Pixie was used as a breeding bitch her whole life…7 years, and then was ditched.  It is obvious that she has probably been bred fairly recently as her teets are so large and almost touch the ground. We are so glad that someone decided that she would get the best care and find the best home through rescue.

Pixie is non reactive with other dogs, walks great off leash, comes when called (most of the time) and is fairly laid back.  She is great with kids too.  However she is food aggressive when another dog comes near her food bowl or bone.  This is common with dogs that have lived in puppy mill and back yard breeder situations.  Pixie is 70lbs and a little underweight right now.  She is a taller bulldog – not as short and stocky as most bulldogs.


Pixie is also great with cats…doesn’t really care about them.  She does get really excited when she hasn’t seen you for a few hours. and whines and cries with happiness.  She does try to jump up on you, and succeeds most of the time.  She is pretty much house trained, but water intake needs to be monitored as she will drink a whole bowl at one time, which her bladder does not appreciate.

Pixie’s bloodwork came back normal, she has been spayed, vaccinated, microchipped, dewormed and flea treated.

Pixie’s adoption fee is $395.  An adoption application and home visit is required.

Please email us at adoptionsdmrs@yahoo.ca to request an application or you can find one on our website http://www.dhanametta.wordpress.com

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