Sedona – adopted

Sedona went through terrible ‘shelter shock’.  Her background must have been such that she lived her life inside on a fluffy pillow (she’s almost small enough to be a true ‘purse puppy’).  When we found her, she was in an outside kennel between highly aggressive Pit Bulls.  She might not have been able to see the size of each dog on either size, but she certainly could tell by their growls and barks just how much of a potential threat they could be to a small dog of her size.


Finally – we caught a photo of the camera shy Sedona!!

She stayed FAR too long in a shelter environment, and mentally had completely shutdown – unwilling to venture out for either food or water, she stayed hidden in a corner den for two days after we rescued her.  Eventually, hunger and thirst won out and the first step in rehabilitation began.

Sedona is  not a barker, but she is a ‘talker’ and tries to communicate with you.  She has a very high pitched voice which can be annoying, but rapidly listens to the command ‘QUIET’.   Sedona is still working on her house training manners, she is also still on the shy side.  Once she learns that her new human will not hurt her, she is very loving, she needs a home who is patient with her while she gets accustomed.  Her new home will also need to provide gentle, positive reinforcement training.

Sedona’s adoption fee is $395, she is spayed UTD on vaccinations, dewormed and flea treated.  An adoption application can be requested at and home visits are required as usual.

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