Taco (still waiting) and Kiko (adopted)

Kiko and Taco are both 11 years old.  They have been together their whole lives, since they were puppies.  They were surrendered to Dhana Metta Rescue Society in early July 2011.

These 2 dogs, deserving of love, had been kept in a small room about 4 x 6 maybe less, for 4 years. They used to have free roam of the house, but since grandchildren arrived, they have been segregated, away from family and what they had been so accustomed to. The room was clean, don’t get me wrong they pee on newspapers in this room and sleep on clean towels.  The owners really did love them alot, but no longer had the means to provide to them what they needed.

Kiko and Taco

Kiko and Taco had never been socialized with other dogs or very many people until they arrived here.  They have been amazing with the other small dogs so far, and are living communally with so many of them.  They have so many human visitors that Taco no longer goes to bite, and Kiko seems to have become very independent.

Both of them had their vet visit yesterday, and as we suspected there are things we absolutely need to have investigated before we can let them go to a forever home.

Taco has had trouble walking for a long time.  When I saw him at him original home, I suspected a neurological issue.  Maybe a disc problem, an issue with his spine, or possibly a tumor near the spine.  Taco saw a specialist at Canada West Veterinary Specialists and he confirmed that Taco’s issue is most likely a disc issue in his neck.  We could do an MRI at the cost of approx $3000, however Taco is doing so well just the way he is that maybe we should just let him be, and find him a home who will love him just the way he is.  We wanted to thank all those who donated towards Taco to get him in to see the specialists.

Kiko has been Diagnosed with Cushing’s disease.  There are 2 options – to let her live her life just the way she is, and believe me she is an amazing little dog.  Blind but smart – and independent!  Or we could start her on meds – Lysodren and Trilostane are the most common drugs we use to treat HAC in dogs Neither of these is cheap nor without risks of severe side effects. We are going to be running one more test on this sweet little girl before our final decision on how to treat her.  We want to thank all those who have donated to Kiko’s vet bills, with a few more to come.

These sweet little seniors deserve to feel what it is like to be loved and cared for again.  We hope that someone falls in love with them just like we did.

Thank you in advance!

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