Richie is ADOPTED for REAL!

Richie Rich is the sweetest Chihuahua you’ll meet.  I have known him only for a short time as his foster mom, but he melted my heart the first day I met him and would have adopted him if my circumstances were different. It will break my heart to see him go, but will make me happy to know he will be going to a loving forever home.


Richie’s most favorite thing to do is play with his toys. He absolutely loves to play tug a war and fetch. As soon as you grab a toy his eyes light up and his tail starts to wag a mile a minute! His second most favorite thing is a belly rub. He will stretch right out while you scratch his belly and his expressive eyes will close halfway in the enjoyment of it.

He is very good walking on a leash, but every so often he will stop, look at you and not move. I find this happens when his leash is not quite right and he is bothered by it. But not too worry, a little bit of patience and he starts moving again. Richie is a little unsure around new people and kids and may give a warning growl, but he is such a good listener and all it takes is a firm no or a very slight tug on the leash and he will stop. Richie is good with most dogs but tends to run up to them and so he needs to learn to approach slowly and greet them properly.

At the end of the day when Richie goes into his bed he likes to cover himself up with a blanket. He needs no help doing this as he has perfected the art of maneuvering his way under it while rotating in circle. The end result is him entirely covered up by his blanket! It is quite amazing that he is able to do this.

Richie is such a sweet dog and he deserves to be in a permanent home with people who will love and cherish him forever. In return he will love you back and make you smile and laugh.

Richie is housebroken, crate trained, neutered, vaccinated, flea treated and wormed.  His adoption donation is $395.  Adoption applications and home visit is required.

1 Comment

  1. Linda said,

    November 5, 2011 at 4:27 am

    Loved this dog… he was a sweetie for me as a foster. VERY glad to know he got his furever home!

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