ChinChin the Japanese ChinChi – ADOPTED

Today (Sept 14) ChinChin got a custom splint made for his front right leg.  It will help him keep his leg straight, and hopefully help him to build more muscle mass in the leg so he can stand on it.  His left front leg is pretty strong and he can already use it to keep himself up, but better to have 2 legs!

Chin SplintWe would like to thank Joanne Smith (occupational therapist) for donating this splint to ChinChin today.  Thank you for spending the time to make one for him, and thanks for believing in him.

We would also like to thank Dr. David Francis at Canada West Veterinary Specialists for taking the time to see ChinChin today.  Hopefully with the new xrays, we can see what is going on – and pray that there is something that can be done surgically to help his front leg.


ChinChin is about 8 years old.  He’s now 5 pounds (he was about 8 pounds and solid, dead weight when rescued). He is a Japanese Chin Crossed with a Chihuahua.


The doctors in California think that ChinChin had a failed bilateral luxating patella surgery about 3-5 years ago.  Once he gets to us, we will have the orthopedic specialists at Canada West Vet Specialists take a good look at him, and we will have more answers as to what we can do for ChinChin.

His previous owners should have looked into other options for him, for instance, if he could no longer walk – he could have used a K9 Cart – just like our little man B-Boy had.  But instead, they left him sit like a ‘living pillow’ until both front feet atrophied and curled in…. they eventually dumped him in the shelter to die.  TLC pulled him literally 2 hours before he was due to be euthanized.

The ulcers are gone on both front elbows now (they were to the bone when TLC found him).  Both front legs are much stronger, he turns himself over and back up again – none of this was going on when he came to TLC.  Linda got a high quality 3″ foam piece and had it cut to fit the large sized crates (like a Doberman or GSD would be comfortable in).  On top of the foam, we put pitty pads and on top of that, thick velour blankees.

ChinChin sits so patiently while he is groomed, watching the birds from the outside grooming table.  he gets to swim in the pool, working him every day as he gains more strength in his front legs.  ChinChin does not bark (or hasn’t yet).  He will tolerate the other little ones around him, but only allowed our tri-pede, Abby (R.I.P.) to be in the same doggie bed at the same time.

ChinChin and Abby

Believe it or not, he is not much trouble at all.  He goes pee three times a day outside in the playpen and has a poop every morning on the first potty break.  Otherwise, he never has an accident in his crate or in the stroller throughout the day around here.  Unlike B-Boy – ChinChin does have control of his bodily functions.  He knows when he has to go – or better yet – when you take him to go.

The biggest problem we will have with ChinChin is to find someone else (besides us) to believe in him.  At this time ChinChin will not be for adoption.  We would like to have him assessed, and if he needs a K9 Cart, we would like to get him one, just as we did for B-Boy.

We kindly ask for donations to help ChinChin get mobile.  Donations can be made through our PayPal account – and once set up – donations can also be made directly to Canada West Vet Specialists under the Dhana Metta Rescue Account.

1 Comment

  1. Linda said,

    November 5, 2011 at 4:35 am

    Really loved this dog… So happy he found a furever home!

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