Virgil sweet senior chihuahua – ADOPTED

Virgil and Elvira

Virgil came around very quickly after being with us for about a month, he stopped giving me warnings, and allowed me to pick him up, cuddle him, and even clean his eyes and check his teeth.  He is such a sweetheart.  Virgil has been in a foster care since December now, and is doing great.

Virgil and Teddy

After spending a couple of weeks, not even, in his wonderful foster home, he has become a love muffin!!!  He loves to cuddle and has become very comfortable again in a home environment.  He loves his foster parents and gets along well with his doggie friend Ava.  He does have fear of large dogs so we would suggest a home without.

Virgil Cuddles

As you can see in the updated photos of Virgil, he looks so happy and healthy.  He had his hips and knees xrayed, and the specialists say there is nothing wrong.  No arthritis, no luxating patellas, and the hips are good too!  He just walks funny and that could be a genetics thing, or possibly never allowed to get out an stretch his legs.  He is ready for his forever home, one that can love him and understand him….we will be very careful choosing Virgil’s home, so please email us for an application first at, followed by a a home visit.

Virgil my Boy

After being subjected to a life on the street and in the shelter, Virgil deserves the best home for his retirement years, he would not be suitable for first time dog owners.  I am sure he would prefer to be the only child so he can lap up as much affection and attention as he can get now.  Virgil will need to go to a home without any children.  He is neutered, vaccinated, dewormed.  His adoption fee is $195.  Adoption application and home visits apply.


Virgil is all of 5 lbs, a tiny little chihuahua who has obviously had a very rough life.  He was in a high kill shelter in California, picked up as a stray.  Who knows how long he was on the streets for.  Could have been a while as when he came to us, he didn’t want us to touch him.
He was kennel aggressive, and seems as though he has been kept in a cage or small confined area for most of his life, as his hind legs are very stiff.  He must have had an owner once, cause he does like to sit in our laps, and likes to be cuddled.  He is getting used to being pampered again, but if he feels that he is not safe, he gives us a little growl as a warning.

Virgil in the Shelter

This is a photo of poor Virgil in the shelter.  The reason I chose to bring him to Canada is because in this photo, he has seemed to give up on life.  He looks sad, and scared.  Sitting with his back to the corner is a protective position, I just could not leave him there.

He will be up for adoption after his rehab and vetting.  Please help us give Virgil all he needs by sponsoring him on Petfinder, or a cheque or money order can be sent directly to the society, please email for more info.

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