involved , especially Jack.  He will stay with his amazing foster family, where he is well cared for and loved so very much, for as much time as he has left.

We would like to thank all those who have enquired about Jack.  And we give an extra special thank you to Jack’s foster family, without you, he would be lost.


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