Macy is a tiny female Shihtzu who was only used for breeding then discarded when she could no longer produce enough puppies.  She is 3 years old, and had a very complicated spay.  The vet said she had a uterus the size of a rottweiller – dear god!!!

She is very sweet and laid back.  I think she is depressed being taking away from the “brood” she used to have to live with.  She is whining like she is looking for something that isn’t here.  She is totally fine with other dogs and cats.  She hasn’t yet been tested with children, but she is so laid back I can’t see her not liking them.


Macy has just recently been spayed. She is vaccinated, dewormed, flea treated, and tattooed. Her adoption fee is $395. You can email us at for an adoption application, home visits are required.


  1. Janet, Matt & Ashley said,

    August 10, 2009 at 7:36 am

    I have met Macy and she is an adorable young lady! She is shy but I think with a lot of love and understanding, a caring forever home will find her a true and fabulous companion! She has the sweetest face and is waiting for you to take her home!

  2. Janet, Matt & Ashley said,

    August 24, 2009 at 6:56 pm

    As I have got to know Macy more (she’s a friend of our Ruby (Ruka), we have found that she’s a totally loving and gentle girl. She loves to cuddle up in bed and wants no more than to please you with her love! Hopefully whomever adopts her can keep in touch with us. Macy and Ruby absolutely love to play and hang and Macy has been for sleep overs! It’s just too cute for words! My daughter and Macy’s foster teen mom have bathed Ruby and Macy together and they have had fun in the suds and Macy enjoys her bath time!

    She needs lots of close cuddles, sweet words, and gentle handling and she will be your loyal canine baby! She’s just so awesome! If I could have had a third dog, Macy would be it!

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