With the newest fad of crossing Chihuahuas with Dachshunds (called “Chi-Weenies”), sometimes you get great dogs and at other times, ‘science experiments’… in this case, it is a GREAT dog!  Inside and out, Java has the front bench feet of the Doxie, the coloring of a Chi/Doxie combo and the sweetness of the best of both breeds – great combination without the Doxie digging or the “yappy” of the Chihuahua!

Java is 2 years old and about 7 lbs.


On July 31, 2010, Java had a ‘guardian angel when a Good Samaritan saw her run across the street, get hit by a car and thrown to the side of the road.  He rushed her to ER and she was seen right away – contusions on the head, injured lungs and a few broken bones in her back left leg.

Treated and then taken to the  shelter,  Java’s cast put potential adopters off and her time began to run out.  Several of the medical staff interceded on Java’s behalf whenever her euthanasia came up, and then one contacted TLC about her.  Once we met Java, we fell in love with her as she clunked around with her splinted cast.

Java with cast

While the abrasions to her head healed rapidly, the back leg took time to heal.  Our vet’s office couldn’t believe they did not have to do anything special or administer a sedative whenever it was time to change the wrappings (which was a lot, because the cast never slowed Java down in her running about!… especially through the sprinklers!).

Java’s cast eventually came off, and when you see her run around today, it is very hard to imagine how badly she was hurt by the car originally.  The Doxie side of her doesn’t allow for her to be the long distance jumper common to the Chihuahua breed, but she readily goes up and down doggie steps, hops up onto chaise lounges to nap and while not as fast or able to turn corners as sharp as the more nimble footed Chihuahuas she hangs out with, Java is NO slouch in the play department!  Java has always played well with the other small dogs her size and immediately kisses children who stop by adoptions.  She has no preference for dog or human alike – she just loves everyone and hands out kisses like there is no tomorrow.

Java is potty-, doggie door- and crate-trained (although she would prefer to sleep in your bed if given half a chance).  She thoroughly enjoys her toys and Greenies, seldom barks (and if so, as an alert only), is well mannered and learns commands quickly.  She’d do well with other small canine companions, as a solo dog, left alone during the day with a working owner and as a great family dog or companion for a senior citizen.

Her adoption fee is $495 – She has been spayed, UTD on Vaccinations, dewormed, flea treated.

As usual an adoption application and home visit is required.  Please email us at to request an application to be sent to you via email.  Thank You!!


  1. Lisa said,

    October 17, 2010 at 8:02 am

    I met Java at the dog park yesterday and she is the SWEETEST, happiest dog! Her little tail was going nineteen to the dozen. Anyone would be lucky to have her. Good luck Java!

  2. Lisa said,

    November 9, 2010 at 5:18 pm

    Yay Java!
    I am so please you got a new home – hope to see you at the dog park again!

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