Since finding out that Jake was suffering from Progressive Retinal Atrophy, his owners have found things to be so much easier.  They now understand Jake – and why he does the things he does.  They have decided to keep Jake, sell their smaller sized townhome, and buy a house with a yard.  They are reading lots of books on how to live with blind dogs, and they feel they can overcome this challenge the universe put before them.  KUDOS to these wonderful people, for going the extra extra mile to be able to give their dog Jake a forever home – and to love him just the way he is!!!



Jake is a 3 year old Black Lab.  He is a wonderful dog, smart, willing to please and needing a new home.  Jake has been diagnosed with Progressive Retinal Atrophy.  It is hard to tell that Jake has this condition.  His eyes are clear and seem normal.  It was his behavior that made us question his sight.


Jake needs a new home who has experience with sight impaired dogs.  In time he will be completely blind.  He needs a home that is quiet, organized, and patient.

It will not take Jake long to learn a new layout, he also needs to be trained on leash – as a blind dog.  He hears and smells extremely well, he tends to get a little stressed if he doesn’t know where his human disappeared to and will bark to ask you to tell him where you are.

We are asking the animal loving community to help find Jake a foster home, until a forever home is found.  The foster home will also need to be experienced with seeing impaired dogs, and willing to help train him.  Jake would of course prefer a forever home first so that he does not have to relearn layouts too many times.

jake 1

Jake is currently at the only home he has known for 3 years, however the stress of the noise, toys and inconsistency is wearing on him.  Even though his owners are sad to have to make this decision, it is the best thing for Jake.  It would be great for Jake to be put into foster care sooner than later, so he can start learning how to cope with his sight loss.  He also needs to start to relax as his home now is very stressful for him.

An application and home visit is required, please send an email to fosterdmrs@yahoo.ca if you feel you can open your heart and home to Jake as a foster parent.  Those interested in giving Jake a forever home can email us at adoptionsdmrs@yahoo.ca


  1. Mandarin said,

    July 21, 2011 at 3:53 pm

    Aw, Kat and Ty will be so disappointed LOL. THAT is amazing, I’m so impressed! Good for them. If only more doggy gaurdians decided to be so compassionate 😀 My heart swells for them, so wonderful!

  2. dhanametta said,

    July 21, 2011 at 10:47 pm

    There are always so many other dogs that need homes!! And foster homes. Hopefully Kat and Ty will be willing to foster another needy dog.

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