Sissy (Adopted) and Jonesy (also Adopted)

Sissy and Jonesy were adopted from a Los Angeles shelter as pups.  They are not related but have been together since they went through the shelter system.  Once adopted after being spayed and neutered, microchipped and up to date on their shots, they were taken to a furever home that turned out to not be ‘furever’.


The owners, believing the two pups were the cause of allergies in one of the children, were promptly sentenced to a life outside the home for seven months.  Not having a fenced in yard, a make-shift enclosure was created by the owner out of wire, chain link fencing, bits and pieces of boards, an old door, a tree trunk and other assorted junk.


This is where Jonesy and Sissy were found – filthy and deprived of attention and love

We were called by a friend of the owner’s neighbor who had been feeding the dogs through the enclosure.  Unable to reach their water dish (a cut-off bottom of a soda bottle), the neighbor’s friend continued to wet down the dogs as best she could with her water hose.  The afternoon we came to look at the dogs, it was 104 degrees  in the shade.  Both dogs were panting, the water in their ‘water bowl’ was green and covered with a layer of dried, brown evergreen thistles.  There was no food, not even a dish.  The dogs were filthy, covered with fleas and both had worms.

Eventually the owner decided to turn the dogs over and we discovered that they had probably never ever lived inside a home, despite being almost a year old!  It was a rapid learning experience for everyone!


Sissy was shy at first, but she is now a loving Chihuahua and would prefer to sleep in your bed or curl up on your lap at the drop of a hat.  She is very affectionate with the other fosters in her pack.  She respects alphas in the pack, is not food aggressive nor assertive despite living the bulk of her life outside in dirt.

Jonesy is the more outgoing of the two.  He is now also very sweet and loving, gets along with other small dogs and is not a barker nor a marker.

Both dogs are potty-, doggie door- and crate-trained now.

Adoption fee for each dog is $495.  They have been fixed, UTD on vaccines, dewormed, flea treated.

Adoption applications and home visit are mandatory.  Please email us to request an application at

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